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All Season Caching - 4 Coin Series


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Just a quick update for these coins:


There will be a LE of 150 coins and a regular edition of 350...I will have the samples shortly and then will know what metals I'll be going with...the LE will be $8.50 and the regular will be $8.00. Winter will be the first coin produced and anyboy that orders one will be able to order each coin in the series if they are interested in them...let me know if you have any questions.


The design of these coin set is really great! :ph34r:

Can you tell us something about the metal of the Regular and LE version?

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Wow, I'm so excited! I just recieved the pictures of the winter coins and they look great! I will post them tonight! The are being minted at Oakcoins. I am open to any ideas to save on shipping. I would hate to hold your coins until they are all minted (about four months), but am up for ideas...looks like the LE will be Black Nickel (it's beautiful)...and the regular edition will be brushed nickel or white nickel...I can't tell what is what in the picture...I'll let you know tonight...we will pre-order soon! :ph34r:

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Here are the photos of the samples!


The Limited Edition:



The Regular Edition:



There will be an official pre-order thread started tomorrow night, but I will be contacting everyone that expressed interest in this thread tonight via email to confirm pre-orders! Let me know if you have any questions...don't they look great! :anibad:

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