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  1. This is may log from 2012, and I still remember that day. It's the only time I ever took my knife out and really thought I would have to defend myself against "something". Ok, the walk to this cache from "Old McKinney Bridge" really creeped me out. First off the birds in the trees were incredibly loud and raucous. They were making noises that I've never heard birds make. I was actually starting to wonder if they were birds at all. Then the vegetation seemed to crowd in to the trail. The trail was muddier here than at any other point between FM 455 and FM 428. The mud didn't look too deep but for a couple of steps it was over my boots. Then the birds stopped making all their noises and I heard something fairly big in the woods to the right, in the direction of the river. I sort of sounded like a pig, but also sounded more like a growl at the same time. Then it seemed like even the bugs stopped making noise. I was so creeped out that I actually got my knife out. I kept looking back over my shoulder as I went down the trail...just in case. I might have been letting my over-active imagination get the better of me, but I just don't know. I have never felt that way in the woods before. Added 6/22/12: The story gets even stranger. Later in the day I was at Cabelas looking at kayaks. I got to talking with another guy who said that he was kayaking on the river below Lake Ray Roberts earlier in the day. He said that near the old bridge he had seen something up on the shore that he couldn't recognize. He said it looked way too big to be a wild hog and it was too low to the ground to be a human. He said he looked away for a second, looked back, and it was gone. He told me this even before I told him that I was hiking along the trail by that river. Also: The water I stepped in didn't soak my whole foot, it just seeped down in my socks about 3 inches or so. But I developed some kind of bug bites on that area which I had some kind of reaction to because I was laid up in bed for a couple of days. I have no idea what could have been in that water. Like I said...pretty creepy. But I can't wait to get back out there and find the caches I missed and complete the hike down to Lake Lewisville. By the time I got to the cache area I pretty much wasn't too freaked out anymore. Man, that's a big container. I wish I could have added more swag but I needed to save some for the other caches on the trail. T-TB L-2 Deathlok Comic Books, Calculator, 24-Pak Colored Pencils, ID Holder, Sticky Notes, Walt Disney World Baseball, Orange Rubber Ducky, 2 Fingernail/File Kits, 8-Pak Thank You Notes.
  2. My priorties have definitely changed. When I first started in the early 00's it was mainly about getting out in the woods with my kids. And when I wasn't with them I loved long hikes with 10+ mile hikes not unusual even if I only found a few caches. But now, after a fairly major health problem (kidney failure and dialysis for the last 5.5 years), I've had to change the way I cache. I can't hike as far anymore with the most I've been able to do is a little over 5 miles. I've been doing a lot more caches like I used to with the kids. Finding parks that I didn't know existed and generally taking my time finding caches in those parks. I will throw in a LPC along the way because they are there. Also, now if I'm looking for a cache I don't spend as much time as I used to. As soon as the frustration factor starts to outweight the fun factor, I'm out.
  3. The amount of time I search before logging a DNF can vary from cache to cache. When the frustration factor starts to outweigh the fun factor, I’m out of there.
  4. In the past I've stocked my caches with old 8 track tapes that I'll find at auctions/garage sales etc. They always go over quite well because who wouldn't want to find a Elvis in Hawaii, or an Elton John Captain Fantastic 8 track in a cache. They may no longer be usable, but people get a kick out of them.
  5. Nowadays, these kinds of caches almost always go immediately onto my Ignore List. When I first started caching I would try to find these types of caches but never really felt comfortable doing it. I figured I didn't go geocaching to feel that way so I stopped looking for them. But like somebody said earlier in the thread, not all caches in peoples yards are created equal. I've found a few little library caches in front of peoples houses. And my favorite cache in somebodies yard was one near the Des Moines airport that was literally a pirate treasure chest in front of their house in plain view.
