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  1. "I Smell A Rat" (GCYZZF) in Crestview was particularly fun for me. Of course having someone with you that absolutely hates mice/rats and anything that even faintly resembles one helps to make it more fun "Turkey Hen Still" (GC33D8), between Crestview and Ft. Walton/Niceville is in the woods and was pretty challenging given the tree cover, low lying foliage and herds of mosquitos "Ft. Walton Landing" (GCRN8K) was fun. There were a bunch of folks there when we found it so being stealthy was quite a trick. Look for the 300 lb. uber-St. Bernard that walks his human there often. (Great Scott! That's a big dog - calm and friendly though) "Ranger Trail" (GCN994) is a short hike on a nature trail as is "Where Eagles Serve" (GC11JGA). Come to think of it, you'll have to get out on the reservation for anything longer than "a short hike" unless you hiked between caches in town. Enjoy your visit. Rob PS: Buffalo's Reef for the best wings in the world!
  2. More info now that I have time: If you have the time, make the trip east along Hwy 98 to CR 30A and take the scenic drive along the beach to Seaside. If I remember correctly there are a few caches along the way and one at the Seaside post office. If you time it right it's worth the drive. Conversely, to the west in the Ft. Walton area (Ft. Walton, Mary Esther, Wright, Ocean City, Cinco Bayou) there are numerous caches. Many are fairly easy to get to but again, use the Google maps feature to pre-plan your route and make a map of the back roads. Stay off Beal Street between Mary Esther Blvd. and Racetrack road as much as possible. The traffic there during the morning, afternoon, and evening rush (basically 5:30am to 11pm) is as bad or worse than Destin thanks to Wal-mart, Sam's, and Home Depot being lined up one next to the other. If you want a more complete rundown shoot me an email.
  3. As a former resident of Destin, I can assure you that summer traffic is brutal to say the least. I'd suggest using the Google Maps feature to scout the area and pre-plan a route. Making a map of the back roads and staying off Hwy 98 as much as possible will help a lot. Secondly, start early when most people are heading to the beaches. Once you get on the bay side of 98 traffic won't be so heavy and you can spend more time actually caching instead of idling in traffic.
  4. You might try asking for a "Pelican" case (same thing - different brand name). I would think any of the major sporting goods and marine supply stores would have them or something comparable. If nothing but Otterbox brand will do, then the previous post nailed it.
  5. Aww-right. One shot. One kill. I like it when I get lucky
  6. I've found most of the caches near my folks place. As I stated in my initial post, I don't have a lot of time usually. It takes 5+ hours to get there, there is a mandatory "spend time with the parents" obligation, 5+ hours back, etc etc. Handing it off would be a lot easier for me and since it's a Coast Guard coin, giving it to a member of the Coast Guard if possible just made sense (to me).
  7. I have retrieved "Coast Guard Geocoin" (TB1AQPW) from my "Callin' the Cavalry" (GCTXBD) cache in Talladega. The owner wants it to go toward the water. Since my folks live in Ft. Walton, I'll happily deliver it to the water. My time there is usually very limited anymore so caching so is usually out of the question. Anyone willing to meet somewhere in the greater Ft.Walton area and get it from me then drop it in a cache? I'd appreciate it. Thanks Rob RLTW
  8. There are several caches large enough to handle a travel bug of average size along US 331 (Montgomery to Florala) and several more down US 85 (Florala to Niceville, FL).
  9. I guess it depends on your definition of "checking". I enjoy reading the paper logs because sometimes they're more intertaining than the ones online and, occasionally, someone will make an entry but not log it online. I've never deleted any and only actually checked one time because of a comment left online. As a general rule, no, other than to just read what people have written. I could care less about the numbers. That's for someone else to worry and fret about. Edit: spelling
  10. If you pick a tree that has vines hanging from it (not the least bit uncommon in Alabama) mingle the cord in with the vines. Camo cord from Wally Whirled, brown rope, and green fishing line have all been suggested. Personally, I'm a fan of (7 strand twist core) parachute cord because it's strong, rot resistant, available in several colors, and relativly cheap. Depending on the predominate color of the foliage and bark, choose accordingly.
