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  1. Okay, I checked (ticked) the day of week when I did it, and it does say it has been generated uner the [Last Generated] columnn, yet nada in the mail. So, I assume I made a newbie mistake in my parameters. Thanks for your help. I will attempt a new setup. PS: What is a good parameter for newbies? Should I avoid puzzles and mutli's? etc.
  2. Hello. I have a Pocket PC 2003, Cachemate, and Gsak. I have created a PQ through the website, gave it a name, and set it to my parameters. However, once I submit, it takes me to a page where I can see the Name and dayd of week, etc. But that's it. It's been 48 hours and no email. (It only works when I ask it to do all my Finds) What am I doing wrong, or overlooking? Thanks for your help. Mods: Please move to appr. forum if needed.
  3. Yes, I can see it. I said that clicking "register.." didn't work THE FIRST TIME. Only because I had to ... well, read my post again. ~D
  4. Thanks for the reply, but this didn't work in and of itself. I had to click on the avatar preview, then the button that says [select Avatar], and THEN click the link you mentioned. (so that it could work, and I can see it does) I was so confused. I guess I can have several avatars in my 'inventory' and select them whenever I wish. Thanks. EDIT: added (so that it could work, and I can see it does)
  5. I have an avatar that I'd like to use on this forum. I have already uploaded it in the My Account area of the website, and it shows up THERE. But it has been 24 hours and nothing shows up in this forum. Am I doing something wrong? PS: here is the link to the avatar in case a mod would like to just add it. http://www.the47.com/media/img/redmatrix.gif
  6. That would great. Very admirable. Thanks.
  7. Great. Thanks for the info y'all. I have two ammo boxes and am thinking of where to place them. I will scout an area with no known caches this weekend! ~Dave
  8. I am interested in placing my first cache. However, I am wondering if the timing is right. Can anyone point me to a good resource of information regarding placing caches. I have already read the where-not-to place one. But my question is more about embarking. TFT help.
  9. LOL! At least you waited until there was a valid reply.
  10. ...and by a new cacher! Wow, I wish I would find something like this. It makes a hell of a story.
  11. I read the hint, and all the Found-Logs before even putting it on my list of caches to find.
  12. I've seen these on ebay for about 2 bucks. I think that's too much for something that can only hold a rolled up log the size of a pencil split the long way.
  13. You make me laugh, Lasagna. I don't know what's worse.. being in a high muggle area, or being in a high muggle area at 7 am, wondering if someone might be watching from afar and call the heat.
  14. I am relatively new myself (8 finds) and boy let me tell you, my first day was awful. All of them were Micros and one was a Nano. I wish I would have started with the bigger stashes and then I wouldn't have been so disappointed my first day.
  15. Here is a nano cache in my area. This little sucker is magnetic, the size of 3 stacked asprins.
  16. Devil's Advocate: He's got a point. If one guy or team has over a thousand FTF's, then leave some for the little people. Although, forced equality by another player is wrong. There are or should be proper channels to escalate the grievance.
  17. Polls should be reported in order of majority. Reminds me of a travel bug. Two so that you can keep one for your records.
  18. This is unreal. I think they should have taken the GOOD advice given to them. Sheesh! And then abandon this thread? It's like a gossiper that spreads a lie unknowingly, and then when they find out the truth, fail to spread the truth at all, least with the same vigor. (sorry for that run on) ~Dave
  19. (Admittedly, I didn't read all of the posts that came before me) What is the big deal with the maps? The maps are cool. You click on them and you get a new window that is 100% manipulative. But, Since I've only started last week, I've only seen 2 versions. The old one was zoomable on the cache page, the new one, not.
  20. Lapierre, I thought hyperlinking was the term. I guess you could call it hot-linking, cross-linking, referral linking.
  21. I bought an entry level GPSr today. I was only $68 at a store called Academy sports & outdoors. It's called iFINDER GO by www.lowrance.com It works great.
  22. Hello. I am from Mission, Tx. I got into this barely 3 days ago. Someone on a forum I co-admin was talking about a PBS show he saw. It was about geocaching. I clicked the link, and was surprised that there were many in my "back yard."
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