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With the recent hit of the "Milestones" thread on this forum, let's not forget the newbies who are out there struggling to get to 10 finds! :unsure:


I noticed Alex B-S has come on the scene recently in Cape Town. Welcome.


And Snowolf coming out of a long winter hibernation, May you find the landscape lush with finds!


Please post welcomes here, so that newbies can feel included in the community.


HINT: and if you want to go the extra mile, send them the post/thread afterwards through the site so more people join us here in the forums.


Welcome all whom I am not aware of!!!

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:lol: Thanks for the welcome. Only started about a week ago. I purchased my 2nd GPS, a Garmin Etrex Legend CX about 2 months ago and a friend told me all about geocahing while on a hike on Table Mountain a few Sundays ago. Now up to 7 finds!!! Its good fun and keps me out of mischief.
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Welcome to the Non-geocacher, who has reluctantly been caching for many years, and is now starting to log finds :laughing:

Despite some negative comments on the logs (we wouldn't want it any other way :laughing: ), how delightful to see you are a fully fledged geocacher now - perhaps you will now have to change your name to the semi-geocacher?

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In May last year, while picnicing at Botshabelo, I introduced a friend to Geocaching. I turned the maintenance trip into a real find. I gave him the GPSr, and off he went. Found the cache, logged it, and that was that. Now after a long hibernation he has finally joined te ranks. Welcome aardLek ! May you have many more.

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In May last year, while picnicing at Botshabelo, I introduced a friend to Geocaching. I turned the maintenance trip into a real find. I gave him the GPSr, and off he went. May you have many more.


Thanks Brick, only starting out, but it looks like great fun. Im looking forward to learning more and taking part, and most of all, getting out there and seing great places and finding great caches.

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A BEEG, HUGE Welcome to the latest arrival in the GlobalRat household. Baby boy born today at 8:23 am. Weighing in at 3.32kgs, GlobalRat claimed the FTF ! Now his sister went caching when she was just 18 days old, so Mr Rat, I suggest you go caching before the end of the month to break THAT record, at least.


Congratulations !!

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Congrats to the Rat pack on the new addition. We hope all goes well in the coming months with the little guy.


Now, down to business, what is the new record standing at for new born cachers?


EDIT: Many happy wishes to the Hectic Family in CT as well. The population of cachers seems to be exploding lately!

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Welcome to Stormers! They can’t seem to stay home and have found a cool 20 caches already since 1 Sept 2006! Hope you guys have lots of fun across the country and aboard. Happy Caching! :blink:


Thank you for introducing me to Geocaching. I am caught hook line and sinker, can not get enough of it. :lol:

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Welcome WAZAT. No need to give your coords unless you are placing a cache for us all to log. umm.... Now there is an idea, getting an uplinked gps signal and having the coordinates change in realtime as you move about in your day. Then people would literally have to 'track you down!' to sign the log book in your pocket. ;)


Anyway, welcome aboard!

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Haa haa vespax, with the amount of traveling I do I could just imagine a bunch of DNF's Just when you think you have found me I have gone again.... And imagine some trade items in my pockets, er... a soldier to guard what? No wait, imagine walking in the street and next minute someone is pulling items out your pockets. Whack..... Oooops sorry sir didn't realize you are a Geocacher.

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Hello Carbon Hunter


Lots and lots of geocaches waiting for you in Gauteng. While you are that side of the waters try and buy a few of your own geocoins and in collaboration with a friend place your own geocache (which he will have to maintain) It really is a chance not to be missed, and not the advice I would normally give to a new geocacher. ;)



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