  6. Found this article on Yahoo Finance HAMBURG, Germany, June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- - Car rental provider CarDelMar organises Geocaching event Treasure hunt on Mallorca: Enjoy the breath-taking views from Cap Formentor or the beautiful nature in Parc Natural de Mondragó; discover the best places in and around Palma and the most charming towns along the coast and the interior of the island - CarDelMar's GeoTour combines Geocaching and sightseeing. And with some luck, participants can even hunt down one of the attractive cash prizes. 1 August marks the launch of the treasure hunt on Mallorca organised by hire car broker CarDelMar. Ten caches, small water-proof containers, will be hidden in interesting places around the island. The Geocaching event will last ten days, offering cash prizes totalling EUR 6,000. The treasure hunt is a great way to discover the Balearic Island off the beaten track and the so-called GeoTour will take participants to the most beautiful places on Mallorca. The event is a collaboration between CarDelMar and the leading Geocacher website http://www.geocaching.com. Information on the route and the events can already be found on http://www.cardelmar.co.uk/geocaching/geocaching.php as well as in social media. Coordinates for the different caches and all other details about the GeoTour will be available on http://www.geocaching.com/adventures/geotours from 24 July. CarDelMar will also publish all relevant information on the treasure hunt on their website, on the CarDelMar blog, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. "Our treasure hunt on Mallorca is open for everyone, not just for CarDelMar clients" emphasises Carsten Greiner, CarDelMar Managing Director. "There are no rules for participating. Beginner- as well as experienced Geocachers can take part. The tour is great for families and anyone else who wants to explore the island in a different way". The only requirement: A Smartphone or GPS device, as well as a car. "Most of the caches cannot be found without a vehicle". The treasure hunt is a way for Greiner to encourage visitors to explore Mallorca on their own.
  7. I search until the frustration factor is more than the fun factor. That's my cue to go on to the next cache.
  8. When in doubt use Monty Python quotes. I currently have caches named: Ethel The Aardvark Goes Quantity Surveying No, It Is The Rabbit And The Number Of The Counting Shalt Be Three Black Beast of Aaaargh Now archived Python Caches: It's Only A Model What, Behind The Rabbit? The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch We Already Got One, It's Very Nice Blue, No Yellow....aaargh Non-Python named caches I have/had: Proliferation Antithesis Football Yucca Canoe Huge Vulture Eating Stinky Dead Thing Cheer Up Emo Kid, You're Going Geocaching Cactus In My Crotch Mummies of the Insane I usually don't know the name of the cache when I'm going out to hide one. I let the process and adventure of hiding the cache to dictate the name. Sometimes it comes really easy and sometimes not. And sometimes right after you publish it you say..."That's a stupid name".
  9. Finding worthwhile stuff for cheap is not really that hard. I just check out the clearance section of whatever store I'm in and stock up when things are cheap enough. I've collected quite a few things to trade and for usually .25 or less per item. When I first started caching most of the time it was with my kids. I selected larger type caches so they could get the enjoyment of trading out. My kids no longer cache with me but I like to keep the caches I find stocked up. Mostly ammo cans that I know will keep everything nice and dry. Here are some of the trades I've done over the last year with all items being .25 or less: T-Small Alien L-Budweiser Coasters, 10-pak Pencils, Star Wars Eraser, Fancy Paper Clips, Magnetic Frames, Small Wooden Box, Skull Buttons, Creepy Stocking Mask, Locker Mirror, Grow Your Own Chocolate Bunny, LOVE Metal Candle Holder. T-Nothing L-Womens Bracelet, Red Rubber Duckie, F150 Matchbox, Sunscreen Towelette, Drink Koozie w/Carbiner, Loretta Lynn/Conway Twitty 8-Track Tape, Pack of Wolf Stickers, Deathlok Comic Book, Mini Blinds Cleaner, Sunburn Relief Towelette. T-Baseball L-Peace Notes, Pink Floyd 8-Track Tape, Pack of Water Balloons, 5-Pak Gel Pens, Hippie Rubber Ducky, Industrial Earplugs, Pedicure Kit, Fingernail/File Kit. Not one "Corn Flakes" toy in the bunch....lol
  10. Cache Page:I Ruined The Cache Last Visited: 10/24/11 Reason for unloved: It's probably because it's about a 6-7 miles round trip hike with the last .3 miles with no trail at all. It's a cool location though, an old structure that not too many people know is there. I'd much rather have a cache that's out of the way and not found too often than a P+G that gets found every day.
  11. Found it 04/19/2012 Found It, well, at least we found the white velcro it was attached to ....................... E-mailed owner ....................................... Fun trail though ..............................................
