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  1. one large, and one extra large, the extra large is about 18" tall, 18" long and about 10" wide, the whole top pops off. cannot ship. near fitchburg, mass. email me for pictures, thanks. Tim
  2. Here's what i carry, same pic from a previous post. Cache on!! Tim P.S. as for the gun, this is the only reason. http://www.thebostonchannel.com/consumer/8833811/detail.html http://huntingclub.com/Community/Forums.as...sts&t=74668
  3. 6.1144 <------- but this picture proves that it should be higher. <------- Then i found the jock test. You answered "yes" to 17 of 98 questions, making you 82.7% jock pure; that is, you are 82.7% pure in the jock domain (you have 17.3% jock in you). That's more like it
  4. Good idea, and check to make sure it's still there, it seems to have gone missing. Tim
  5. I'm in Too!!! Go ahead add me, i dare ya'... Tim
  6. O.K. call me a stick in the mud, but shouldn't your answer have been, "Why don't you ask the owner of the cache for a hint?" instead of giving away someone's hard work? Just my $0.02 Tim
  7. here's mine all the way to the right. And a link to the page. Where's the fire?
  8. Exactly. Sometimes you have to go with cosmic balance because you are out of whack at a single cache. I agree. Tim
  9. How about nude naked caching! That would be fun too. It would be a lot harder though, because the nude friendly caches are usually somewhere there finding them without a GPSr would be all but impossible. Nudecacher i so thought this is what this topic was about. someday i'm goind to do this just once and post a pic, i love what you do! GO you. Tim
  10. For the same reason one installs smoke detectors in one's home and keeps fire extinguishers in one's home and car. For the same reason one carries a cell phone, drives defensively, and is always aware of one's surroundings. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe from harm. It has nothing to do with hunting. This is the point i was trying to make above, well said. Tim
  11. This is all the stuff i carry, and as for the gun's so many people are asking why? Here are my reasons: This is where i cache. my reasons #1 My reason #2 And for that stubborn ammo can!
  12. and don't forget the chin,finger. i'd be lost without that! Tim
  13. All the winners are posted here. 2007 jeep winners I won a GPSr and it is the best. Tim
  14. maybe the event should be held here. bowling ball heaven and a pic. Tim
  15. bowling balls are free, i have four yet to start and two in possession. you just have to convince the guy at the bowling alley that you are not going to drop them off a bridge onto traffic, fire them out of a cannon, or toss them through a parked car window. but if successfull they are free, and beautiful. let me know if you start the race, I'm in. Tim
  16. just drop them in whatever the cache container might be, I.E. tupper, or ammo can, don't worry they will find it. just think of how you found it, lying in the bottom of a cache. have fun. Tim
  17. if i can get the pic to come up, this is my whip, and my caching name. Tim
  18. how do i take a number say, 19T E 284735 N 4730690 and convert it into the N42 deg 44.422 W071 deg. ECT. format? Tim
  19. I'll bet you just bought a Jeep/Chrysler, so free, well maybe $30K free. Hermit no i won it in the 2006 jeep contest. it was free. love the green jeeps. Tim
  20. out of all in this topic this is my favorite. i'm going to so use it one day. tim
  21. Thank you! thank you again. i was waiting for this one. Tim
  22. you might want a 100 ft tape measure, small shovel and the printed sheet from the site here with locations to measure from as well as the gps. good luck. my first was under 3" of soil and i used a 1/8 steel rod to "probe" the ground at the intersecting points to find it. is it any of these? http://www.geocaching.com/mark/nearest.asp...mp;lon=-75.8777 Tim
  23. i've found that just one is the gov't posting the original. you can post your find. here look at one i've done. http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=MZ2988 Tim
  24. 630mph@33,000ft. going to south dakota. got one cache there. what fun. Tim
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