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  1. If you bid on this, you might get an email like this: It has been reported to Ebay as being unethical. I'm sorry if this seemed unethical to you. I did not mean to get the price of the item raised by doing this.
  2. I assure you that to drill a hole in a tree even if dead as the add on Ebay says, will raise the eyebrows of alot of Geocachers. I would try to think of a different way to attach it without drilling into the "Dead" tree. Maybe trying to find an existing hole in a tree with like bark. But a good idea nonetheless. Thats a good point, I will change the description.
  3. Heres another one... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...bayphotohosting
  4. Something to add to this, (had some comments that it might be taken by a recycling angler) we placed the one we have out in an area that prohibits fishing, but has a nice hiking trail. It is placed off the trail where even someone walking by wouldn't see it. Lots of great reviews.
  5. I'd have to agree on this. I CITO fishing line, hooks, and bobbers when i see them We actually placed one like this in a preserve that does not allow fishing. It's been up for at least a year now, and still doing great!
  6. Wow, we've gotten so many great ideas looking through these pages. We'd like to thank everyone who contributed. Heres one that we came up with. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...s=tab%3DSelling
  7. Well, it looks like the watch list is back, thank goodness. Maybe this was just a mistake while making updates to the site.
  8. Another thing I have noticed is that now the cache page does not display how many users are watching a certain cache.
  9. Only 14 to go until the 1,000,000th member joins geocaching!! We're at 999,986. Maybe we'll hit it tonite?
  10. That is a fantastic idea! You wouldn't even have to drill a hole in a tree to place it. I'm sure it would drive cachers crazy! Maybe a future container for natureboy56??
  11. You can buy a tree stump cooler, from whatonearth.com It isn't cheap though. Actually, I was referring to the stubs you find on pine trees. The type that used to be branches, but now are broken off and just little stubs. Does anyone know what I mean?
  12. I hope it works out for you. We are planning on getting this one published by next week
  13. I prefer caches in a series. If there are 24 caches in one series, I might do them all in one outing but the most I have done that are not in a series is only 15
  14. Thanks for the link to the thread. Very helpful. Natureboy56
  15. I have replaced a log or two, but never an actual cache. Unless you have the exact same container, I wouldn't risk it. Natureboy56
  16. Wouldn't this be the argument for the creation of an attribute? Many people don't like cemetary caches because they are in a cemetary. There surroundings are 'cemetary'. Having an attribute would allow people to sort these types of caches in or out in the same manner that they do with scuba caches. _________________________________________________________________________ Yes, I can agree with that, but maybe not the level of an attribute. Cemetaries, I feel should not have their own icon, but should be clearly represented on cache pages. We don't actually prefer cemetary caches, and getting there and finding out it is one is just a waste of time.
  17. I have another question... How high up should I place the pulley/carribeaner? The tree is relitivaly small, 25 ft, and sturdy branches go to about 20 feet. I would like it to be high enough so people don't try to climb the tree to get it, but low enough so it doesn't get tangled up with any other branches. Natureboy56
  18. If you're caught furiosly searching... "We're looking for quarts" "We're national wildlife observers" "We take part in a National Geodedic survey"
  19. If oyu are using a pulley, wouldn't it slide to the side of the pulley though? Keep the ideas coming please!!
  20. Thanks for the advice knowschad. How did you set up your cache?
  21. I really like the idea of the 2 ammo cans, but here is what we have come up with so far... Attach a pulley/carribeaner (haven't decided yet) to a tree about 30 ft up. We are using a extremely thin dark green rope and will attach a small match box container to one end, run the rope through the pulley/carribeaner, and then run the rope the side of the tree by putting a washer on a piece of wire and tying it loosly araoun the tree in a couple spots. We will run the rope down through the washers and tangle it up and tie it to the tree. You will have to untie the rope for there to be enough to get the matchbox container down. Inside are instructions on how to set the pulley display back up and coordinates to the next stage, which, I will say, requires a magnet... Natureboy56
  22. In your GASK settings you will need to increase the characters it uses. El Diablo This won't help. The root of the problem is the size limitation of the comments section in the GPSr (A major gripe with just about all brands/models when geocaching) currently this limit is about 30 characters for Geocaching waypoints in your 60C. Thanks you. That is exactly what I thought. Natureboy56
  23. I use GSAK to dowload the waypoints and i also have a 60C. Sorry to bring back an old thread, but, I would like to know how to get the complete hint and all info on the GPS. It seems to run out of room when I download it. I already selected the hint and everything else I wanted downloaded onto it but I can't figure out how to get all the complete hint on it. Any help would be appreciated. Natureboy56
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