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  1. I think people pooh pooh puzzles or HARD caches because they can't do them. People don't say "Oh, it was just too much trouble to study for First Class Honours", or "Oh, I can't be bothered to train for the Olympics Pentathlon"..Those with the ability, do so. So If they COULD do 'em they would, and brag about it.
  2. Send to me In Thailand, have done for many already,,if u wish email me for address
  3. It's now in Cannon TB Pitstop in Bangkok after being kept by some w**ker for what must be a record, It's called "Give me something to write on" must surely be one of the oldest as well.
  4. ODD Display my Google earth This does not occur on other Hard Drives on the same PC, I have tried all the various settings for graphics..I think Can anyone please indicate source of problem Thank You
  5. I honestly can't think of a single poster in these forums who hates all micros. But I guess this is a illustration of the issue with micros. If you ask me what the best caches I've found are, I can run off a list of 20 or 30 great ones off the top of my head, but every one had a regular or small container at the end (with the exception of 1 virtual). Ask me what my favorite micros are and I'm drawing a blank and looking through all my finds right now to see if I can come up with one. Never saw it, but I read about one in a snail shell.
  6. Dang that was long. Not inclined to read the long story but did Ted the Caver end up as Ted the Cadaver?
  7. Seems to me that if it's been moved far enough that a cacher is unlikely to stumble onto it while looking at the previous coordinates, then it's a whole new game. The regulation distance is basically to prevent cache clusters like three under the same rock (to go to the ridiculous extreme.) Unless you're also a "numbers ho" and are worried about him overtaking you, why worry? No..he's a treasured visitor,he brings camo tape and TB's, and other ungettables here, who I want to help in every way..me? I'd rather have a tough DNF, than 1000 easy.
  8. Not within sight of previous, but within the regulation distance.. Replying to my own..for guys with Pocket Queries, would this change be shown ???
  9. Not within sight of previous, but within the regulation distance..
  10. There are not so many caches here and a visitor is coming to cache again. He's a bit of a numbers ho. Some caches he previously found are relocated, can he find and log again please?
  11. maybe the omplainant was the lady who called the police about a flasher. When they arrived she told them he was walking about naked in his home, in view from herbedroom. The police went to her bedroom and said.."There's nothing really visible from your window. "If you get on top of the wardrobe there is" she said.
  12. No, No I'm Dunderhead, much better looking.
  13. Wait..the earth's magnetic pole reverses every gazillion years, you might qualify for a Nobel Prize
  14. Yet again I'm lost, it's one thing not finding the GZ, but a BIGGER problem finding my way out. I have a 60CS, tried every setting with the compass, but have to fall back on the magnetic. I only know that I should be heading in a general direction, and I'm not walking but scrambling and hacking EVERY step, so cannot watch any instrument unless I stop. I believe (wrongly ?) the Garmin should ALWAYS, when on BEARING setting point to the waypoint in question, but does it rely on a good signal? What's all this about it switching on/off at different speeds..I'm completely bewildered..Will the x series be any better or should I stay out of the woods/jungle? Of course this begs the question.."How was the cache placed ?".. Well it's called "City View" and I've been within 20 metres of the GZ and am just surrounded by dense vegetation..I think the co-ords are wrong, but as we all know, a cache can be placed very easily, but as we don't know the route taken, a 1 can easily become a 5
  15. You can make your own, but I think it's easier to become an astronaut.
  16. I have a Garmin 60CS and if I had to rely on the compass feature, I'd still be out in the boonies. I was totally bewildered by it's contradictions..and I calibrated it. My $10, no name got me out..but please take note of my avatar.
  17. The ingenuity of stuff like this, never ceases to astonish and delight me.
  18. Could you please flesh this out, are you caching with 'web access,? and explain Quakemap.
  19. Great Ideas..Especially the rubber chicken. And C something T, Domestic Animal. Did actually appear in a crossword....
  20. I'm going to try it I'm a great tester because of my dunderheadiness, now there's a first in th English language. I give up No "Photoshop"..but I think it's great, maybe some kind person could do one for a dunderhead one day? A very kind person did my avatar.
  21. I'm going to try it I'm a great tester because of my dunderheadiness, now there's a first in th English language.
  22. Could Fizzy's checksum in GeoCalc be used ??
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