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  1. Wow lost it for 2 years? You must of had a big smile when you finally found it again! at the "not included." But why not? The dog may be small enough to fit in the bag, no? I "Found" it on Ebay...had to repurchase it. I left it on top of the car to get reception while moving halfway across country, then drove off, only to notice 2 hours later it was no longer on top of the car or on the dashboard where I had kept it. As to the dog, She's very not outdoorsy. She can't even jump up on the COUCH. Not to mention our other dog, the chihuahua, would *not* fit, and they're inseparable
  2. I'm missing some things, and can't afford some other things at the moment. I just got back into caching after misplacing my GPSr for 2ish years.
  3. This is one of the punniest threads I've read in awhile. This type of humor really floats my boat! Also, glad the gpsr still works! Edit: Apparently I just resurrected this thread again...
  4. Thanks mate, didn't know that worked for TBs too!
  5. I asked this a long long time ago, and never did it, and now I forget if it's possible. I owned a TB, and gave it to someone for them to own, AFTER I activated it. Is there a way to transfer ownership of a TB?
  6. The problem is that the tags that had the original code on it were lost also...so I had no idea what they were. But I found them, so it's all good.
  7. Never mind...They've been 'missing for a week,' and I find them in my car, where I already checked...in the glovebox. Duh.
  8. So, I had 6 or 7 tags that stayed on my backpack at all times: 4 copies, and 2 or 3 bugs to put out if I found something to use while on the road. Awhile ago I decided to take them off of my bag in case they fell off out in the woods. Ironically, it was only AFTER I took them off that I lost them. They sat on my desk for a couple weeks, then disappeared. I've checked my car, including the trunk..every drawer in the room they were in, and every bag or container they could possibly be in. They are GONE. I did find a $50 in the process hidden in the pocket for the back support part of my backpack... Is it possible to get replacement tags if they've been logged on the site, just not set out yet?
  9. it's probably been said already, but, "It can't POSSIBLY be over there!"
  10. I went through my CD/VHS/DVD collection awhile ago and ended up with a bunch of things I was going to sell off. Then I realized I have almost 20 empty cache containers, and nothing to put in them. So I basically plan to put out caches with much much better start contents than usual. Not only that, I'm keeping some in my bag to trade out crap for , say, a cd. Do you think local cachers might be upset that I'm trying to raise the standards a bit?
  11. Found some Shout! Wipes when I REALLY had to use the bathroom at the top of a small rocky 'mountain.' They worked, if not satisfactorally.
  12. HA! I just got a scooter(razor type) for free from work today! Turns out a customer left it there about a month ago and it's just been sitting in the back the whole time. I asked about it today, and she said I could have it, before I got to that point! That should cut down on my travel time...
  13. My girlfriend yesterday heard me talking to our son: "Hey Caleb, want to go find toys in the woods?" to which he obviously shook his head yes... she replied: "y'know...most kids go to the store to get toys..." that made me laugh.
  14. I haven't got around to getting my license yet, so most of my caching is done on foot or via the public bus. Once, I went into town with my woman when she had to go to work at 6am, and walked 10 miles while she was at work, knocking out all the close ones. Then I waited a bit till more had come up in that same area, and did another 8 mile hike. Great excercise, I say...
  15. I scanned through the main post, but didn't read it in depth, so if I missed something, I apologize. Wouldn't it save your bomb squad friend some time and such by getting a gps himself and putting all the caches in his aarea into it, so he can just check if there is one there and confirm it without all the extra stuff?
  16. Once I'm not so poor...yes, I'm TOO POOR TO DO THIS...once I'm not so poor, I plan to buy a small quantity of cheap little logbooks and keep them in my bag, so I can just take care of wet logs while I'm there...
  17. I'm trying to push the "I'm not being racist I'm just curious for social purposes" thing..I really am just curious >.<
  18. I can neither confirm or deny that I am indeed a question mark!
  19. eep, sorry, didn't know there was already a thread for that..never went that far >.<
  20. *tallies* two African Americans, and one Silver..ian?
  21. I hope you don't think I was being negative >.< Race is not a big thing to me at all, just (as I mentioned,) curiousity...
  22. If you REALLY need to see some pictures of some cachers of color, check out my gallery... I've got two in the making. *tallies* 2....and the count begins. Honestly it was just a curiousity thing...I know here in the U.P. of Michigan that are about 6 asians and two african americans. That was kind of a shock to me, since I moved here from a place that was HIGHLY diverse to the point of not being able to talk to half of the people in my school because of language differences.
  23. Something made me wonder the other day...I've never seen a picture of a black/asian/etc., cacher. I've only seen white people. What IS the racial makeup of the caching community?
  24. I haven't read the other posts, but I think the idea of using the Dog Tag making machines at some Wal-Marts is awesome...you can put whatever you want on it and it engraves it on the metal right there for you...they're around $5...
  25. That's enough for me...now I just need to find a way to get there
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