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  1. When GPS receivers were first being built, some manufacturers numbered them from 0 to 31. Others numbered them from 1 to 32. This is the reason for the "anyone experiencing problems with PRN32" comment. They want to know if this is still an issue. I just completed a study for GPS Wing on what it would take to update the GPS Signal Specification ICD-GPS-200D to handle more than 32 satellites in the constellation.
  2. While visiting the Everglades a couple years ago, we learned that Ospreys defend their nest by projectile defecation. Perhaps you were quite fortunate that the "blue item" had fallen.
  3. There is a nearby cache that I have not found six times! I don't really remember how many times I logged a DNF - at leaast three times. No one else has had any problems with this cache! Not only have I not found it, my dogs and I found a bees nest in a log and were all stung! And still I return...
  4. Here is the link to the article in GPS World.
  5. One of my favorite puzzle caches has been A Thousand Words. This cache is a set of scrambled pictures. You even have to figure out what town it's in from pictures of highway signs. Once you find the trail, you look for landmarks. I chose this one for my 100th find. It has been my favorite cache.
  6. Sometimes I'll drop a note to the owner and to let them know that their cache needs some restocking. Sometimes I'll restock it for them. Even if it's a lousy cache, what was good about it? Read some of the log entries. Leave the cache a little fuller, a little cleaner. Leave with a memory.
  7. The topo around my home here in eastern Massachusetts is pretty bland, also. I took it on a trip to the Grand Canyon. It was quite impressive!
  8. hi, TeamHawaii 1981 and Blueicyrose put together a bookmark list for the Boston area for caches accessible via the subway called Charlie on the MTA. Buddles
  9. buddles


    I try to put things in a cache that will put smiles on a kid's face. I'll put in Koosh balls, fake bugs and butterflies. I try to put things in for girls as well as boys. I often find emergency ponchos for less than $1 and will throw one in a cache that is big enough. If I find religious cards in a cache, I always remove them. There is no place for them in caches.
  10. I have MapSend Topo. I will give it a try today. Thanks!!!!
  11. I just realized that I've never upgraded my software. I looked to download the latest version and realized why I've never done this. One of the steps you have to perform is to clear your memory. I have so much stuff that I'm not ready to get rid of - intermediate steps in multis that I haven't finished, coordinates for puzzle caches that I haven't gotten around to finding, memories that I want to cherish. I searched the manual for some way to upload this onto my computer, but found nothing. Does anyone have any idea. I'm sure I traveled this path before and it is why I never upgraded my software in the past.
  12. buddles


    I was brought up on charges at a recent event for being unable to find caches hidden by a certain cacher. I probably have more DNFs for his caches (including six that I am admitting to for one very easy cache). You can read all about it here: Buddles' Confession
  13. I spoke to Nannyogg last year about her ammo can at The Turkey Cache. The person who found it the day before I did reported "I had to forcibly unbury it and then discovered that it weighed about a ton. One side of the ammo box is caved in and it doesn't seal anymore-". She believes a moose stepped on it. Part of the contents were still salvagable. What other container would stand up to such abuse?
  14. Try to imagine that you are taking your five year old neice or nephew caching for the very first time. They open up the box. What would you want them to see? That's what I leave in the cache. If the contents are meager, I'll fill them up a bit. If they are broken, I'll replace the broken ones. I've come across caches where the owners haven't been there for a couple of years - other caches where the owners are there at least once a month. The community steps in and takes over these neglected caches. At first I didn't pay too much attention to what was in the caches. I happened to be caching on day with a man in his thirties. He took everything out, lined them up, wiped out the box of dirt and pine needles, and examined every item before placing them back into the box. He even spoke about several of the items - what kind of person might have left a certain type of item. I thought, I'm really missing something. Since then I've taken a bit more care and time with caches.
  15. A mirror Sometimes it really helps to look into an area you might not want to put your hand into. (I'm thinking of a couple of city spots with rat traps nearby.) UGH!
  16. I only know what I was told and have seen evidence of this on my Magellan SportTrak Color receiver. A good place to ask this question would be the GPS Units and Software discussion
  17. welcome damechimera, I have been caching for a year. I just found my 100th cache! I have a lot of DNFs. Don't make it hard on yourself. You have a lot of learning to do. People hide things in different ways and in different types of containers. Keep looking for things that look out of place. I have a Magellan - my mentor taught me that Magellans tend to overshoot the target. When it says that the target is near, I keep on walking a ways, then turn around and walk back from the other side. Approaching the target from two sides seems to work better, at least with my unit. Try to find some events in the area. Go to them and meet other cachers. You'll find them to be a warm bunch of people from all walks of life - all very friendly and helpful. At one of the events, one of the guys even wanted me to go out rappeling with them! (I didn't go - but maybe some day...) Good luck to you.
  18. This is a wonderful idea! I have been in touch with them. I'm sure they will do this for me. many, many thanks, Buddles
  19. My poor TB, Nerd Pride, was reported lost in New Hampshire by a cache owner. The cache owner tried very hard to help me track down the person who signed out my TB. It seemed to be a dead end. Months later I received an update that Nerd Pride had been picked up in Florida. I am absolutely thrilled! I was wondering if it is somehow possible to add the miles from New Hampshire to Florida. Nerd Pride is now on a plane to Michigan!
  20. NAVY (WAVE) - 9 years, 4 months Aerographer's Mate Was and still am a Libertarian to quote Father Dennis Edward O'Brien, USMC: It's the soldier, not the reporter who has given us Freedom of the Press. It's the soldier, not the poet, who has given us Freedom of Speech. It's the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us the Freedom to Demonstrate. It's the soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the Right to a Fair Trial. It's the soldier who salutes the flag, serves under the flag and whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who gives the protestor the right to burn the flag.
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