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  1. Hi to all. Just checking is there any event caches or get togethers in Cape Town between now and just before Christmas. Please let us know if there is as we are here in Cape Town till the 21st and then up in East London till the 1st. John-Gill
  2. We have booked a table there so please come join us. It is available undercover if it rains.
  3. We are going to be going to The Barnyard Farmstall on Sunday the 6th of January at 12 noon. It is a kid friendly place that serves breakfasts, lunches and coffees under the shades of the trees. It is number 4 Steenberg Road, Tokai. (at the bottom of Ou Kaapseweg between Steenberg Estate and the end of the M3) If the weather is bad we will try find a beter venue but will keep you updated. Try and let us know if you can make it so we can try book some kind of numbers.
  4. Sorry no event cache as we have not organised that in time, but would like to see who is keen and able to make which day. We would love to see you lot again. So let us know which day and times best. Also if you are wanting any TBs to go to Australia let us know.
  5. Congratulations ZALandyman & SuzieQ. Remember there are a lot of caches here waiting for you to do.
  6. We have recently moved to Melbourne from Cape Town, South Africa. We have a Garmin Quest and an Etrex Vista CX. What we don’t have is Australian Mapping Software for them. The problem is in order for us to put software on both of them it will cost us around $ 700.00. Is there anyone out there who works for Garmin or has contacts to be able to get cheaper software? Please help it you can. I have tried putting this on the Geocaching Australia website but I keep on getting an error message and have tried various ways to place it on that site.
  7. Have not been on this web site for a while. It seems like there are lots of congrats all around. I think the big one is to the Huskies 999. It won't take long for the missing cache. Also cograts to all the others TV & M, Globalrat, Cachefan, Brick, QFC, Trackinfind, Battlerat and pussycat. It seems you are all busy. We will only congratulate ZALandyman & Susie Q when they log their caches and get their e-mail working as it seems to get returned to us.
  8. Just to let those of you who don't know, we are leaving Cape Town and moving to Melbourne, Australia. Gill is at present in Melbourne and is coming back to Cape Town on the 20th of December. We then are both going to East London on the 24th of December and then straight out to Australia on the 2nd of January. We are thinking of having a goodbye event cache on the morning of the 23rd of December, but just wanted to know if there are going to be people around. And for all those who come to Australia, do contact us and come visit.
  9. Agree with Discombob that Fish Eagles Bookmarks are great, but I did not know about them and I am not sure visitors will know about them either. They are also what Fish Eagle thought was the best caches. What I was looking at was a topic on the forum that shows anyone coming to Cape Town what the best caches are to do. This list would be voted on by all the caching community and not just one persons list. As for the list of categories, I think those are great, Discombob. But as for the event cache I am not sure that, I have the time at the moment. But if we get all the cache categories sorted out , we could have an event cache and everyone could bring their lists.
  10. I think that this is an interesting topic and seems to be brought up each time people travel to a different area. Maybe each city should compile a list of top ten caches, so that visitors don’t need to always ask what the best caches are to do. I think it would be nice for the overseas people also to know what caches are best to do in that town. It can be updated on a yearly basis so that any exciting new caches can be added. So for Cape Town I think it would be great to do a list for all visitors coming here for the festive season and any new comers. I do however think that choosing a top ten will be difficult, so maybe a top ten in a couple of categories. As a tourist they might want a top ten scenic caches where we can have caches such as Sailors Star - GCVDHN and Gorgeous Views - GCWM94. But then there are those interesting caches that don’t have great views but are cleverly hidden or have interesting stories like Botriver Stone Hinge - GCX0FW and History Lesson "Hier kom die Alabama"- GCYCMW If you are interested in this idea drop me an email with your top caches and if there are any other top ten categories there should be. Also give the cache an average time so that visitors know that it should take 5 minutes or 55 minutes. I will then take the most voted for and put them in a list of no particular order of top 10. Also I think that our top ten lists should be between 100 and 120 km from Cape Town central. If there is any other suggestions or comments please feel free to let me know. John-Gill
  11. John-Gill


    Welcome to the LANZI team. It was great caching with you guys this weekend. You seemed right on the cache each time so good luck and enjoy it.
  12. Congrats to Discombob. 500 is a huge landmark. Well done We are going to need an event cache to celebrate
  13. Next time come down for a longer visit. Thanks for making the effort to meet us down here.
  14. It is still great to get together with all the other cachers, so we will still plan on being there. The only change might be that you will have to buy the coffees.
  15. It is still great to get together with all the other cachers, so we will still plan on being there. The only change might be that you will have to buy the coffees.
  16. We would love to meet the designers of the SA geocaching ranking system. You guys have done an excellent job. I think Sunday is good for us, morning is always good.
  17. For project 2010 in Cape Town, we agree with GS&Dogs about placing the cache on Signal Hill. It will give a great over all view of the stadium. But then also having a cache on ground level would also be good to give you a closer look. We do have ideas for placing a large cache close by but we do not know where they will be building and how much more area they will be taking. If anyone knows the basic plans for the stadium please let us know and help us get this cache started.
  18. Wow this is a good month for birthdays. All the best people must be born in this month. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Hectic on their new baby boy Ruben born only 4hours ago. Congratulations also to the Globalrat family on their newest addition.
  19. Congrats to Noddy on their 400 and to ZAlandyman & SusieQ on their 250.
  20. John-Gill


    Just a quick welcome to txinsa down here in the Western Cape. We hope that you enjoy caching and will join us when there are event caches.
  21. Wow what a week. Look away for a second and all this happens. Congrats to TMV, Hectic, Littleclan, Amyson, Globalrat and Jimflip.
  22. Congrats Vespax on your 300 finds. Also to Sunrise Crew on the 10 hides. Hope to get up there soon to look for them. John-Gill
  23. Thanks GS&Dogs - will send the link on. Much obliged.
  24. WOW, do you guys not work or have lives apart from geocaching???? CONGRATS to so many people - I was going to list them all and their achievements, but considering the number of congratulations to send out I can't spend the whole day on the forum posting congratulations messages!!! Cow 'n Chicken, TVM and Huskies - a special congrats to you guys though. You really are showing us all how it should be done! Just hope that we can say we'll be up there one day too.
  25. Hey all I'm working on a project with someone which requires the hire of GPSrs. Does anyone know where / how one can hire a couple of GPSrs for a short period of time? It's for a good cause and I would appreciate help if anyone knows more.... g
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