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  1. need to replace my garmin e-trex vista, want another one, must be in good working condition, cant spend much thou.
  2. having a problem with my e-trex vista monochrome lcd screen, the top of the screen has gone blank, dont know if the screen needs to be replaced or is a software problem?. anyone have suggesstions?
  3. i need to replace the screen in my garmin e-trex vista and would like to know if anybody has one they are willing to part with, it's a monochrome, willing to pay but cant afford much....thank you.
  4. selling a bushnell digital night scope with carry case, charging cables and RCA cable to hook to a T.V. ASKING 150.00, very good for night time geocaching, camers has black and white viewing screen. will sell only within the united states. call charlie at 702-419-5609...leave message if no answer. will accecpt payment thru PAY PAL ONLY.
  5. i would go on e-bay, i just had to replace my garmin e-trex vista and paid only 41.00 for another.
  6. selling a lowrance i-finder m&m for 75.00, in very good condition, been only used twice and comes with all the cables and head phones.
  7. it just depends on your taste, personally i like garmin.
  8. i have a lowrance i finder m&m(map & music) for 75.00 with all the accessories, manual in very good condition and i live in nevada too. e-mail me at sayterliftennv@aol.com
  9. selling a lowrance i finder m&m for sale with all accessories with it. $75.00 contact me at sayterliftennv@aol.com
  10. i have a lowrance i finder m&m(map & music) for sale with all the accessories and manual want $75.00 for it. contact me at sayterliftennv@aol.com
  11. i have a lowrance i finder m&m(map & music) for sale with all the accessories and manual want $75.00 for it. contact me at sayterliftennv@aol.com
  12. i have a lowrance m&m(map & music) for sale,comes with manual, car power cable, head phones, 32 mb card for music or maps, only used it twice in very good condition, only want $75.00 for it. e-mail me at sayterliftennv@aol.com
  13. do you still have the vista, mine died a horrible death
  14. i know the feeling, i released my first travel bug a few months ago, and some people in utah picked it up around thanksgiving and did'nt log it for 2 months, thought it was muggled and they haven't moved it on yet and they keep ignoring my e-mails.
  15. quite frankly, i would not go into woods like that unless i was carring a bigger caliber gun, like my 30-30 and a back up hand gun no less than a .357 magnum revolver, there would have been a explosion of snow for sure
  16. just wrap it in some masking tape, pros do this when painting on metal surfaces and have to drill thru the metal, prevents chiping.
  17. show the travel bugs that have traveled the most in a year or maybe even a month
  18. a couple of months ago i found a travel bug thats from a school in delaware ajnd he wanted to trip around vegas where we live so he's been getting around and seeing the sights, hope they like it.
  19. i have the very same staff and it is great, even modified it to take a cold steel bushman knife, turns it into one hell of a spear
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