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  1. All I'm going to say is I'm 100% behind you Hornet with your thoughts...things have changed. Nice to see you're still around and hope you are well.
  2. I've just quickly read through all the posts and was initially concerned with what appears to be a heavy handed approach to the situation and the cacher who found the container, but there maybe a reason for this situation. I work for an airline and security is strict not only for passengers but also for the staff that work there. We all know that when passing through security and even when we are aboard the aircraft that there is a zero tollerance for jokes made about bombs and rightly so. If anyone does stupidly try to be funny they are imediately detained, and if you're mid flight the aircraft will divert to the nearest airport and you will be arrested and billed for the flights diversion. Now I'm not saying this did happen at Wetherby, but it is possible and that is why the police reacted as they have been reported. Just a thought...
  3. Had a 'handmade' cache container go missing at our 'Motorway Mayhem' cache recently, which I will have to replace/ make soon. As for ammo boxes and padlocks being taken, I'm stunned as this is quite outrageous and I know that this would never have occurred years ago. I can understand the sentiment of the quote 'Things ain't what they used to be' as these days, I rarely look any deeper into a cache further than the log book due to the lack of effort of swaps inside, even at the expense of leaving TB's and geocoins. It seems as the hobby gets bigger, laziness is creeping in and more is being taken and less effort is put back in. I'll put on a tin hat now and wait for the incoming flack! P.s Nice to see some 'Old Timers' back on the forums
  4. Eventually my 'old mucker', Pieces_of _8 has pulled his finger out and finally found his 1000th cache. Well done mate and please put a bit more effort in to the next thousand as I don't want to be too old and grey before the next posting
  5. I went out and visited the cache this morning as I had some other bugs to put into The Stargate cache, and whilst there I retrieved the travel bug in question. It was only by accident that I read this thread, as I rarely visit the forums these days, and was not contacted by the owner of the bug. I think we should all bare in mind that travel bugs were designed to be picked up by people who visit the cache and then moved on. If the cache does not get visited for a while, it's unfortunate but patience must be had. We have had in the past a TB that never moved for six months, others have had bugs go missing for years then suddenly turn up again. It's all part of the risk of having bugs and if the travel bug holds a great deal of sentimental value, then you must ask yourself, should you release it? I can understand that a young child is eager to see their Bug travel as much as possible but I'm affraid that's not always possible. Let's hope now that some mileage can be gained for 'Thomas the Tank'
  6. A camping event in Sussex was discussed, at the Sussex meet, a fab time there... and maybe Tootsies Trackers and co.. might want to look at this. Up for it anyhows!
  7. Hi Mandy, Have now officially ordered ours and really hope we can get you a picture... we have a few good ones so far. Sorry for the late reply..... Mr Ollie has got the spring cleaning bug at the moment..... and has got me doing housy things instead of nice caching related things
  8. Sorry, looking as we do very rarley at forums. Presume Herts has been done........ note to self ....young Mr Stu competition in Beds!....... LOL... although consider ourselves The Beds massive!!!!!! Laziness aside will check if there is a county we can help with. xxxx
  9. Thankyou have just placed an order, Now I will have a full set for the UK.
  10. Well we are booked, Thanks lovelies.... xxxxx Look forward to the curry. Lots of fun and frolics to be had... especially with the birthday girls. See you soon xxxx
  11. We think the event should stay in the same week as it has always been. It has always falled nicely for us, and I am sure for the other family cachers that have the little ones, in regard to go a couple of extra days, before school returns, always enables us able to travel wherever. (I know this is not the case throughout the UK) We are truly sorry Lynn is so unwell, and feel, in responce to their post, that they are happy to carry on the tradition, and have to say, that it was their Shrops events, that we made so many good friends from across the whole of the UK, that we would have never met otherwise. Like Hazel, we have work commitments, myself (Nat) especially so, BUT would and will, if we can help out wherever.... and the commitee thing sounds good, where several cachers get a role, and that would be their task if you like. I think no one really knows the planning that goes into these camp over events, unless you have done one yourself, its not the same of lets go to the pub.... etc, there is a lot of worrying, over campsite rules, kid friendlyness, doggies, are groups allowed, and having to accomodate the day visitors, and a hundred other things. Hard work for sure. Give us a shout if even we can do the smallest of things to get it back this year, and we can take the pressure off Lynn, and she can enjoy the event, instead of having the worry!
  12. Hi Haze, Now I know the full picture! We have had a great time on the last few Shrops, and I am so sorry that Lynn is still unwell. My question would be is Lynn happy to hand over her 'baby'? Nat x
  13. Looking good at the moment., that Mrs Ollie and offspring can attend. As long as I get my welcome kiss on the cheek! Nat.
  14. Well done Mandy & Co, hope to see you this year again at some event, somewhere........ Love Nat xxxx (Mrs Ollie) and the rest of The Ollies of course xxxx
  15. Yes it had speed cameras downloaded onto it when we got it. It was a freebie at the time of purchase, it was from Global positioning systems, and said it would normall cost a bit extra?
  16. So would I be right in thinking, that if we download the newer software onto it, we should be able to plot co-ords? See........ I told you we were thick! Nat x
  17. Just had a quick look at the software, it is running on Software version 3.20 GPS SW Version 2.50 Once I get in from work I will have a look at getting this updated if I need to. Thanks, Nat
  18. Thanks for the help so far tteggod trackers, will Pm you soon, and hopefully get the ball rolling! Nat x
  19. No I am not sure what version the software is unfortunatly. I am not sure even where the original packaging is, as we have recently had a massive clean up session. As the unit was basically out of the box and ready to go, I am sure the box and info was put up the loft with the rest of our never ending junk we aquire! I will try to find it though. Nat x
  20. Hi Jeff, as far as I know, we cant actually put co-ords in, but think that somehow you must be able to load caches from a source. I got this as an in car sat-nav, as I hated borrowing Keiths Ipaq with Tom Tom, as I was scared I would lose it! I just thought it would be great if there was an option to have caches on there. Any info I get I will certainly pass on, and I am so glad we are not the only technophobes here! Nat x
  21. Awww thanks for that tteggod trackers, yes a blow by blow idiots guide would be fab. Yes we do use gsak, we even have to have help with that sometimes, we really are STOOPID! Really appreciate your help.
  22. Although we both succesfully cache with a Garmin 60c and Garmin V, we have recently aquired a Garmin NuVi 350. We have seen another geocacher with the geocaches loaded on his, but are not sure if it was the same model. I like the idea of driving along and caches being alerted nearby, especially if we are in a new area. As we are not the brightest when it comes to teccy stuff, any help or advise, would be appreciated! We have had a quick look on the web, and it seems we may need to download POI, but still not sure if this would work on our model, and we would hate to mess around with it and break it! Keith & Nat
  23. After seeing Simply Pauls post stating that our cache 'Howling Woods' is located within Wendover Woods, we had been assured, on good authority, that it is not within the boundaries of the forestry commision and had it been so it would not have been approved! We do know that there are restrictions of cache placement within this area and would not have been so blatent in disregard of these stipulations. However, we will investigate to see whether we are in breach of such restrictions and of so the cache will be archived with immediate effect.
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