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  1. ... ... ... This is a GPS-based game. It IS a GPS-based game. I know COs are not required to be 100% as stated previously. I get frustrated when a cache says its a "Cache n dash" and it is not. I have even put in my DNF its not a cache n dash. And that has nothing to do with geographical data which is the topic for this thread. So now you're off topic. Give him a break, he's "just north" of the topic.
  2. In my experience, which, granted is only 18 hides, I've only been asked specifically about the container/hide twice. I think it's a good idea to "talk" to the reviewer of your specific plans, but at this point it doesn't seem mandatory or enforced. I also only have experience with three reviewers, so I have no idea what the practice is outside of my immediate region.
  3. Cerberus, thank you, and you're probably correct about the caches that have been placed without full disclosure as to how or whether they violate the guidelines. It's interesting to me that a description/statement on what the container is and how it is hidden is NOT part of the submission review process. Sure, liars will lie, but I think many of the ill-placed caches are a result of ignorance rather than deception. And, many people never read through the guidelines FULLY and just check those two boxes they have to check to get a listing to go. Reviewers want the game to be successful and in many cases they may have a suggestion on placement that the CO didn't think about, if there is good communication, resulting in a better cache. That's been my experience,
  4. Birdhouse-caches can be very cool, but yes, screwing it to a tree is a definite no-no. I have one, but I used several lengths of 550 paracord to lash it to the tree, and I also picked a dead tree so that I don't have to be concerned about bark damage over time. The question I have, is if in another scenario there was a dead tree on private property could you (with the landowner's permission) screw/bolt a container to said dead tree? Would that pass muster with GS guidelines?
  5. Who's not being friendly? You asked a question at 6:39pm, you don't like the first opinion(s) you get, so you ask for more info just 39 minutes later at 7:18pm and then also at 7:18 you followup with another post that this community is unfriendly. Not a great way to get people to jump to your defense/aid. The person that said it doesn't matter what is said here, is right. They weren't jerking you around. Fact is, ONLY what the reviewer/GS decides is what goes. Yes, the forum can be helpful for learning about why GS decides what goes/no-goes, but nothing said here gives any leverage in any way to a dispute. Even if you've seen other cache's EXACTLY like what you're considering, GS states in their guidelines that there is no precedent in geocache placement. EVERY cache is decided on its own merit, or lack thereof. Hope that was helpful.
  6. The other thing I like to leave are 10 foot bundles of 550 paracord, in either blaze orange or camo pattern. The spools are on Amazon for about $50 for 1000' at times, so I cut and melt the ends on 10' and each bundle costs me fifty cents. Paracord has endless uses, out of ten feet you can get a pair of bootlaces, lash something to the roof of your car, make a bracelet or wrapped knife handle or whatever. I think the next spool I get will be electric purple; my five year old's favorite color is purple, and Prince died, so.....
  7. Pretty much, it's that super-duper "imported from ......." stuff that curtailed our trading. If you want decent SWAG in caches for trading, the only thing you can do is to Lead By Example. ... I agree, then disagree, then agree again. Degradation IS inevitable. Dollar store stuff is not necessarily junk; tape measures, C-clamps, mini LED flashlights, jeweler's screwdriver sets, ear buds, USB chargers and the like are all things I've procured at such stores and placed in caches. Yes, it's all made in China and not the highest of standards, but it sure beats broken McToys and soggy business cards. And on your third point, yes, all we can do is trade even or up.
  8. They are. I said the tenth will be a HUGE awesome cache in the woods, the first nine are large awesome caches in the woods. The nine are all similar size to a two-pound coffee can. The tenth is likely going to be the size of a five-gallon-bucket. And they are all in natural recreational areas that are pretty and interesting to visit. A major inspiration for this series is my five year old's disdain for micros and small log only caches, and I think they're pretty boring as well. All of these are loaded with swag and FTF prizes, too. At least in my area, I'm trying to return Geocaching to the Golden Age of the 2000's where ammo cans and Tupperware outnumbered LPC's. I've started on the the series, six are live, still working on the last four and the bonus cache.
  9. Thank you all for the replies! I'm excited that this may may work, and you brought up some things I hadn't thought about, yet. Man, this is a great game and bunch of players.
  10. Wow. Passive aggressive, much? IIRC, it was a kinda-private joke. Gotcha.
  11. Frog-buddy, don't fret. It matters to you, it matters to me, it matters to a lot of people who sail these fora. So, we cache for each other, and everyone else misses part of the experience. It's like 'sarcasm'; the world's a more-fun place if you get it. Their loss. I agree. I've recently started caching with my almost-5-year-old, and he says micros and small log-only caches are "really dumb and boring, Daddy", and I agree wholeheartedly. So, instead of just griping about it I started a kid-friendly series of caches around my town in natural areas/parks/arbs. There will be ten and none are smaller than a two pound coffee can (though, I didn't use coffee cans). I've loaded all with good swag that kids and adults can use (toys, dollar store tools, 10' lengths of paracord, etc) and each has a FTF prize. This costs me time and money but it's part of what makes the game fun for me. Several have already been found multiple times and the log feedback is great! People write longer logs when the cache/location/camo is cool or clever.