  11. Is it safe to assume that you're familiar with and use the NGS datasheet look-up on their website? If not, it's at: http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/ds_county.prl From here you can select the state then county and retrieve a list of benchmarks located in the selected county. There are more options available to narrow down the search (stability, elevations, etc). I live in Talladega County, Alabama and if it's datasheet is representative of the rest, I'd say they're about 97% accurate.
  12. Camo gun/bow tape works well provided the color scheme matches the surrounding area. I used to use the Wally Whirled camo duct tape but found it to be too glossy at first and then weather away after a season or two. I've found that the Mossy Oak pattern that's heavy on the dark brown works well pretty much year round. The first camo gun tape covered container I made is still fine after a year of being outside. It was somewhat protected in it's hiding place but still had to suffer two Alabama summers.
  13. Yes. I got one at an event last month and popped it on the antenna of my Saturn Vue. At "around town" speeds (<45 mph.) it wobbles a little. At highway speed (>55 mph.) I thought my antenna was going to be torn off. Signal didn't so much as wobble but cause so much drag as to make the antenna whip around (no "flimsy antenna" jokes, please). Signal now hangs from my rear-view mirror, just under the OnStar button.
  14. Dude, when we get back with all these, we're gonna heros at the next event!
  15. In your specific case, and as was stated in an earlier post, a coin is a traveler, not a trade item. Take it and move it on. As for trade items, if you stocked the cache then it's your inventory to manage. But, like another previous poster stated, if it's something really nice, I'd "trade" for it unless you plan on moving it to another cache you own for whatever reason. If that's the case, a note on the cache page and an e-mail to the cacher that placed it would be nice and reasonably cover any rules issues and serve to prevent any ruffling of feathers. Just my opinion.
  16. Not a cache but if you're going to be there anyways and have time, consider making a side trip to visit the Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola Naval Airstation (get there early enough and you might catch the Blue Angels practicing). Admission is free and it's one of the best military oriented museums I've ever seen.
  17. $2.50 is a good deal. MASH in Talladega has them for around that much. $13 for the "Large" cans isn't too bad.
  18. I carry a few zip-lock bags, a roll of black tape, a couple of different sizes of logs (including those 3x5 in top bound memo pads) and 550 cord to fix or replace cache components as necessary. I may or may not notify the owner depending on the level of maint. performed. Where's the harm in helping someone out?
  19. Requesting clarification here: When you say "30mm cans", are the dimentions (looking at the largest face) -A- about 2 feet tall, 2.5 feet wide, and 8 inches deep and appear to be about the size of a 5 gallon bucket? -or- -B- about 9 inches tall, 12 inches wide and 3 inches deep and appear to be about the size of a 2 liter soda bottle? I don't want to get too technical with the names but if the dimentions of option -A- is what you saw then $2.50 is an amazing deal. If option -B- dimentions best fits the cans you saw then that's the going rate, give or take, for a "30 caliber" can. Again, I don't want to get an argument going but it does make a difference. I've already made a fruitless trip because of someone posting that a surplus store had 30mm cans when in fact they were 30 caliber sized. Edit: 2x because "cool smiley" just didn't make sence.
  20. As long as she gets her check on time, my ex doesn't care what I do.
  21. "Ok, I've writen the coordinates on one round..." or "The captain wants tuna sandwiches again??"
  22. My only reason for not wanting to opt in would be not having anywhere to store them until they get used (caching or otherwise) That said, Camo Country (Hwy 21 in Wetumka) usually has a fairly good stock of the .30 cal., .50 cal, and SAW pack boxes. They're not very expensive $5 or so and up. That's way too much to do all 30 plus of your caches at once, I agree with you there. Do you want to do them all at once? Also, I'll ask the guy at MASH in Talladega about buying a portion of a lot/pallet/bundle of them from him and get a price back to you. It may be worth the extra few dollars to buy say, 75 or so at a time.
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