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    New PDF layout

    I didn't understand what this thread was all about, as I noticed no change from before using the Firefox browser, but when I did the PDF in IE, now I understand - there are holes and a different format.
  2. I keep looking too and noticed this morning how fast they are growing! Seems like last week you could hardly see them!
  3. It worked! Thanks for the help.
  4. Here's what I get with Firefox/ My GPS is a Garmin etrex Legend Cx. The test page says the Plugin is properly installed and my Garmin GPS device is detected and communicating properly.
  5. This is the same problem I have with Firefox - this is a print screen of how that pop-up window SHOULD look (from IE), but with Firefox, the 'send to GPS' button is not there. Is there a fix for it, or is it a Garmin problem?
  6. I have the same problem as popop. All I get is that little window. Browser is Firefox - Garmin etrex Legend Cx. Have downloaded the app and did the test page which says that my GPS is detected and communicating properly. I have tried it in IE and it works fine (except for the flag icon). The difference is that with IE there is a 'button' to push that says "send to GPS" on the smaller window - that button doesn't appear when I use the Firefox browser!
  7. Just got back from vacation and noticed bunches of new features - tried this one and no luck so far. Can't even get it to send coords to my garmin. Have downloaded the app twice, rebooted both times as required, click on "Send to GPS" and nothing but the little window telling me to download the latest version! My browser is Firefox - Garmin 60C via USB I have the same problem as popop. All I get is that little window. Browser is Firefox - Garmin etrex Legend Cx. Have downloaded the app and did the test page which says that my GPS is detected and communicating properly.
  8. That's a nice shot. Now I think I can see the two unhatched eggs behind the 'kids'.
  9. Poor little Ricky Jr sitting all alone in the nest. Looks like maybe (or not) one unhatched egg next to him(or her)
  10. That explains it - I use Firefox too. Just tried it in IE - thanks for the tip!
  11. Thanks for the pics, Mudbug. I believe you're right about who's who, especially the female with the speckled chest. Are you (or anyone) watching them 'live', as in a video? I don't seem to be able to do that. I have to keep reloading the page.
  12. I read somewhere that only the female will sit on the eggs, while the male hunts for food. Once the eggs hatch the pair takes turns in the nest. Soooo, I guess HE is the one not sitting on the eggs!! LOL But I am no expert on the subject. I'm not an expert either - but check out this website with a video taken on 4/29/03 - calledl "more unusual behavior". It talks about the male taking his 'shift'. Watch the video - it's a riot - he even packs a lunch to eat while he's taking his turn! http://puleston.osprey.bnl.org/OspreyFund/...ideoArchive.php
  13. I've been watching them come and go all day and saving pics, trying to figure out who is who. Anybody got any ideas? I was thinking that the one on the left is Fred with the dark spot on the head.
  14. I just tried it for the heck of it and even though their main page says it's down, when I click on the link to the webcam, it works and has the current date and time on the camera shot.
  15. He's now on my watch list. Hope he travels to Upstate NY some day! and....I sure hope they get that problem with the Osprey Cam fixed soon - I was really busy at work today and didn't notice it was down until after supper!
  16. I've been refreshing all morning to see what's underneath him/her and FINALLY he/she lifted off! Still 4 eggs plus a bit of fluff. (edit - must have been messing with adding this pic at the same time as MountainMugBug)
  17. Hooray! This year I can access the webcam from work. Last year I was blocked. I like Fred and Ethel too....or Archie and Edith.
  18. Fifty-something. and in May I'll be sixty-nothing.
  19. I'm saving the puzzles that I can't figure out quickly to work on over the winter when I won't be out doing as much tromping through the woods! If I can't figure them out by Spring, I am hoping that the hiders will be kind and give a hint!
  20. I'd like to see them! (I was going to say "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours", but didn't want to get too far off topic here). I would pick up your CD!
  21. Not impatient at all. This looks like what I've seen referred to here in the forums as a TB"Prison" . If it were mine, I'd remove my bug and free some others with it. I'll bet the owners would thank you. I have only one TB sent out so far and on it's page I have asked that folks not abide by the rules of 'take one, leave one". The idea of TBs is for them to MOVE, not to sit around as a guest in a 'hotel' with rules. Just my opinion.
  22. I'd like to know too. I went into work at 6 today, so it was still dark out there. When I get home at night, they usually aren't around anyway. I'm looking forward to next year when they might pick up another interesting thing. Maybe someone could leave some brightly colored stuffed animals lying about for them to choose from when they return in the Spring!
  23. I placed my own TB in a cache close to my home so that the miles would start near me. I knew it was a cache that wasn't visited often so I added a note that I was going to leave it there for a couple of weeks but then would move it to a different one if no one had picked it up - which I did. I released it at a TB hotel in Va. and now it is down in NC. I saw to problem in helping my own TB along. I have another question on the same topic of moving- I had also placed someone else's TB in that same cache. Since it hadn't been picked up either, I moved it as well. Was that OK? <edited to clarify>
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