  12. I've done a lot of caching in the Texas summer heat and have developed a few strategies to be safe and beat the heat. 1) Start out very early. I try to get to the trailhead a little before sunrise. 2) Bring lots and lots of water. More than I really think I need. I freeze half the bottles and just refrigerate the others. The frozen ones will slowly melt during the day allowing for nice cold water all day long. 3) Drink the water. Even when you're not feeling thirsty. I figure as long as I'm peeing regularly while out on the trail, then I'm drinking enough. 4) Cover your head and neck. I use a wide brimmed straw hat and one of those neck bandanas that retains water. Both of these keep my head and neck from the over-heating. 5) Know your limits. Remember that you still have to hike back to the car and it's not going to get any colder as the day goes on. Using these precautions I've only had one incident in the last 9 years where I was truly worried about my health when out on the trail.
  13. I would suggest making it a multi. Put the first part of the multi on one side of the bridge and the 2nd part on the other side of the bridge. If it's the view that you're wanting people to see this would be the perfect way for them to experience it. Granted, fewer people may try to find it because it's a multi, but that would be their loss.
  14. Found it My dad and I have really been enjoying your caches! The lake was up so high, we couldn't actually get to this one. Have a picture confirming we found (could see the cache) it, but couldn't get to it with out swimming! But, we did find it. TFTC! Found it we were 20 feet away. we could see it but we didnt have a boat to reach it. will log our find when water goes back down. Well, if you are going to be back to log it, why did you log it now...?
  15. I'm a swag addict. I love filling caches up with swag. To me, swag is an integeral part of geocaching. At least for the larger type caches. I consider filling up caches with swag as my way to give back to the geocaching community. Instead of getting upset with finding empty caches I decided to do something about. I now have 2 big plastic storage bins full of swag that I use to fill up caches. The things is that it doesn't have to be expensive to be decent swag. Dollar store stuff......pfft. I hardly ever pay more than 50 cents for anything and most stuff I get is around 25 cents. (The clearance aisle at any store is your friend). When stuff is bought this cheap it only cost about 6 or 7 dollars to fill a cache. And is somebody doesn't trade for anything then it's no big loss. Here are a few examples of trades that only cost a few dollars despite how much was traded. T-Regional Jet Pin. L-200 Feet of Twine, 2 Packs of Colored Paper Clips, Protractor, LOVE Metal Candle Holder, 10 Pak of Pencils, 4 Create a Necklace Kits, 2 Green Bracelets, Heart Shaped Earrings, Big Smiley Face, Turquoise/Wood Bracelet, Praying Mantis Figure, Glass Votive Candle Holder. TB. T-One Used Sock, No Wing Airplane. L-Magnetic Push Pins, 5 10-paks Pencils, Christmas Bandana, Fancy Thumbtacks, Girls Pliers, Santa Claus Hat, 2 Paks Decorative Paper Clips, 2 Plastic Shot Glasses, Tennessee Titans Mini Helmet, Pink Glow Stick, Guitar Shaped Luggage Tag, Magnetic Picture Frame, New York Giants Sticker, Indianapolis Colts Sticker,2 Nascar Stickers, Bag of Stretchy Mice, 3-pak LED Keychains, New Black Flip Flops, Small Hammer, Fancy Thumbtacks, 2lb Bag of Decorative Stones, South of The Border Pedro Sticker, $1.00.
  16. I once did 65 caches in one day. The first 25 were the in a linear park alongside a river. The other alternated between urban caches and various different parks. The caches and containers were varied enough to make it enjoyable the whole time. It ended up being approx 12-13 miles and about 9-10 hours. Also, no cut and paste when I was logging them.
  17. Thanks for the advice. I ended up starting near "Hondo Trailhead". I wanted to start over by the Dead Horse parking but it was locked up tight. I didn't like the idea of parking right by the trailhead (my own geo-anxiety) so I went down the road a little and talked with the owner of the nursery who gladly let me park there. She even refused my offer to pay her. The hike was great. I had a awesome time. I plan on coming back and doing some more hiking and caching around this area. The only problem was that it was uphill ALL the way. That kicked my a**. I only made it about 3.5 miles into it before I had to turn around. At least the way back was all downhill. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. On the way up I only saw one other person on the trail and on the way down I only saw 3 other people on the trail. Gotta love that. Here are a few of the pictures I took. .. .. .. ..