  12. I hope I can describe this properly, I want to have a series of nine caches that have a common theme, with a logbook in each and each one counts as an individual find. But I also want to have fragments of the coordinates for a tenth/final cache marked on the logbooks of each stage so that once someone has found all nine they can then find the tenth, which will be a huge awesome cache in the woods. Can I do this, by the rules, and if so how? Are the nine listed as single caches with something in the description about the multi bonus, and/or do I list the tenth as a multi and provide links in the description to the other nine? Or...? Thank you! -Kris
  13. My '00 Accord, 130k, tons of hail damage from last August. Oh, and yes, my garage was full of stuff at the time, and no, I wasn't about to out in the hail to throw blankets or cardboard over the car when the hailstones were that big and coming down in excess of 100mph!!! (You'd be surprised at how many people thought I was stupid for staying inside and taping the ordeal.) Made a claim, took the check, paid it off, paid for glass out-of-pocket, and now I drive it just like always. Still gets 31mpg, which is amazing considering it burns oil and I drive like a maniac sometimes. I figure all of the dents are like the dimples on a golf ball, they actually help me go faster! ~k
  14. Well, I wouldn't call my experience a premonition, more like just being situationally aware and acting on my gut. I had been caching for a few hours in a few different parks earlier this spring and it was getting toward dusk, but I wanted to snag one more that seemed like it'd be easy (from what I'd read). As I drove into the park the parking lot was to the south end, there was a pavilion/shelter area in the middle, and the cache was supposed to be in the woods to the north of the shelter and the picnic tables and stuff. Well, the shelter had very low sloping roofs, with about eight skateboarding teenagers on the roof, and a couple more standing around on the ground. There were no other cars in the lot, and as I slowly drove in (10mph posted) I could feel all eyes on my car. I didn't like the idea of: A)Leaving my car unattended in the lot B)Walking through the group of youts, twice, on the way to and from the cache C)Walking into the woods alone, at dusk, while being watched by said youts So, did a u-turn in the lot and left the park. I ended up going back another day during full light and made the find without incident. I don't know if I would've encountered any trouble had I tried to find it the first evening, but I do know I would've been worried from the moment I stepped out of the car to the moment I got back in to drive away, so I would not have enjoyed any of it, and that's kind of my basic criteria for hunting for caches. Am I having a good time? If the answer is 'no', then I'm not going to do it. About premonition though, any of you ever driving along at 5-10mph OVER the limit and you get a sense you should dial it back a bit, only to see a cop in the next few minutes? I love it when that happens! ~k
  15. My job requires me to drive around with a laptop and a bunch of medical equipment, sometimes to not-so-great neighborhoods. We too are required to keep valuables in the trunk, but like you said, all they have to do is enter the car and pull the little lever by the driver's seat. I was thinking about all of this, and I noticed that there is a keyhole next to the lever. Hmmm, can I lock out (turn off) the lever? Would that mean I could only open the trunk with the key on the actual trunk and/or the trunk release button on the keyfob? That would be handy, I'll have to check later today. Of course, the rear seats fold down, but you need a key for that too, and it would take a lot longer for a crook to get to anything. Sorry to hear about your situation, that sucks! ~k
  16. I don't care who you are, that's funny right there! ~k
  17. I don't know anything about snakes I haven't seen on TV, but that said, on TV once they mentioned that young snakes can be more dangerous than adult snakes. The reason: young snakes don't know how to control the venom very well and often will pump in the entire available supply; adult snakes sometimes bite without injecting venom and if they do inject it is usually a smaller volume than that dosed out by a young snake. Like I said, I learned this on TV, so YMMV. ~k
  18. My only gripe (so far) with Vista is this: If the laptop fell asleep and we push the space bar or whatever to 'wake it up', first a screen appears that tells us that Windows is resuming. Then it goes black for another 5 seconds, then the 'resuming' screen for several more seconds, then waa-laa, the desktop appears, no wait, now the screen blacked out again. Finally the desktop appears, but the cursor indicates that the PC is 'thinking' for many more seconds, during which you can't open any apps, and if you try, you've only delayed your productivity another minute or two while the PC ponders this newest request. Still better than XP I think. I though 98 ran fastest of any of the MS crap I've used. I love Linux, but there are a few things I haven't been able to iron out so I can't use it on my primary machine. I do love the gimp for image processing! ~k
  19. Is that the Gear-Up? I've been looking pretty hard at that; two-wheel drive and everything! Not to mention the major cool-factor! ~k
  20. Here is a stage of a multi. I've fuzzed out part of the coords in the picture to keep it secret. This is a new cache and hasn't been found yet, but I'm looking forward to feedback in the logs about this. Hope people like it. I thought it was kinda clever and fun to make. ~k
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