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  1. Found the one at the Lombardi rest area.
  2. Are there any caches on the jersey turnpike rest area by new York? Or maybe any accessable just off the turnpike?
  3. Served US Army 1983 - 1998 Was on DRB with the 101st when Desert Storm/Shield went down so I was with the first group on the ground. Was there for 9 1/2 months. Was a 68D (Aircraft Powertrain Mechanic) and was with the 4/101 during the above time. Spent 5 years in Germany. 84 - 87 in Stuttgart and 92 - 94 in Hanau. Got an honorable discharge in 98 thanks to Clinton's cutbacks and ended up with 60% disablilty. My second oldest son is now in the US Army also. He is MI and has already been to Baghdad and may be returning again this summer.
  4. How about "People who have not cached yet".
  5. Are they seperated by anything? Like a body of water, major road, etc...
  6. Here are a few ideas that I have that may help you out... Contact a local school and see if they can include geocaching as part of their curriculum. You know, biology, geology and earth sciences type stuff. If you get a good teacher/school to take part, then they may be able to help put a different type of pressure on the park system. After all, it would not be totally for a hobby but also for education. The parks commision should be elected officials. Why not run yourself? Then you could work from the inside to make changes. Then there is always the local news (tv or print) that may be looking for a good local story.
  7. More details would be good. And I am up in Connecticut.
  8. Just a thought for those who are worried about even giving out an e-mail address on a cache or even worried about spam. I have used a service called sneakemail for a couple of years now. I used a sneakemail address to sign up for the netzero service. This does seem a handy item to use for a cache and I haev a few ideras already. If your interested in the sneakemail, the website is: http://sneakemail.com
  9. It seems that there was a find. Just still curious why there was a bug trop that was then archived but no find logged. I did send an apology to Fire Fighters Wife though.
  10. But she did not log the cache, she dropped a travelbug and then archived it. She also did the same thing on other caches in this series with the travel bug. BEsides, wouldn't it have been easier to just delete the log instead of archive it?
  11. I have the Connecticut Cache and I got an e-mail about an archived log this morning. It seems that someone logged (in and out) a coin as being there and then archived the entry. I went to check it and this person has done the same thing with 10 of the caches in this series. Checking the logbook of the cache does not list any visit by this person. Here is the log entry: Bug Dip? Here is the "travels" for this travel bug: Fire Fighters Wife's Kansas Sunshine Geocoin Why would someone do this? They have over 1000 cache finds. I wonder how many they truly have found. I am still amazed that some people only worry about numbers.
  12. I had one 2006 CITO coin that was stolen. It was not bought as a collectable but as a coin to trravel between caches. It even said so on the coin's page. I run across coins and place them in another cache.
  13. I found one while walking backwards. Does that count?
  14. We have this one in my state. 150 miles To Glory (GCN34V)
  15. I have one cache that is a multi. On one stage, I took to magnetic strips about 2" x 1/8", wrote the coordinates on a strip of plastic and put it between the strips (good thing that one side was sticky). Then I put it to the inside of an old rusty metal fence/sign post that was in the woods. My clue? "Magnetic but not a keyholder". So, this just goes to reinforce that a micro can be just about anything!
  16. Maybe your wife is secretly your local volunteer reviewer?? Have you made her mad lately??
  17. Perhaps you got one that was marked 180 out. Another answer is that somehow you got a "master" compass. Not sure of the correct name but that is what we called them. When I was in the Army, there was a compass that read 180 out and it was used to "backcheck" electronic compass readings. But these were military ones and instead of the regular OD Green, they were red. Now, if *I* ever got one like that from Wal-Mart, I would hold onto it as a novelty!!
  18. Cache Across America – Connecticut (GCY9H4) has been placed and approved. If you look at the cache page, this is a small multi. I did get approval on making this a multi to keep people from heading right towards it and back. It is placed very close to a main hiking trail that is used alot. The distance between the legs are not much at all. The total distance from the parking area to the final (both stages and final) is less than 400 feet.
  19. I would rather come in from above after a long skydive then get coordinates to park at.
  20. Why not use a program that can make 3D stereograms?
  21. What about getting one of those birthday cards where you can record the message and mount it insode the can. When the lid opens, it reads out the message/coordinates, etc... Hmmm... I think I may do that myself.
  22. If you want to place a cache in a cemetery and cannot get permission or do not seek permission and it is not approved by the reviewer, then make some changes. I have a cache near a cemetery. It is a 9 stage multi where most of the stages are inside the cemetery. None of the stages located inside the cemetery require any movement of anything or climbing on anything. The final is a regular sized cache located outside of the cemetery grounds. Vernon Grove Hill Cemetery Tour (GCWN7C) What my point is is that if your cache does nto get approved and you think it is a good cache, then make whatever chanegs need to be made so it can be approved!
  23. I have a cache that uses a combination lock. The cache is a 9 part multi in a cemetery. You have to go to different parts and at one stage, you then get information to help determine the combination to the lock. Vernon Grove Hill Cemetery Tour (GCWN7C)
  24. I like doing multi's. But then again, I like doing challenging cashes! I have a cache I put out (GCWN7C) that is a 9 stage multi. There have not been many do it. Is it because it is 9 parts or is it because it is in a cemetery? Who knows. Some may read the page and figure a 9 part multi is too much when it is actually a fairly simple cache!
  25. If you did not sign the logbook, then no find. I have found caches that have had wet logbooks and I signed an ATM recepit I had in my wallet and placed it in the cache. You say that you did not grab it because too many people were around? That is part of it all. STEALTH!! Perhaps what you "seen" as the cache was simply a decoy or actual trash!?!
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