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Are You Missing A Plushy Blue Travel Bug?

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Four sleepy little babies, resting after lunch. Even the Runt looks pretty good here.



I hadn't even noticed there was talk going on in the forums ...I've been thinking...What a good Mom she is always making sure the little guy gets his share. As they've been getting older though I've been concerned. He's smaller... latest hatched so that's expected... when they were all younger Mom was great at making sure everyone had their share... now as they're older it seems the little guy is getting less of the grub. He's still moving around and trying to make his way but his parents' attention is harder to grab... I'm pulling for the guy...he's not necessarily a runt just last laid, last hatched... competition then gets rough when there's 4 in the nest. If he were to perish it would heartbreaking to us watching but would still be a groundbreaking statistic to have 3 of 4 eggs hatch and survive in this day and age. Thanks to the ecologically more aware times we're in (so I hear, but fear to see the debris the parents bring to the nest in the next few weeks.) breeding success rates are gaining drastically to the surprise of most. The gains in this nest are phenomenal just in the time I've been watching (third year now). To have four babies in the nest is almost overboard... so if mother nature decides it's too much we have to accept that. But if our nature such as last years mind boggling, firefighter rousing events occur then we really need to take serious look and get active. The storms are what really bring in (and out...Ozzie) the debris so it's hard to schedule a cleanup to be really affective but after watching lil ricky last year flapping in his bubble suit I'm all for a clean up mission to try to intercede.


Anyone up for a paddle CITO at Milford Point? I stink at planning but this is a worthy CITO event to plan so I hope we can get something going.


Do you believe how fast their growing??

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We will be releasing this TB in Quebec city next weekend during the Québec Mega Event 2008. Her name is Dollie, and she is the widow of Ozzie. (or she claims to be) She would really like to meet one last time with his spirit. So we hope she will reach her goal of someday meeting with Spirit of Ozzie the Osprey Love Doll.


Wish her luck


Dollie desperately seeking Spirit of Ozzie the Osprey Love Doll

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We will be releasing this TB in Quebec city next weekend during the Québec Mega Event 2008. Her name is Dollie, and she is the widow of Ozzie. (or she claims to be) She would really like to meet one last time with his spirit. So we hope she will reach her goal of someday meeting with Spirit of Ozzie the Osprey Love Doll.


Wish her luck


Dollie desperately seeking Spirit of Ozzie the Osprey Love Doll


And here's her picture. Isn't she cute?



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Oh how cute! Fuzzy too. Love is in the air! (Literally?) I will be letting Ozzie go again soon, just hoping for the right cache soon. It's been way to hot or rainy to go caching lately and the last one I went to check on this weekend was gone. :mad:

I'll put a watch on Dollie too!

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Whats the latest update on the TB bear?

Dollie, the pink one, is in Ontario. Here's her link so you can add her to your watch list Dollie

Spirit of Ozzie, the white angel bear, is in the hands of the owner. Here's his link Spirit of Ozzie


I have just spent the last hour reading this whole thread and have found myself LOL many times! probably one of the coolest threads ever. i seriously hope that both bears will make it to OR sometime soon. I would LOVE to have the chance to help them on their way! Seriously fantastic. thanks for the great read! I'll be definitely watching this to see if anything else happens!

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I just found this thread and read the whole thing. Woaw what a good time I had! It seems like they installed a light over the nest cause I can clearly see an Osprey in the nest even if it's 1h00 AM. I should have gone to bed 2 hours ago but I just couldn't quit reading you all. I'll be watching the cam and this thread over the summer from here in Northern Quebec, Canada.

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I just read this whole thread (phew!) and was delighted to get to the Osprey cam through their website (clicking links earlier hadn't worked for me.) This has been an awesome adventure to follow and I gasped when I opened the cam to see both mom and dad (Ricky and Lucy?) in their nest sitting on their eggs. ;) I'll try to keep up with them, this has been a fascinating journey.


I have also added both teddy TBs to my watch list- good luck with their goals!

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And look what I found in the news tonight, very cool!


In case that link goes dead, here is the text of the article from:


Osprey, 26, delights birders on return to Scotland

MEERA SELVA, Associated Press

Updated 02:09 p.m., Sunday, April 3, 2011


LONDON (AP) — Birders are waxing poetic over a female osprey named Lady — she's lived three times longer than average and has faithfully returned to the same Scottish loch for over two decades.


Over 130,000 people watched the imposing bird of prey on a webcam the day after she returned to the banks of the Loch of the Lowes, a lake in Perthshire, Scotland last week. Lady had completed an annual 3,000-mile (5,000-kilometer) migration from west Africa to the banks of the same Scottish lake for the 21st consecutive year.


Most ospreys have an average life span of around eight years, but Lady is estimated to be 26. The raptor dines on fish and can reach nearly 2-feet (60-centimeters) tall with a wingspan up to 6 feet (2 meters).


On Sunday, Lady's most recent mate — an 11-year-old male who first appeared at the Loch of the Lowes last year — came back and settled himself into her nest. Ospreys usually mate for life, but Lady's long lifespan means she has outlived most of her partners.


"She's the most incredible sight, and it's been amazing to see her mate return today too," said Jonathan Pinnick, assistant manager of the Loch of the Lowes visitor center. "She's a real draw for the center."


This year's sighting of Lady, who has a unique lightning bolt-shaped defect on the iris of her right eye, was even more special as she appeared unwell last year and rangers had feared she would not survive the migration.


Lady hatched two fledgling osprey last year and rangers are watching to see if she is still fertile this year.


Her return has captured the imagination of bird lovers around the world, who follow her movements through a webcam and blog set up by The Scottish Wildlife Trust that runs the Loch of the Lowes nature reserve.


Ospreys were once a common sight in Britain but almost became extinct in the 19th century after people collected their eggs.


"Fashionable Victorian gentlemen used to go for walks and pick up osprey eggs as a hobby, without really thinking through the consequences," said Pinnick.


Osprey numbers are now increasing slowly but there are still only around 250 pairs of osprey in Scotland.

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Planet, Although I am only caching for 4 months now, I came across this thread tonight and spent an hour reading it all...this has to be the best thread I have read in a long time...thanks so much for keeping it updated. We have a nesting pair of Eagles here in New Jersey nearby my house that has a cam on it..I would throw the link here but not sure how to do so..However if you google " Dukes Farm Eagle Cam " you should be able to get the link.. nothing to see at night though... there are currently 2 lil Eagles that hatched last week...SADLY, there is no sign of Ozzie in their nest.. :)

This is the link www.ustream.tv/channel/eagle-cam

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