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Are You Missing A Plushy Blue Travel Bug?


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Thanks for all the stories and pics, I had fun watching the action on the webcam.

It was neat to see the kayakers glide into view - I kept waiting for the dive-bombing but it never occured :laughing:

I will look forward to watching the Spirit of Ozzy travel around :huh:


I made a goofy animation from the few webshots I took that day


That is a big JUNIOR

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Did they abandon their nest?


Only reason I ask is both times I have come to watch the nest is completely empty. No signs of any of them. Usually at my times of watching my lunch time has always corresponded with theirs. Today I am eating alone though :). When I awoke I guess they were the early birds after the worm because they were gone. Anyone seen them today?

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I'd like to know too. I went into work at 6 today, so it was still dark out there. When I get home at night, they usually aren't around anyway. I'm looking forward to next year when they might pick up another interesting thing. Maybe someone could leave some brightly colored stuffed animals lying about for them to choose from when they return in the Spring!

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Tidbits from the Audubon site:


Winter: Ospreys begin moving south from September through early November, and winter from the Gulf States south to South America.


I know that Momma and Poppa Osprey leave first, they are gone, they left a while ago. Junior Osprey usually take off after Mom and Dad leave. I think it's their way of telling Littel Dude he's on his own own now. Fishing is instinctual in Ospreys, as is the migration. I saw him yesterday, but he might have flown the coop. It's getting chilly lately, and it's rainy and he must just think Florida is looking pretty good. he doesn't know it is supposed to be nice and warmer this weekend.


Nesting material: Besides sticks, grass, seaweed and clods of mud, the following items have been found in Osprey nests: oars, fish nets, life preservers, hay rake, toy boats, brooms, boots, shoes, dolls, baskets, plastic sheeting and bags, door mat, bird wings and bleached bones.


I don't think we have to help them, they'll find stuff on their own apparently. And there was plenty of 'stuff' in the water when we did our search. I jsut hope next year it's something cute and cuddly like our bear and not a door mat, LOL!


Other stuff:

Sexual dimorphism: Both male and female are similar. Females are generally up to one-third larger than males and some females exhibit more spotting on the breast than males. Our female has a streaky breast, the male's breast is white.


Mating habits: Ospreys mate for life, but will often accept another mate if one of the pair dies.


Nest: Ospreys nest in tree tops, poles, towers, stubs, sometimes roof tops, chimneys, navigation buoys, rock pinnacles, stick piles, and even on the ground, but never far from water.


Nesting habits: The adults return year after year to rebuild and add material to the nest. Some nests are occupied every year for 40 or more years by a succession of birds and reach a depth of over 10 feet.


Fledging: Young leave the nest after about 8 weeks.


Food: Strictly fresh-caught fish: herring, flounder, striped bass, bluefish, perch, eels, goldfish, shad, carp, catfish, trout, many others.


Techniques: Ospreys plunge-dive, feet first into the water to catch fish that are either swimming near the surface, or in shallow water.


Natural enemies: Crows, gulls and raccoons will eat unguarded eggs and young. The sheet metal band on our pole is meant to keep raccoons from climbing into the nest.


Voice: A loud, rich musical whistle -- cheeap, cheeap, cheeap -- or a rising, shrill whistle -- whew, whew, whew, whew.

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He's stretching his wings to get ready for the long flight.


That tombstone looking thing is the framing for the stand, that gives the ospreys something to pile their sticks, door mats, baseball bats, broom handles and teddy bears up against to build the nest.

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You thought this was over? heheheh. I told people in my office about our Osprey watch. One of the women I work with has a kayak and went out looking for Ozzie last weekend. Her friend went along and snapped a photo, Little Dude was still around. They ended up waiting for the tide to change to get back to the boat ramp.



I saw his shadow this afternoon. I am hoping it means we'll have 6 more weeks of summer. :(

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King fishers, seagulls... Lil Dude must be on his way if he's allowing this to happen. So cool to see the collective observations these days when activity is far and few between. Sorry I've been lazy with getting my photos out there.. I started to the next day after our venture and as I was at it got a call from Planet... Want to go out today caching? I thought she'd had other plans. Are you kidding?...beautiful weekend... all hyped up from the Ozzie hunt... could I say no?? No I could not. So my logging and photos got put on the back burner.. that bad influence.. Planet on the rise! I don't think I've got much new or exciting in my photos but let me put them out there anyways.



The beginning of the search


The nest up close...or a different angle anyways.


Lil Dude doing what he does best... messing with the camera.


3 great Ozzy lovers.. never say die!


The vehicles


Notice the eyes in the water at all times.

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I just caught wind of this thread by means of the following message (I am obviously way behind on my email) and just spent an hour following the whole thing, wow, I got the message because I had Sophia on my watchlist because she passed through my cache and my house some years ago, go look at the picture http://img.geocaching.com/track/log/1745_200.JPG of her that we posted then. Sophia was outfitted by my son André, this was, after all, Thanksgiving, 2001.


