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Nominate your Geocaching hero

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There are several people who have helped me along the way, but I think the most inspirational person is jode from Massachusetts. She has been battling a serious illness but still finds the time and energy to go caching. She also was a volunteer for a two day event that was held this past weekend. She placed and verified a bunch of caches some which included kayaking.

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In my area, I would have to nominate Yuzawa kat and Burgi Dad, when I was new to the game, they took me out caching and I learned a lot of stuff from them. As well as another cacher in our area, I've only met him a few times, but his caches are usually very challenging and good mental workouts and that would be Sneaky Snakes. one of these days... I will finally find FRUSTRATION ;)

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There are TWO little known local cachers (to the metro Atlanta area) that somehow find time to help run the Georgia Geocaching Association, approve caches all over the world, moderate on these boards, have full time jobs, families, and they still find time to get out and cache way more than I possibly can.


Way to go Erik and Mtn-man!!!

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My caching hero is my ten year old stepson Julian (Warrior Bear Paugh). He's mildly autistic and many of even the easiest things we deal with everyday are a huge challenge for him. Despite this, no one is more determined when out on the trail and no one has a better attitude. He cheers me and his younger brother on and offers us his support. He is more focused and geocaching has really helped him blossom and show more maturity in non-geocaching activities. He is on his best behavior and he shows his gratitude (admittedly it's over the top some times, "Mom, this was the BEST day of my ENTIRE life!").


Our stepmom-stepson relationship hasn't always been easy. I entered his life when he was about to turn 8, a bit too old for him to grant me full acceptance. That coupled with his Asbergers Syndrome has definitely made things a challenge. But when we discovered geocaching it opened a door. He let me in and gave me his confidence and trust and it was a complete turnaround. Some of our favorite times and most productive bonding happens on our geocaching adventures. He blossomed in so many ways this year in school, at home, and even physically (Asbergers kids are notoriously completely uncoordinated physically -- now he's become an incredible football player, albeit still prone to clumsiness). I attribute these changes to geocaching.


Anyway, I can think of no one else who could ever inspire me as much as this kid, no matter how many finds they have.


BTW, this photo is from our last cache find:




His younger brother Ryder (with the redeye, shown) and I made the poster and surprised Julian with it after we found the cache. He didn't know it was going to be a milestone like 100. You've never seen a more excited kid when we told him!

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ty_dolney - especially for Four Cache Loop

9key for the cache Edelweiss which is now archived. It was great fun when I was visiting my folks. 9key places a lot of caches in the Dallas area so I know I can plan something to do when visiting my folks.

Retired - a guy who caches in my area. He plants some good caches and gets around quite a bit for being "retired."

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Central Florida is really blessed with a heavy concentration of thoughtful, inspired, articulate, (even somewhat evil), cachers such as Jackie and Bob, Blue Man, hiddenrock, TheNomad, and Out On Bail, to name a few, but the cream of the crop has to be the GeoGoddess herself; overrover. There are days when I just don't have the heart to chance upon a lame cache. On these days, I'll just search through her profile for one I haven't done and hit the door, knowing I'm gonna have an uplifting cache experience.

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Hmmmmm, first and always my heroes for the Houston area are UsMorrows. They talked me into going to my first event while helping me find clues to a particularly hard Geowyz puzzle and they have spent thousands of dollars of their own money to create the family atmosphere among cachers that we have in Houston.


For creating the awesomness of GeoWoodstock, JoGPS, and because he's just a real nice guy.


In Florida, it would have to be the foursome of Paintfiction, The Federation, DocDean, & ClanBarron. Party central!


In New Mexico, tryyyy to hold an event anywhere in the state and see if The Plugges don't show up. They're a real fun family. OGs of New Mexico cachers.


In Colorado, none other than GPSaxophone. Need I say more....?


In AZ & NV, 360 & Dr. Webe for their fun caches and 360 again because he's just a fun guy.


On the west coast some of my biggest heroes are Ranboze & bthomas. They have inspired me to hide some great caches with their thoughtful logs and nice pictures.


From the forums, I guess it would be Oregone because I have always aspired to outweird him. :wub:

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My geocaching hero in West Tennessee is Chibongo. :cry: I have been truly amazed to find someone who is so kind and who shows so much joy to everyone around her. :cry: And she is a top-notch cacher with a "never-give-up" attitude which helps a lot when I feel like giving up. :wub: We are very lucky to have her in Tennessee! :wub: Why she hangs around with me I'll never know! :o

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JoGPS. Liked his online persona even before I met him, then came to know him and highly respect the man. Great judgement and insight, knows when and how to enforce the rules, and does so with a gentle, humerous yet intelligent approach. He's done a world of good for the game, spent one heckuva lot of time, effort and money making it what it is and will become. When I grow up I wanna be like Joe!


EricLR88. A class act. Every time I am with him I come away respecting his quiet demeanor, his ability to control thoughtfully without appearing to do anything controlling. Some folks you just like when you see them, and he's like that. Plus he's been a huge investor in and influence on the game.


Mtn-Man. A true giver. Intelligent, thoughtful yet funny and spontaneos. Mtn-Man subtly and sometimes not-so-subtly makes his presence felt in every area of the game. He gives to the game humor, guidance, support and selfless effort.


I try to model my geocaching somewhere in a mix of these three guys... if geocaching could be depicted as a triangle these three would be the anchoring extremes that encompass the game.


HoundDogsTCP. What a great geocaching family! Parents and kids all smart as a whip, funny, caring... may represent my idea of a perfect family! I will geocache with these folks at every opportunity just to watch them interact and have a ball at this game (and hey, spending a day looking at Mrs. HoundDog ain't bad either!).


AbbysGrammy & NashvilleJoe. Great folks to know and spend time with, and great geocachers. There's no topic you might want to talk about that they aren't knowledgeable about. Jump in their geo-van any time you want to have a great day geocaching.


BackBrakeBilly & BetterHalf. Wild and crazy geocachers that play the game their way. Dozens of cache runs with these two and a circle of friends and every one of them a blast. Open and friendly to everyone, they've done a lot to make the game more fun. I'm not one for rigidity and strict adherence to other folks rules, and informality, humor and fun are the order of the day with these two. These folks would literally give you the shirt off their back, and are major contributors to the cache population.


I have met plenty of other players that I feel strongly should be on such a list, but these five, all quite different, are representative of all that is good and fun in the game.


All are heroic givers who have made my personal experiences valuable and memorable (and who, by the way, I would never have met but for this great game!) and have had a positive impact on their geocaching community.



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The person that I would like to recoginize is deltadawg. When you see his name you know you are about to search for an hour for his caches. He puts alot of thought behind each cache. Whether it is difficultly hidden or the area he has hidden the cache . When you are finished you are like whooooo, finally one more of his down. Yet at the same time, you know he worked just as hard for you to be able to find this cache. The 2nd person on my list is EYE OF WOOGLIN. Now he always puts something in the cache about the area you are visiting. Truly a learning experience. There are others in my area who have done a wonderful job here, and to them thank you for making caching in Oxford, MS a great experience.


Thanks to delta dawg, msbandit, eyeofwooglin, poncho villa, hagar,and agcat.

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Olf D'Coors


Olf D'Coors introduced me to geocaching. Olf continuously strives to make the hobby better. He gives seminars on geocaching, sets up CITO events, has a great relationship with park managers, introduces the hobby to most individuals he meets, and holds events that are very popular in North Central PA.

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