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  1. Okay. I found it. It was a poker run of temporary caches that our group did a few years back I logged 13 of them, three were actually new caches that stayed so those were unique. The other 10 are all as part of the event. Thank you for the help - I was able to get a column for multiple finds - so now I can find these things myself.
  2. Thank all of you for your help Okay, I am not sure which are duplicate logs - I only apply for a smilie once - and up until I quit caching for a while (I use GSAK to "manage" this info) I never noticed a discrepancy between my finds in GSAK and on GC.com. So I will have to go find which are duplicates and take them out. I am puzzled though how I managed to log something that I already found.
  3. I probably just didn't look very far, but I have not found anything that gives me a simple answer to this... I have a meager 512 finds. When I do a "MY FINDS" PQ, it only gives me 500. I seem to be missing 12. Is there a maximum of 500 for the PQ like the rest of them that I have? 279 of them have been archived so far, so I am sure that isn't the case, since those archived ones come in. Please be gentle when telling me it is just a simple box check I missed! SLJ
  4. We live in a small town, with lots of farmland/dairy action surrounding... One place has an old surrey axle complete with wheels for a mailbox holder. They are on my list to ask if I can place a cache on their support (not anywhere near the actual mailbox!) since it is cool. I also drive to and from the outside araes on different roads all the time, just to see what else is out there. Neat old houses, pretty horse farms, some odd statuary somebody welded...the kids always ask me, "Why are we going THIS way?"...
  5. I look at it as a true team effort. My cousin, daughter and i all hav eour own screen names, but we team up to go caching. She or I drive (that's one position), another will work the GPS in the car and set it up for the on foot hunt, and sometimes, my daughter is just skinny enough or nimble enough or whatever that SHE has to be the one to actually grab the cache. We all sign. Now, if just my daughter and I go out, we don't sign my cousin's name, and she doesn't sign ours when she goes. In fact just recently, we hit a string on the way home from an event. Some of the ones I had lined up we all needed to get, a few though were what my cousin or my daughter needed. So we went to the general location and I let the one in persuit find and sign...
  6. Heck, I DNF'd a cache a couple of times - even though I looked for it even more! It was a micro in a place that required getting down on the ground. Every time I went to look for it it was raining or foggy or some soggy reason. I finally found it (after a kind emailed tip from the owner) but that one was a real killer!
  7. Zzyzx Road


    Okay, I did that with my coin just today, but why, in a period of two weeks has the mileage not shown up for the jeep? That is not one that I can do anything with recaluculate...
  8. Zzyzx Road


    I did a search and found this (aren't you all glad I didn't just ask the same question without checking?) subject - I just was a recipient of a Green Jeep, and wanted it to have moved through all the caches I found that day...including our Dry Creek group's event. I dipped it, and then sent it out into the world for someone else to take it on a journey, but it hasn't shown ANY miles yet. I did the same thing with a coin I want to track my own miles with, hit the recalculate, and nothing is happening! I would hate to think it won't show miles just because it is mine and I am doing the miles... What is happening? (or not?)
  9. I attended my first event, which was a meet-n-greet kindof thing, and a coin discovery. It was nice, there seemed to be a lot of folks from out of the area there. I think 40 or so names. I just went to my second (and the org's second, I think) event, and it was not only a blast, but I got to pin some more faces with names... If I remember correctly, there were 20-25 cachers, some with extra small-people along...we had a raffle run followed by some "most excellent BBQ'd dogs" and coin discovery. I can't wait for the next one...
  10. And that is why, in my small town, the multi-virtual that has 6 different stages spread all over downtown and to the east takes up the better part of the "neat and historical" areas of town. All the surrounding potential locations are schools and the back parts/alleys of stores or restaurants. I went to look for locations in more historical parts of town and lo and behold! They were close to one stage or another of this (really neat, but it IS a Virtual) multi...
  11. Does it have the push-button starter on the floor? A friend a while back had a Willys pickup. Schweet that thing was! I hated the fact that he sold it! It had both the low end-and high-end shifters in it too...(like two gear shifts) Nice!
  12. We recently learned in a hunter safety course that if YOU think you can't hit the target, then YOU shouldn't shoot at it. It is based on your own ability... You shouldn't swim farther out than you can swim back. Don't work out with heavier weights than you can safely use... Like in any other sport/hobby, know your limitations.
  13. My team and I on several occasions have found destroyed containers. One was an obvious food container with cammo tape that was marked with the owner's name - it had been vandalized and based on the location and lack of contents even, was not repairable. Another was just really damaged by sprinklers. Yet another one was shredded, probably by the lawn maintenence crew, but identifiable by the clues for the container. All of those I just logged the DNF and emailed the owner to check on them - since I am not claiming to be able to find everything very well - and all of them have either been repaired, replaced or archived accordingly. But also all of the cache owners in question are active cachers too, so they are pretty quick to check...
  14. Hubby is a grounds crew leader here at one of our local colleges. He walked out of the bathroom just as I brought this page up - never missed a beat. Walked right over and said, Hmm...musta' gotten run over by a mower!" Seems he's had oopsies like this happen where he works. One dud ran right into a light pole with a sprayer boom. And then said he never heard the loud crunch it made! you're right...OUCH!
