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  1. I had my car stollen in 2005. Worse than the theft was that my GPS and 2 TB's were in the car at the time! The one TB owner replaced the TB and sent it on its way again and was quite friendly about the whole thing, the other owner never responded to my emails and eventually I dropped the TB in a TB graveyard after a few months.
  2. We have camped at both camps. They are equally as nice. Bakgatla has a better swimming pool for the kids, but I don't think you will be swimming. We would have loved to join you, but live a long way from there now. Enjoy the camping!
  3. There are lots of friendly cachers in the Cape. Event caches are a great way to meet other cachers. We used to have them quite regulary, but there hasn't been one for a while. Anyone keen to organise one?
  4. I think that one should log the cache regardless and add to the log what they did or did not like about the cache. It makes future finders aware of what they are really going to find and may eliminate the same dissappointments that you may have had. On the other hand also log what you did like, that will also inspire others! Come to SA Geo.Kitten, you'll enjoy our chaches here too.
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    I spy

    Morning Geoff Ogden! I see others also battled with getting access into Geelhoutbos camp in the Baviaanskloof to do GCZRTB Baviaanskloof rock art. I guess there is a long walk after the long drive to do this cache now.
  6. The price difference may be because you are not comparing the same thing. The models sold in SA generally include the South African map set software. I have checked prices in the US in the past which also looked a lot cheaper at first glance, but by the time you add the software to the price there is not a significant difference.
  7. I was wandering the same thing about that cache. We did it last year sometime and I think its a great cache. I am usually not a fan of virtual caches (my kids need toys!!) but that one in particular could be nothing else. Perhaps someone else should put a cache there if the owner has left the game.
  8. colinaly

    I spy

    Morning Cincol!! I know you live far away, but am sure you at least have electricity this morning!! I am sitting in my office in Cape Town in darkness for the third day in a row!!!!! Thank goodness for laptop computers and 3G cards.
  9. colinaly

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    I spy cincol. Good night.
  10. Happy Valley area sounds great. We are not to keen to drive from Bushmans River to Van Stadens.
  11. 22nd or 23rd sounds good to me. We will be staying in Bushman's river, so would prefer that side of PE, or in PE itself.
  12. We can probably make those dates in PE Vespax.
  13. Sure....we will be ther 5 and 6 Jan 2008
  14. Great What has happened to the event cache, which is how this thread started?
  15. My Dad has upgraded his GPS and is therefore selling his Garmin GPS V. The GPS V has built in routable Atlantic basemaps, accepts downloaded maps for more detail, automatic route capabilities, switchable screen orientation and is rugged and waterproof. The package includes Mapsource City Select and South Africa v5 CD. These maps are already loaded onto the unit. If anyone is interest in making an offer please send me a pm.
  16. colinaly


    Congratulations Neville on your 100!! Thanks too for changing your milestone cache to help out James' TB!! Have a fun weekend in Majuba!
  17. Wow, thanks Neville. You are a star!!!!!!!! That was a really quick reaction!!!!! You guys in the sand pit rock!! Congratulations too on your 100th cache!!!!!! Lets hope that will be enough to keep this TB alive for a little longer!
  18. Hey Sandpit people, we need your help with our race TB. It is inyour neighbourhood and needs some serious help to avoid the chop this month. It is in GC169P2 Umlalazi Nature Reserve. Umlalazi Nature Reserve, this lovely coastal reserve is conveniently situated one km from Mtunzini on the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast. This is a new cache with only 2 finds, so it will be worth the drive!!! We would very much appreciate your help!!!
  19. Apart from pocket queries (which are great!!) it puts something back into to the activity that brings us great fun and pleasure. Pay the membership, its the right thing to do!!
  20. Thanks, I have made a reservation at Homestead Caravan Park in Addo. I trust its OK!!
  21. I tried to book a camp site in the Addo park for 2 and 3 Jan 2008, but they are fully booked. Are there any other camping places near by? We have booked to stay in Kondomo on 5 and 6 Jan 2008, so are looking forward to making a day trip of caching in the kloof.
  22. How about Addo on 2 January 2008 then, before Geoff goes to Baviaanskloof. It would have been great to meet up in Baviaanskloof Geoff, we have been then several times before and it is one of our favourite places. We will unfortunately have our caravan with us this time, so would not like to go further than Kondomo with it. Roll on HOLIDAYS !!!!!!!
  23. We will be in PE around 3 to 5 Jan 2008. It would be great to meet the EC cachers. We will be at Bushman's River from 16 Dec to 2 Jan so could easily meet in Addo for an event too. Do those dates suit anyone else for an event?
  24. Sorry to hear that you are leaving us!! Good luck and all the best for your new adventures. Here's to your number of finds!!
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