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Tracking Time Geocoin


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I'd like to thank everyone for your wonderful icon submissions. There was a lot of talent behind the icons that were submitted, and I had a tough time selecting the winning design.


I'm pleased to announce that I've selected Token Collector's "Face" icon to represent Tracking Time on geocaching.com. Congratulations!





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Thanks everyone for your reservations.


Final mint numbers:


Plated Antiqued 24k Gold: 1350

Plated Antiqued Silver: 25 (only available as gifts, prizes, rare trades, or auction)


Estimated ship date is March 20 - I will send updates to everyone on the reservation list as I know more.


Have a great weekend!

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Antique silver are XLE and only available in rare trades, prizes, gifts, or by auction. For example, a silver was given as the award for the icon contest.


The reservation link is gone as reservations are over. However I still have a few (less than 30) that were held over for those who missed out on open reservations. Send me email at coins@crakephoto.com and I'll create a reservation and send you the link to the order page.

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I've love to pre-order one if they're still available, but the link isn't working. Are there any still available???


Link is gone - but I have a few set aside. Send me an email at coins@crakephoto.com and I'll get you on the list.

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Tracking Time coins have arrived. All 83kg of them. Currently the custom icon is not showing, but please give it a couple of days as I've already got the folks at Groundspeak working on it.


Besides, it'll be a couple of days before the coins start moving :)

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I met a bunch of people at the challenge - if I didn't see you, I put your coins in the mail.


Speaking of which. I have a truck load of bags and boxes ready to go - both domestic and international. I need to go through the list and make sure everyone is accounted for and then off to the post office I go!

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Got mine today. Nice work, crake, all the way around! How will you continue to live up to the reputation you're gaining?




Is that a good reputation or a bad reputation? I guess that depends on who you ask :rolleyes:


Well, Rhode Island will be coming out in April, which I really like. And then after that will be NAVSTAR.


*sigh* NAVSTAR needs some help. I showed off the proof at the TX Challenge and the consensus lined up well with my thought - one side is awesome, the other is a little off. But I think I know what I want to do, and so I'll go off to Illustrator and crank on the design and see if I can't get something which works! I want NAVSTAR in my hand for Geowoodstock.


Don't forget Texas 2006! TXGA will be using my 6 flags design, and those should also be around for Geowoodstock.


Monarch is waiting in the wings (badumbum). It also needs a little help. I learned a lot about what detail I can pull out of a die from Tracking Time. With that knowledge I'll go back to the drawing board and see if I can get this butterfly going.


After that... well... let's see if geocoins keep going. As long as interest holds, and my wife keeps letting me convert the living room to a massive shipping center once in a while, then I'll keep doing this :P

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