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Main Entry: ful·fill

Variant(s): or ful·fil /fu(l)-'fil also f&(l)-/

Function: transitive verb

Inflected Form(s): ful·filled; ful·fill·ing

Etymology: Middle English fulfillen, from Old English fullfyllan, from full + fyllan to fill

1 archaic : to make full : FILL <her subtle, warm, and golden breath ... fulfills him with beatitude -- Alfred Tennyson>

2 a : to put into effect : EXECUTE b : to meet the requirements of (a business order) c : to bring to an end d : to measure up to : SATISFY

3 a : to convert into reality b : to develop the full potentialities of


I actually watched some of the Spelling Bee Championship last night. one of the words given was cachinnate. That one might work too!



One entry found for cachinnate.


Main Entry: cach·in·nate

Pronunciation: 'ka-k&-"nAt

Function: intransitive verb

Inflected Form(s): -nat·ed; -nat·ing

Etymology: Latin cachinnatus, past participle of cachinnare, of imitative origin

: to laugh loudly or immoderately

- cach·in·na·tion /"ka-k&-'nA-sh&n/ noun

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