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  1. 2AA : for the price, the Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme™ 3W LED Flashlight can't be beat. (around 25$) 3D : and then there is the Sportsman Xtreme™ 4W LED Flashlight. Incredibly bright. (around 40$) I highly recommend both of these because you can get the performance of a high end high priced light, at a fraction of the cost.
  2. When I was a kid I used to laminate membership cards and small instruction cards with standard laminating plastic and my mother's iron. Just place what you are laminating between two sheets of cardstock on a hard surface such as a table and with a little practice you can get great results.
  3. Outlook can also forward emails from a specific sender to a preprogrammed address.
  4. It began with a five gallon bucket with a can of beans inside that some guy put in the woods so that others could try to find it with a gpsr. How's that for a "spirit".
  5. You don't have to waste your precious time. You are a free being. Just don't seek them.
  6. I think that people should be allowed to play the way they want to. People who do not want to write their name in the log could log a find anyway. And cache owners who do not accept that as a find could delete the log. And all within Groundspeak guidelines. Puts on nomex underwear...
  7. Have a steel chain brazed on a standard real estate padlock. Then use a cheap padlock to chain the whole thing to a tree.
  8. Even if they had stayed with the electric car they would be in the same position they're in now. They are not dying because they don't make electric cars, they are dying because they make unreliable cars.
  9. You can visit a cache more than once. But it is generally considered bad form to log a find more than once so you can instead log a note. TBs are meant to move so the only thing that matters there is that you are helping a TB along in its quest.
  10. Tried to log the TB, selected discovered it, and it says it has not been activated yet.
  11. Sounds like fun! I'd say it's a multi, but I would make it very clear in the cache description that there are clues involved and that the solution to the final stage has to be deduced by logical reasoning.
  12. If there is an actual container at every stage, then it's a multi. If there are only clues at every stage, then I vote mystery. I have a cache that is listed as a mystery. The coordinates lead you to a first clue written on a sign. (Yes I have permission...) That clue leads you to another clue, which in turn leads you to yet another clue, etc. The answer to each clue is then used to build coordinates that will eventually lead you to the actual container. Tournesol et Rackham le Rouge It is listed as a 4.5/1.5, takes an average of 3 hours and a trip to the local library to complete, and people love it.
  13. And you can find travel bugs on sale, so it's not that expensive if you have only a few items that you want to track. Less that 4$ each is easy to find. Also geocoins that don't sell are even less expensive than that sometimes. Not bad if all you need is the number that is printed on it.
  14. I am not sure what you mean exactly, but you can buy Travel Bugs dog tags and use the number on your item (as in engrave, or write) so that they can be tracked on the Groundspeak website, as long as you use only one item per number, and do not reuse the TB tag on another item. Several people have items that they track on their own web page, but their success rate will be significantly lower.
  15. Arguing on the internet is like running in the special Olympics...
  16. Might I point out that the arrays are located in a shallow depression at the foot of a small hill to the north. Probably the worst place around for an antenna of this type. If it were an antenna, that is.
  17. That's what I was talking about in my first post. The thumbnails in the gallery lead back to the main page. But I found out subsequently that it does that on all the pages I visit.
  18. I could read it just fine by clicking on the link provided directly on the cache page, but the link in the photo gallery does not work for me. Maybe that's what they were complaining about? If your cache page is clear about what difficulties people will encounter while searching for it, you will get only a very small number of complaints. I say don't worry, your cache page is just fine and you don't have to worry about being forgiven. You have done nothing wrong. Ne vous en faites pas et bon géocaching, Cousin!
  19. During the summer, a Tilley is hard to beat. In winter, you need better head protection than that. Proof of that is this unauthorized picture of the Tilley Innovation, Research, and Evaluation Detachment (TIRED) during a very secret testing session here in Quebec. JK! It's a silly hat contest we held last winter. I'm the guy with a replica of the moon (complete with LEM and command module orbiting) in the last row.
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