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Northwest Ohio Geocachers Coin


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Sweet design! Wouldn't it be cool if there was one for each state, and they fit together like a heavy USA puzzle?

Except California and Texas would have to be huge to make the Rhode Island, New Hampshire coins feasible. You would have to keep the states proportional to make the map look right. And RI and NH are pretty small.



If you combined some of the smaller states (New England states for example) into one coin...


Just an idea :)

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Oh crud.


That doesn't sound good. Was word not supposed to leak out? I suppose that would be "oh crud" and "oh no" indeed. :unsure:


It seems the OP is 13 and posted something that was private to group members. I do know who will be selling this coin and I am confident the price will be $8 or less and that HE will post details of the coins sale here closer to when the art is finalized and the coin is being produced.

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