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  1. Read this topic and use Advanced Nuvi Macro - I do and it is a pleasure to see all the info of all cache listings as they would appear in GSAK I highly recommend this Macro. GSAK also on C:\GSAK installed. I also delete all previously loaded POI from the SD card and then from the Nüvi internal drive , then would load the new POI with POI Loader 2.5.3 to the internal memory. Remember that you need to upload this Nuvi list as well as all your traffic related GPX files in one upload batch.
  2. Nüvi200 does not have MP3 player, it will not show "Lips/Megaphone" for Tourguides.
  3. Fred contacted me - the problem is that he can't log onto the forum. We have all had that slow account confirmation before. GlobalRat, if I send you his detail and contact numbers will you be able to check on behalf of Fred ? Any geocachers in the following areas - George, Sedgefield, Knysna or Plettenbergbaai. I could send you Fred's contact detail, thanks for your help in advance.
  4. Thanks guys, I did give him the link to this discussion and awaits his arrival - maybe all the talk of mountains, sharks, bulls scared him.
  5. Hallo almal daar! A friend - Fred @ Brenton - asked if there are any Geocachers in the Knysna area. Please tell if you would be able to assist a new aspiring Geocacher, he will register shortly, and I am going to refer him to this topic in the meantime. Thanks - I owe you guys some Biltong, at the next meat and cache.
  6. Welcome, congratulations on those 10 finds - year from now it will be 600.
  7. @ Wazat, unbelievable to think some baboon will place "Weed" into a cache. That is a bit of a difficult one to handle, obviously it must be burned, but the good guy could end up smelling like the bad guy. "Mmmm imagine that a doped up Puff adder..." he might just think he is a Black Mamba!
  8. LeonW


    Congratulations Andy! - Leon, Laura & kids.
  9. IMO you can log a second visit however you like. You're the only person that has a genuine interest in your own log count and should be able to utilise the log system however you like to enhance your enjoyment of caching. This is technically true, but don't be surprised if some cache owners delete duplicate "Found It" logs. I would if I noticed it (I don't exactly go through and audit each and every log). Cache owners set all rules for logging finds. There are dozens of ways to pad find counts without actually finding caches, but I'm not letting you use my caches to do it. You're being rather judgemental in assuming thats it's got anything to do with "padding find counts". A find count id a personal record. Does it do you as a cache owner any harm if someone counts their cache visits in a different manner to your definition of correct? Why do you feel the need to do such a petty thing? The find count should only be of interest to the cacher concerned, if anyone else feels deceived by it they should get life and stop judging oithers by arbitrary numbers Not on my watch, no Sir!
  10. Best GPS'r yet IMHO. Great price! Get a 2Gig.Byte Micro SD card for it if needed.
  11. May I add that Rustenburg area is "Hot", forget the pun, the area is a pleasant Geocaching experience. Crocodiles, history, castle's & viewpoints. Lots of potential to place more caches for us to hunt.
  12. Gerhard, I think it is a fine idea, but just to help cover the bases you can also give a Geocoin over and above to the winner to anybody you think had a deserving story. It is your cache, you could place a FTF prize like a GPS'r or a voucher for Woolworths; in the same vein you could award to your favourites your prize or prizes. Spreading some goodwill these days are very needed indeed.
  13. My PQ created 48 hours ago did not run yet. This is sad, very sad! And no response yet from the PTB...
  14. RedGlobe, we anxiously await your organization of that "Rustenburg Event" at the Kloof. Please....
  15. Hallo MouseZA, no, not stupid at all. You did figure that one out yourself, but the message of "Waypoint memory being full" would indicate something else. That you have more than 500 waypoints in the "Favourites" folder. I suggest that you do some swotting up on using the POI Loader program and then to upload that to the "Extras (Custom) Folder" on the GPS60. It would be able to take more waypoints depending on available memory. Much more info about that available on the Garmap forums - SA based. See you there, my handle the same but without the "W"
  16. Hallo MouseZA, did you load anything else to the Waypoints using Mapsource? What about road Safety Data. Do you still have room for the Waypoints? I would suggest you send the data direct from GSAK to GPS'r and omit Mapsource. In GSAK under "GPS" go to "Send Waypoints" then at the bottom "GPS'r Setup" you will find the default of "Maximum number of Waypoints for GPS'r is 50. Try to change to 100 and give it a go. Groetnis
  17. Ding Bat, I would do this one again, spend a little time with coffee and beskuit and contemplate the "Somewhere in the middle of nowhere." -GC137DD - Enjoy, but be careful of the dirt roads, when I hunted it the one road in this area -S24 43.325 E28 16.720 - was totally washed away and nearly caused an accident. I am dead serious! Garmap Topo & Rec does not for nothing show "Nothing" of the D1394 in this area. The donga is probably 10 meters deep.
  18. My recommendation - a foe-fie slide!
  19. The best GPS unit is the Garmin GPSMap60CSx. Don't know what it cost in your area, but it is the best.
  20. Gerhard you wrote: "I started with geocaching in October 2008." You should be penalized for using a "Time Machine."
  21. Welcome George to the Geocaching forums, you will find a lot of interesting topics here. I suggest you have a peek at this one soon to just help show you how ingenious the hides could be, that is why we advise first to seek the 1 difficulty / 1 terrain caches, and also the regular size is much easier to find than Micro or Nano. (sometimes.)
  22. LeonW


    Congratulations from me also "Cache-Fan".
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