  18. That's the first time I've ever heard of that. Maybe it's a new cache type that allows 2 different cachers to be the owner of a cache. Or maybe it's a cache that is places in partnership with Groundspeak and another entity, like a municipality or land managers etc. Or not. ...... Whoops...looks like somebody posted the answer while I was writing my post.
  19. I don't have too much anxiety about bugs, spiders, poison ivy etc. Even the wildlife doesn't really cause much anxiety either. The coyotes, bobcats, snakes and whatnot that I've encountered were more cool than anything else. It may sound silly but my main anxiety comes from worrying about my car. Even though it has never happened to me, for some reason I am always worrying that somebody is messing with my car at the trailhead. So now, whenever possible, I will have my wife or daughter drop me off at the trailhead and come back to get me. That way I can hike and explore without that worry over my head.
  20. I'll be in Southern California this week and was looking for some input from some local cachers. After searching on gc.com and researching I have it narrowed down to the 3 listed state parks. I'm looking for some info and opinions on which would be the best. I'm looking for varying terrain, great views and great caches. And the least amount of people, the better. I have one day dedicated to caching and want to make the most of it. My limit as far as distance would be about 10 miles round trip. Also, any info on the best and safest places to park would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.
  21. It wasn't today, but here's my bit of bragging. Here are some of the trades I've done this year. T-Nothing L-Decorative Paper Clips, 15-pak Colored Pencils, 6-pak Peace and Love Buttons, Santa Hat, Bathtub Light, Magnetive Picture Frame, Bag of Rubber Bands, 3-pak LED Keychains, Purple Striped Kleenex. ============ T-Nothing L-Santa Claus Hat, 2 Packs Magnetic Pushpins, Bag of Body Parts, Fancy Thumbtacks ============ T-Nothing L-Pink Gardening Gloves, Bag of Skulls, Magnetic Picture Frame, 2 Sunscreen Towelettes, Bag of Rubber Bands, Small Hammer, 10-pak Pencils, 3-pack Gel Pens ============ T-TB L-Bag of Rubber Bands, Purple Rubber Duckie, Bag of Body Parts, Stretchy Frogs, Grip Strengthener, Green Measuring Cups, Mini Back Pack, 3-pak LED Keychain Lights, Santa Claus Hat, TB. ============ T-Kleenex, Whistle. L-Santa Hat, Fishing Lure, Fancy Paper Clips, Fancy Thumbtacks, Magnetic Pushpins, Yellow "Laugh" Bottle, Emergency Poncho, Bag of Rubber Bands, Christian Dior Necktie, 10-pak of Pencils, Bag of Body Parts, 3-pak LED Keychain Lights. ============ T-Nothing L-2 Koozies, Bones Gloves, Green Monster Bag, Black and White Rubber Bands, Fishing Lure, Pair of Bunjee Cords, Blue Glowstick, Orange Glowstick, Push Pins, Package of Army Men. ============ T-Rubber Duck, Baseball Game. L-Package of Push Pins, Fishing Lure, Small Windchime, Bag Of Skulls, Green Glow Stick, Bones Gloves. ============
  22. Just recently I kayaked a little over 4 miles with a small portage over a rocky dam. Then bushwacked 1000 feet to the cache. Only then did I discover I didn't have anything to write with. I improvised a solution and left my mark on the log because I wasn't about to do all that again.
  23. The most I've done in one day is 55 caches, walking about 16 miles. About half the caches were in one long linear park. Of the others, some were in other parks and some were urban caches found while walking between the parks. And not a single cut and paste log entry.
  24. We had that happen around here a few years ago. I was especially mad about it because they hit quite a few of my caches. Since these kinds of people usually we want to get attention we did a few things to deprive them of that. First we asked anybody who had written a log about the cache being missing/stolen/vandalized to change their log to something simple like "Found it". We also stopped talking about it on an forums..either GC.com forums or local forums. We started a invite only Yahoo group to talk about it privately. And instead of keeping the caches disabled, we fixed them as quickly as possible and kept them available to find. By doing this we were able to discuss it and vent our anger and frustration amongst ourselves instead of a more public forum and in the process we denied them the attention they craved. Without the attention, they didn't keep it up too long.
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