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Geocaching Calendar 2

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Can someone explain to me (simply) :P how Pay Pal works!!


Some folks have been charged a 38p fee (I thought it was going to be 25p) :P and some folks have not paid any fee at all :P


Is it something to do with which membership you have? :P


We upgraded to the next one up to accept the payments, because you could only receive 2 on the one we had, so it said.


Anyway it's not a problem those that have paid no fee have covered for those that paid a bit more ;)


I was just wondering.


You can tell by reading this I know NOWT about PayPal :P


Mandy :P

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On a business account Paypal's worst rate is 3.4% + 20p per transaction. There is no charge to send the money. If you send 5.25 then 38p is deducted.


On a personal account (you can only receive two payments per year for a c/card) then if the sender has a Paypal account the transaction is free for both.


More details here:



I hope you're not going to get less than you thought.

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I think I just about understand that :P thanks folks :P


I have been asking people to send 5.25 through pay pal ;) when I should have been asking for 5.38, I am OK at the moment as some people have paid no fees and some have paid more than I thought they would.


Maybe I should ask for 5.38, I am sure no one will get upset for another 13p :P


I feel bad quabbling for 38p but if all 50 calendars were to sell over PayPal (which they won't) it means the charity would miss out :P on 50 x 38p = 19.00 and its better in the charities pocket than in PayPals.


I will see how it goes :P


Mandy :P

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I don't know if you have used the waterfall pics yet, but two of the best waterfalls I have seen in the UK are An' Steall waterfall & the waterfalls at Rock Hopper


Yeah - those two are good, but the best I've seen is at Hope Springs Eternal on the far North coast of Scotland. All of us were going 'Ohhh!' and 'Ahhh!' all the way up alongside it. Sorry...this is turning into a 'What's your favourite waterall?' discussion and is way off topic. :laughing:

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Can someone please give a quick step by step how to pay us using paypal :blink:


2 people have said they are used to Ebay payments but don't know how to pay me just by using the email addie I am giving out, it's not something I have ever done so I don't know :laughing:


Obviously it is possible as several people have paid by PayPal already :)


Mandy :)

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Asfar as I am aware they go to Paypal, log in and then click send money tab. This then gives several options to send to an email, phone, etc. There is a space to put the email addy in and then proceed following the on screen prompts.


Or you could write a cheque pop it in an envelope and give your local post office some, much needed, support. :laughing: SIMPLE.

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Very easy to use paypal, all they need to do is go to www.paypal.com log in, click send money tab and then fill out the boxes that are fairly straight forward.


If these people don't have an account then they will need to register for one. Due to the security of paypal it would be quicker just sending you a cheque.


Alternatively Mandy, you could click on the Request money tab and fill out the form there. It's just as quick as sending an email.

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Just seen this post and its a fantasic idea Mandy. You can have what you want from me dear, if I can buy a calendar off you.




I am sorry Sarah they have all sold :mad: I made 52 (incase of mistakes) and I have sold 50 one is for Billy Twigger and I even have a caching team for the spare one, if I make no mistakes.


Sorry again :)


Mandy :)

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Cheque sent today in a white envelope with a first class stamp to keep the rural post office in business as suggested by Norwegian Blue. See that you are getting a few more pleas for them now.... They will be on E-Bay next as Collectors Items!!

Well done, excellent venture with a great ending. :mad::)

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I have been overwhelmed by the interest in the Geocaching Calendar to help out the Scottish Spinal Injuries Charity, it has been much greater than I originally imagined. :laughing:


The calendar sold out in less than 2 days and I am still getting people asking if there are any left, I feel really bad having to say no, as so many are wanting to help out.


Soooooooo as I don't want to dissappoint people who don't have time to visit the forums on a daily basis, I have redone the calendars (and saved them this time :anitongue: )


Anyone who would still like a clendar could you let me know, and you will get one (I don't know when but you will get one :laughing: ) hopefully before the end of December.


I do have to make a DEFINITE cut off date though and that will be Sunday 3rd December (12 noon) after this date I will be taking NO MORE orders for calendars, myself like everyone else will be too busy with Christmas after that.


Thanks again for your overwhelming support.


Mandy :laughing:

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Hi Mandy.....

I am one of those who dont get time to look at the forums much BUT I am off work ill today, and having a nose on whats been going on.

Could I have one to please x


Nat xxxx


Awwww.. Get well soon Nat.......


A nice calendar will cheer you up!!!


I bet Hazel would make a good saleswoman :( (sell me a few more Hazel :rolleyes: )


Get well soon Nat xx


Mandy :laughing:

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