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What Type Of Lizard Is This?

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I was out caching the other day and came across this guy it was very kewl to see him. I have lived in this area (southern Idaho) my whole life and have spent alot of time in the desert but have never seen one like this and was just wondering if anybody knew the name for this little guy he was about 7 to 8 inches long.








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I think it's a tax attorney, but I'm not 100% certain.


No thats not it have seen those before. :D


You didn't touch it with your bare skin, did you?


No, Why?


I think it might be a Sagebrush lizard (Sceloporus graciosus). Sometimes the females during breeding season will have exaggerated color along the neck and sides. You could check with Chuck Peterson at ISU in Pocatello, he is the State Herp guy.


Great I will see if I can get his email addy.

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I came across this eastern fence lizard while trying to climb a steep hillside in TN looking for a cache:




We're supposed to have them in WV but all I've been seeing here are snakes.

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This is Larry my Eastern Fence Lizard. He has been living in the same pile of rocks in my backyard for so long that I personalized his home.




After some research though we discovered that Larry is probably a Lacey, but I'm to lazy to change the sign. :rolleyes:


El Diablo

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That is a Nat'l Geographic contender photo if I ever saw one!

Detail and setting...that is a really pretty picture!

And the lizzardo is neat too!


Thanks! That's the Mount Hopkins observatory in the background. The lizard guards the summit of Mount Wrightson (9453 ft), south of Tucson, Arizona.

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I don't know about that! I remember seeing a sunset from the Oregon/Cali border (Crescent City I think, and I know that isn't Washington, BUT) and it had been raining, there were a bunch of offshore clouds, but the sun was shining on them as it was going down, waves were high due to storm...the water was a neat purple-y color...DANG that was a pretty one. I can't help but think you would have something like that in good ole' Wash also!

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