  15. Wow! I know my Magellan has gotten me consistently within 7 feet of most caches! Other than the ones in Pahrump or on the mountain side under a large power line, I have had great luck...and maps!
  16. ...ours is about 1300, including finds and disabled...Caching in California is nice IF you are in a larger city area. Our area of the San Joaquin is all dairies, groves and fields, so it is a nice country drive when caching. (My favorite saying while driving past a dairy is "You Gotta' Love the Smell of Agriculture!")
  17. Pqs downloaded to Gsak based on several locations and vacation spots. GSAK sorts, loads to Mapsend. I pick caches based on location to roads and other access. Ticking those desired caches in GSAK, I then load them to GPSr the Palm's Cachemate. I have to sort carefully - we have expensive gas, small children and limited time, so I only load 50 or so at a time - and I try to coordinate caching with other road trips... I **WISH** I had a laptop, wireless even to be able to get up-to-the minute info on the caches too...maybe Santa will be nice this year!
  18. Couldn't you go back and tediously "drop" the coin in each and every cache you have found with the TB, thus making the coin a "buddy" of the TB while on its travels? Then the TB would be free to continue on and the coin would stay in your pocket. Make the dates the same as the TB's dates, and the coin would be a silent partner of the TB up until you decide to send him out into the cold cruel world on his own...
  19. I have had that problem all along - even if I use IE, Firefox or the knock-off version of Netscape that I have with my ISP. Everyone told me before that it is an issue with my security levels. So I went and changed everything I possibly could in each browser, but with no luck. Now my Beaniehut.com, Yahoo email, Princess Bride (movie), Girl Scout site, eBay, IMDB, Neopets site ALL keep my login cookies, the only one that doesn't is my banking (duh!) and GC.com...I am still stumped as to why it never has worked for me!
  20. AMEN! Some of our caches here in the Central Valley are quite nice in the spring...ankle-deep green grass, cool mornings... And then summer hits. All that nice green grass has grown in that one lush rainstorm, knee-deep and sometimes higher, but now it is hot, dry, and grasshoppers buzz away from you when you approach...and...is that funny sound I hear just leaves blowing a distance away or is it... a RattleSnake?! We have some MAJOR climate chacnges here and tracks from geocachers are really obvious in the flat places. The few we have found in forested areas seem to have swallowed up the geo-impact quite nicely. Perhaps there are fewer people driving into altitude here than other places? I know that part of my caching crew gets really carsick, so we try to limit those remote (but cooler!) caches in the mountains.
  21. I had one that was the end of a multi, and the cache container was easy to find once you solved the puzzle of numbers correctly. (Monochrome Palms can become a problem if the key info you are looking for is actually underlined in RED on the cache page) I reached in for the pen to sign, started to open it and it looked a little funny. I looked into the box for a different pen, and seeing none I went ahead and pulled the pen open. It went off with a Bang! Evidently the pen was rigged to set off a small cap and surprise the person who was using it. That was funny! After I apologized for the few foul words that escaped my lips, I laughed too.
  22. Cache Density: Within 25 miles of our one POO (Point Of Origin - and also the homebase for potty stops and meal/water breaks) I came up with these numbers: 582 Total caches 35% Micros 37% Small 18% Regular .3% Large .7% Multi (mixed sizes there) .1% Virtual 8.% Mystery (ends of Multi's usually) 2.7% not chosen 3.9% Other We have an area that is largely agriculture and cattle areas...pretty hard to get more than 30 or so a day, unless you are willing to leave the kids and spouse behind, pee in a cup, starve yourself and spend several paychecks on gas... Now I understand some other areas (San Jose for example) are quite well-stocked with caches, (at every minimum distance increment) and are more walking/biking friendly (like having sidewalks) so it is WAY easier to grab 100 or so on one full comfortable day of caching.
  23. My GPSr also has an info page for each cache, and that states if it is a traditional, virtual etc... I would like to know though how to change the first digit though, Chigger King...
  24. I would like to see something like an available adopting list - other sites have an annual email that gives instructions to go to the site and click on update...that is how you are supposed to make sure that your info is current. There is a cache in my area (#7 for me) that I went to specifically to grab a travel bug. It is an ammo can in a well-traveled but country area, been there a while too. I emailed the owner about the TBs, with no response. A little while later (and after someone else logged that there was no TB either) I emailed again. Still no response. I wondered if the owner was still active. Months went by before the owner showed up again. The reviewer said that unless there was a string of DNFs or something, nothing is wrong with it. The owner STILL hasn't cleared out the TB, even with other logs stating it is free of TBs. (I even contacted the person who took the TB - they had gotten married and moved, and the TB was packed away, and they assured me they would take care of it, but haven't...they are active too) I would LOVE to adopt this, but can't. And yet the owner (as far as I know) isn't really taking an active interest in the cache. I know that seems a bit OCD about a TB, but I was NEWER then and took it really seriously! To have them all blatently archived due to the owner's abcense isn't a good solution, but maybe to have prominent cachers (or a list of volunteers) in the area of whom the reviewer is aware on a "hotlist" for adoption instead.
  25. What kind of GPS do you have - only because mine shows the same icons as GC.com, ghostie for virtual, tellow and red for multi, green for traditional...the only ones I have difficulty with are the types of traditional, micro, small, etc...And that is why I got an older used Palm off eBay - so I can reference the size and past logs for help...
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