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    Well, there are lots of good thoughts on this topic, for me releasing a coin is a bit like fishing. You never know when your favorite lure is going to be taken away from you by a branch, seaweed, logs underwater... or if you're lucky enough by a fish! Now, I don't have a lot of bugs and coins out there but I do have a few. Most are still making their rounds . My Liberty coin has gone missing, but I really can't blame whoever took it. It really is a beautiful coin. That said, in most instances I buy 2 coins... one to release the other stays in my collection. I truly do enjoy reading the travels of the coins and bugs though, it's great!
  2. Actually I was going to calibrate mine, but found out it was dead on accurate with elevation & pressure so I never did. It did seem easy enough to do though from reading the manual.
  3. can't wait to see what I'm in the mood for....lol
  4. Thank you every one! I think I'll give gsak a try, it sounds like it's pretty much what I want to do. Thanks again, Tup
  5. Does anyone know if it's possible to be able to download all of your cache finds and then put them on a spreadsheet using Excel ( without having to do it one by one), I guess what I'm really asking here is ....is there a format compatible with the Excel program?
  6. Tup

    free geocoin

    got my coin....wow totally awesome Thanks Geo error for telling us about it and thanks to Amy for getting one out to me!
  7. I understand exactly what you are saying, I'm certainly not saying paper has no place but for me this is easier. Usually I refer to the pda when I'm close to the cache site (about 10 ft or so) to get any details I may have forgotten or need at that point. Also and again this is just me, I've gotten pretty good at doing my comments in the pda. The one thing I whole heartedly agree on is , I wish it was just one unit to carry. But I had no clue they were bringing out the oregon or the colorado, plus that's a bit much $$$$ for me to spend.
  8. I love paperless caching, when I would print out the sheets I wouldn't print out the last 5 logs and the hint if needed would have to be decrypted on site and in all kinds of weather. Now all of that info is a touch away. For me , it really is the only way to go!
  9. I stand by my earlier statements and you are free to disagree with them. I don't have a problem with that ..... but here's a thought ....... How many caches do you think the original hider found before he hid the first one? Just a thought. I haven't read the complete history of caching so maybe he found 100 (unofficially) before he hid the first one (officially), I don't know. The point is, it doesn't matter how many caches you find, your hides may still qualify as a "junk" hide no matter how flowery a description you would like to give it. You're either good at hiding or you're not...lol for the most part. I know cachers that have 1000's of finds but will be the first to admit when it comes to hiding a cache they're terrible at it, of course it probably didn't take long for them to figure that out and that's cool too. I know a lot of cachers that have under 20 finds that have put out some awesome caches. I better cap it this time "IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE INDIVIDUAL" bottom line.
  10. You know I hear this rant a lot.... My first hide was done when I had about a dozen finds and it's still there in good shape, also regularly maintained. I see people that have 100's of finds that can't figure out how to hide a peanut butter jar on a store shelf! It's all about the individual my friend! I' contend , if you are a hunter or trapper or just an avid outdoors person you have an advantage in your hides. But please let's not go down the "you need x=amount of cache finds road"
  11. Eric, why do some of the links for the soldiers not work? 3 out of 4 don't give any history about the soldier, just thought it would be nice to include it with the coin. Tup
  12. ok ... I've been following this topic and have to say this about that..... when I went to the site to order mine I didn't read it thoroughly enough. These coins are NOT owned by the buyer, they are already activated by "Fallen Heroes" that is why you must grab the coin instead of activate it.... or am I thinking of another coin? When I bought these coins (incidentally I bought 4) I thought it would be cool to use them as FTF prizes.....now.... I'm not so sure. I'm a bit confused which way to go here. So, how about some help please! thank you all. Cache on! Tup
  13. well, i had to reserve one of these.... I remember the mood rings... but I was a youngin' at the time ...lol
  14. Glad I stumbled back into the forums..... I didn't know anything about these coins..... just ordered 4!
  15. Email sent.... hopefully I'm not too late
  16. And there's nothing worse than playing a GAME with someone who makes up the rules as they go along. DCC I think I see the disconnect here. In your mind you're playing the game with me, therefore you feel the need to compare your numbers to mine, your methods to mine, and in your mind we should play the same way. I, like many others, am not playing the game with you. I'm playing a similar game but in a completely different playground, and I couldn't care less how you play or what you think about how I'm playing. Talking about different ways that folks play is one thing, but talking down about someone and calling them names just because they play in a way that you don't agree with seems like playground behavior to me. I have to agree with Mushtang... but let me take it a bit further,first off I'm NOT playing with you OR against you. Second, it's not a competition with anyone (unless YOU make it one).There's no championship, prize money or international glory for having the most finds, the most FTF's or anything else for that matter. Also, I don't recall seeing a referee, or time keeper any where I've cached thus far. Really, what is the big deal? For me it's just a way to get outside and enjoy my surroundings, period.
  17. Best post I've seen here so far. If you want to compare your numbers to someone else, the only real way to do this is if they log Finds the same way you do. If someone logs differently, this will bother you a lot. However, if you don't care about other peoples numbers, then their logging practices won't bother you either. Pretty much the point I was trying to make also. It's a GAME.
  18. I like ftf's but don't really put too much effort into them as a whole... the funny thing is since I became a premium member I haven't had 1 FTF...all mine came about before that. But I must agree there's nothing like your first FTF!!!!!
  19. ok quick question, what's the difference of being there when it's hidden and logging it , or going out searching for 5 mins and making a call to the owner for help so you can log it? I don't really see a difference at all...(time not withstanding, maybe you should have gone along for the hide in the first place). So, to me it doesn't matter at all. I cache my way you cache yours and quite honestly it doesn't matter to me if ya like it or not....lol. Example... I was out looking for a place to hide a cache when I stumbled upon a cache already hidden. I signed the log went home and found out it was a 6 part cache, perhaps I should take that off my found list, but I can't find the "blindly stumbled into it " choice. Maybe, we should all just agree to disagree and let it at that....ahhhhh but there's the rub....can we
  20. wow... this is my most inexpensive hobby..... biking, scuba diving, shooting, and photography have cost me way more money than geocaching. scuba diving being the most expensive... drysuit $1500.00 AND THAT DOESN'T INCLUDE THE "UNDERGARMENT" or the regs tanks mask or any of the other eqipment needed. Yeppers geocaching is cheap in comparison!
  21. What program are you using to do your artwork? If you are using photoshop, you can shrink your artwork to fit within the template frame. I am using photoshop... I guess the problem is trying to put a rectangular peg in a round hole so to speak...photoshop is not a strong point for me... designed this with bryce & poser
  22. I have a design I want to use but can't seem to get it to fit properly on template.... any suggestions?
  23. Take a look here ---> Atwell Family GeoTags thanks Smort78!!!!!
  24. is there still time to join in on this? let me know please! I'd be interested in 25 or so depending on price
  25. got my coin today ....very nice Thank you!
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