Anyway, the mystery is not over, remember, there was a tag in some of the pictures so even if Ozzy is gone, the tag may still be there, buried within unimaginable matter in the nest. I think the person charged with maintaining the camera ought to be enlisted (paid, even) to go and retrieve it, in a way the tag is more important towards identifying the source of the object of all the entertainment--I for one, would sure like to know if it was Sophia, even if she did disappear in Nevada.


That is not my only connection to the thread, Planet is my cousin, I am the one who introduced her to Geocaching / foisted her upon you all, (sorry Planet <_< ) and she also mentioned in this thread Klawed, who is my sister.


So I legitimately have a need to know! And thanks, Sparrowhawk, for your post!


-----Original Message-----

From: Geocaching [mailto:noreply@geocaching.com]

Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006 2:14 PM

To: pbguerlain...

Subject: [LOG] Watchlist: Sparrowhawk posted a note for Sophia Loren (Travel Bug Dog Tag)


This is an automated message from Geocaching


You are receiving this email because this listing is on your watch list. Visit the web site to change your watchlist settings.


Sparrowhawk posted a note for Sophia Loren (Travel Bug Dog Tag) at 8/11/2006


Log Date: 8/11/2006

This bear has been the possible subject of a kidnapping by an OSPREY which has been keeping in it it's nest.


Check out the long thread about it: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...136460&st=0



Visit this log entry at the below address:



Visit Travel Bug Dog Tag

Sophia Loren



Profile for Sparrowhawk:



Remove from watchlist:


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Hey cousin! Just to clarify, it was decided that it wasn't a tag around the neck, just a ribbon. Little Dude (the osprey) flipped Sophia over at one point and we could determine there was no tag. So Sophia became Ozzy, the Osprey Love Doll.

Update: I got the email from Groundspeak this last weekend, that my TB tags have been shipped. I think the proper thing to do is launch The Spirit Of Ozzy, the Osprey Love Doll from that nearby cache that started it all, although it won't fit, so I can log it there and then go put it in a bigger cache nearby.

And pbguerlain, see you at New Years, if not sooner!

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OK, first, I don't know how I missed this thread before. Its 1:21am & I just finished reading & laughing. Great thread.


Second, hubby's dad lives on the shore in Milford. Darn, we could have joined in the search.


Third, don't give up hope for Ozzy. Our TB survived a direct hit of hurricane in Florida...and was later found in debris on the beach by a letterboxer 3 mths later. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=60137


I wonder if Audobon Society does winter maintance on their camera? Maybe they could check out what that tag like object is that was in several photos?


Also, it looks like you can walk out to the nest at low tide? Not sure? Wonder if bear was picked up at some point by someone walking?

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It was determined that this was not a TB, but I will be launching the Spirit of Ozzy the Osprey Love Doll from Milford Point in the spring when the Ospreys return.

The thing around the neck turned out to be a ribbon. You can't walk to the nest at low tide. When we searched, it was after Hurricane Ernesto, which was a tropical storm when it hit, and the marsh was flooded. We found lots of blue things, but no bear.

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The days are getting longer. Winter has been unseasonably warm. I wonder if they'll come back early? :unsure: I'm getting The Spirit of Ozzy, the Osprey Love Doll all ready.

I'm surprised that nobody ever had a set of Ozzy geocoins printed up. It would be nice if the various Spirit of Ozzy TB's could give you a cute little blue icon on your account. :grin::grin:




BITE YOUR TONGUE! Or the tips of your typing fingers! This is the travel bug forum!! I hope no one makes a coin for this. This thread, the kayak trip, my friend's kayak trip, were all about the hopes of finding a lost TB. A plushy bear. Not a geocoin. I vote no, and if anyone did do it, I would hope it would be my choice. It's my travel bug. Actually I consider it to be our travel bug. Lots of people had fun with this thread. I do not think their should be a coin made for every drop of a hat. We're making a travel bug for it, and that should be enough.

Besides, geocoins sink, we wouldn't have gone searching for it, LOL!

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A plushy bear. Not a geocoin. I vote no, and if anyone did do it, I would hope it would be my choice. It's my travel bug. Actually I consider it to be our travel bug. Lots of people had fun with this thread.


Yes we have. I'm still disappointed you never found the bear. Maybe I'll get to at least find this TB.


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Hmm wonder what this is...


Looks like an old tattered photo of Ozzie to me.... or a good clue that our feathered friends are in scavenging mode to build up their nest into a fun/safe and with any luck (for us observers) fuzzy nursery.


Planet...one of these days...all us eyes from all over the world staring at this place on the globe... will turn out to be useful and not just entertaining... it's just got to be so! I think the third wheel jumped ship to hit the local pub... after all it's springtime! ;-)

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