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  1. MS recently "upgraded" their logo after 25 years to something that looks very similar to one we've all known since 2001. Thoughts? Microsoft Image
  2. Has anyone used one yet? Pro's? Con's? I'm looking for a set up for a group of non techies that need to occasionally go out and walk a boundary line and take pictures. Are they easy to use? Camera quality? I was originally going to set them up with an HP 211 with a CF GPS loaded with ArcPad and also a Sony Cybershot GPS camera but that might be too technical for them. Having one piece of equipment is more desireable than carrying 2 in the field. Thanks in advance!
  3. I think Canby, Oregon has done something similar, might want to check how they went about it.
  4. Might want to reconsider the timing of the Palouse/Quad Cities CM. The Palouse might still be covered in snow like it is this year. Might have to just make it the Twin Cities CM.
  5. Yep, found that out... Darn! Well, I think I found a copy of PPC 2003 that I'm going to load and see if that won't fix the PDA to run Wherigo. Thanks for confirming for me.
  6. I can make you a KML of BLM lands for Google Earth. What area would you like?
  7. Will this support Pocket PC 2002? Thank you!
  8. I've been subscribed to this forum, just to see if any neat new features would get added after I commented and saw the original changes. I've been surprised to see all the complaints, as I haven't had any problems with them either. Maybe I'm not pushing them to their limits or using what the full potential could be, but I travel all the time and use the map to get started, get my bearings, and usually create an associated pocket query. I almost wonder if we need to start posting operating system, hardware, software configurations... I'm using XP, and switch between Firefox and IE7. I use different ISP's all the time, different airports, hotels, businesses, and my home. I'm like you PilotMike, I've used the new maps on both Firefox, and IE7, XP and Vista platforms and at least 5 different computers and have not had one problem. Only thing I can figure out is that those that are having problems must have some sort of setting or add on that is creating problems for them. I'm on the other side of the spectrum with the google maps, I think they are absolutely great!
  9. That would be the TIGER data from the US Census which includes roads, census tracts, etc. But to answer your question, yes I would consider them one in the same (two-may-toe, toe-mah-toe).
  10. Yeah, but is GPX Sonar reliable? I haven't been able to get on their site for days.
  11. before you decide from those programs, check out this one that I've been using for 2.5 years now on my Dell Axim 5. BEELINE GPS. I think it's just about the best out there. Does it all. I also like Cachemate and some of its features, but I use Beeline 98% of the time. BeeLine GPS My 2cents.
  12. No need to log out, just click on the "Hide My Finds" box in the legend. It will simply turn the smilies off.
  13. Wow, I don't see any of those negative comments happening... I'm using FireFox The squares around the icons are smaller, but I like that, just fits the multiple cache icon. The problem before, was the icons were hard to see against the imagery. What browser are you using Cassaroll168?
  14. Nope, not benchmarks, more like watermarks.
  15. Thanks for the new map updates (10-25-07)! Small bugs with the icons having a red dot in the middle, but understand this is a work in progress. Great features, thanks!
  16. BeeLine GPS www.visualgps.net I've been using it for two years now, and it is by far most intuitive and feature rich program I have tried so far.
  17. I use BeeLine GPS. Worth every penny, great tech support, the best all in one caching program in my opinion.
  18. I believe they went out in the mail this weekend, with the holiday, it should be sometime this week. I got my notice via email that mine was shipped on the 8th.
  19. Seriously, the more times you ask, the less likely you will be asked.
  20. I'll second this suggestion. I have these in the non-gore-tex version, but after a recent trip to Washington's Westside, I wish I did. These are great for Idaho, but I'm sure this spring I'll be wishing I had the gore-tex version. These are so comfortable, I'll be getting another pair. Can't go wrong with Merrell!
  21. Very nice program! I haven't used Virtual Earth much, but I sure will now. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Just found this on the web through the Google Earth Blog. You can use this tool to upload the maps you make through "Google My Maps" and download them directly to your Garmin GPS or convert them to GPX format. TakItWithMe
  23. First lesson is to know the difference between coordinates and datums. UTM is a coordinate system (like lat/long) and WGS84 is a datum. Coordinates will use different datums. A datum defines the shape of the earth. So if you want to learn how to convert between datums such as NAD 27 and WGS84, there are some online resources that do this automatically for you or show you the long drawn out version that will use your noddle, pen and paper. The easiest is to use the GC.com cache page, in the box in the middle of the page right by the lat/long of the cache, you will see, "other conversions". This site has some very good resources. Explanation of Datums, etc.
  24. My vote would be for a Palouse CM or a Missoula CM.
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