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Anything Found, Useful At That Time?

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While on a business trip I managed to bend the pins on my laptop's power connector. I was going to drive around and try to find a hardware store, but decided to take advantage of the remaining daylight and do the Little Park Cache first. Found a mini tool kit in the cache, and the tiny screwdriver was exactly what I needed to lever the pins back into position. :P

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We found a battery pack. It had expired a year before, so I remove it from the cache, but they feed my discman for an entire week :-p


In other cache we found a band-aid kit. Just in time, because my girlfriend had some ugly cuts while looking for that cache.


In another cache we found a foreigh tissue box. Just in time, because a team member had an "urgency" };-). Of course he did "his thing" far away from the cache :laughing:

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I found a cache that had some bandaids inside of it in one of those neat small dispensers that holds about five bandaids. I didn't need them, so I left them in the container.


Then, while trying to restack the rocks to make the cache hide less-obvious, one of the rocks slipped and scraped my shin. :laughing:


I had to unhide the container, open it, and use one of the bandaids. I left the other ones in the cache.

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At least something I left in one of my caches came in handy as you can read from this log for my The REAL Problem With Baseball cache.


I'm not sure who left the facial tissue in the cache but it came in handy. I had the urge to go number 2 all day and finally got the chance. I didn't want to leave and come back so I just 'held it' for a good while.

After finding Quicksand cache I figured I could pass the creek somewhere sooner than having to walk all the way back.

Finally making it to this one I was soo happy to find the tissue that I left everything out in the open, strung everywhere and starting running, taking the tissue with me.

I don't think anyone will find 'other treasure'.

But if for some reason anyone needs to go number 2 out here make sure you only bury it no more than six inches deep as it will decompose quicker.

This was also my 1400th find.

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i was getting eaten alive by mosquitos and on my third attempt at a cache, i started the hunt and happend on a almost used up can of bug spray lying on the ground. i used all of it and the cache was about 2ft away. the spray was better than the smiley that day. this gave me an idea, i made a TB out of a can of bug spray called "get off of me" TB# TBPGPZ.


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I've left water bottles in some of my caches that have hikes involved and they seem to be greatly appreciated this time of year.


I traded for a pair of batteries in a plastic case. I "knew" I had spares with me and it turned out I didn't so that extra set came in real handy.

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I think a plurality of us have found bug spray in a cache when it was needed. I last happened to me a couple weeks ago.


On a road trip, I didn't notice that a clothespin had fallen out until I repacked and rehid the cache. Rather than reopen the cache, I took it. That night, I needed an object to seal a gap in the motel curtains and the clothespin came in handy.


On a hot day (or even a cold day), finding a Wheres George bill to convert into a beverage is almost as good as finding a beverage.

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A pack of kleenex when my nose wouldn't stop running. A bandaid just after cutting my finger on a rock. And my favorite find - a hat. It was a cold, windy spring day and I had a painful earache by the time I got to the top of the hill where the cache was. When I saw that old, worn, possibly dirty knitted hat I couldn't get it on fast enough. I wore it all weekend. I like it even more now that it's washed :unsure: .

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i brought a ping-pong table at a yard sale on a friday, for our kids rec room in the basement, came with everything but the pingpong balls, as we set out to cache on sat, i mentioned to hubby that we needed to stop on the way home and grab a pack of ping-pong balls, we did 5 caches that day and every one of them had a pingpong ball in it :)


our smallest bunny was complaining the sun was giving her a headache, low and behold 5 mins later when we opened a cache there were sunglasses.

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I suppose this one counts. I once grabbed a travelbug which had its own logbook with it. After closing up the cache, I began walking back to the car. I started the usual mental search for my keys...."Are they in my pocket, or my backpack..." and I started to realize that I didn't remember pulling them out of the ignition. When I get back to the car, sure enough, my doors are locked, the keys in the igniton, and my cell phone is sitting on the passenger seat. I couldn't really do much, so I resigned myself to sitting on the trunk and waiting for a park ranger to happen by. I started to read the logs in the TB logbook, where upon I was struck with the idea to remove the wire binding from the book, and use it to McGuyver my door open.


Oddly, when I got home, and was logging the TB I realized that prior to my finding it, it had been missing for nearly a year. Someone found it while cleaning out their garage and placed it in the cache about 2 months before I found it. Naturally I replaced the book and sent the TB back on its way later.


Travel Pup TB

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