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I don't continually seek out first finds, but I have logged a couple. Today, while looking for lunch caches, I noticed a new cache with no finds just a few miles from my office, so another member of the Crew and I went to find it. By the time we found the cache, we were fifth or sixth to find.


Anyway, when we got back to work, I logged on to GC.com to log the find. No one had logged it yet. I know it had only been about three hours since the first find, but it made me wonder.


Do any of you intentionally wait to log your FTF to lure other FTF seekers out to the cache site?

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I have only been at this for less than a year and have only logged 3 FTF's. But I must admit it is a bit of an adrenaline rush! :D I have to think that many people do not have immediate access to a computer so they wait until later in the day.

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Now what fun would be gained by rushing right back to the computer to log your FTF!! :D (enter evil laugh)




When I get a FTF, it will depend on when I find it, as to when I log it.

If I find it on a FTF dash and come right back home, I will "usually" :D go ahead and log it.


But, if I find a FTF while on a day of caching or if I grab it on the way to work, it will normally be after I get home that evening before I get a chance to log it.


D-man :(

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Do any of you intentionally wait to log your FTF to lure other FTF seekers out to the cache site?

This strikes me as incredibly sadistic! Evil, even.

We found a fairly new cache that we liked on Sunday. We dropped a new geocoin, to attract people to the cache. The person who helped the owner put out the cache grabbed the coin. Oh, well. A good try. :D

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We got an ftf yesterday and I logged it as soon as we got home. I know if I had not, another cacher in the area would have ran to it with hopes of being FTF. We have met him before and he's a nice guy; it would be unfair to lead him on like that. I have been burned like this before and it sucks! :D I get over it, but it would be nice to know if it has already been found before I speed 50 miles away just to get an FTF.

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I didn't log until later in the evening. I thought I should allow a little time to let the FTF have first crack. But no, it doesn't really matter. I just wondered whether anyone intentionally holds back from logging in order to entice others who like to be FTF.


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I log all finds as soon as I get home. That doesn't mean I go home right away after a FTF. My most recent FTF was the first find of the day and was in a nearby town - I wasn't likely to immediately drive 30 miles home to log the thing and then go back for more!

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I have generally waited as courtesy to the FTFer so they will have the initial entry after the publishing log entry. I don't think there is a set etiquette for this but it seemed like the logical thing to do.

I agree, allowing the FTF to post first simply seems polite, which is a quality I appreciate and seems to be very evident in the geocaching community, BK

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I could care less who logs on line first as long as my name is 1st in the cache log. :D

I get a big laugh out of the locals that will log "stf but 1st to log" I get this mental picture of a spoiled little kid pouting because they missed out on the candy bar. :)

I log them when I get home but I don't rush home to do it.

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First, let me say that if I'm FTF, I will be bursting with excitement to share (with THREE WHOLE FTF's under my belt! LOL!)...


Second, if I don't log immediately (and sometimes even if I do log immediately :huh: ) I will forget what swag I took/left! :) My kids often call me "Dori" (Finding Nemo) instead of "Lori!" :)


Happy Caching!

Lori V.


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There once was a 5 difficulty cache that I had the pleasure to be MEFF on. I had logged a DNF on it as had several others so there was a good deal of interest and excitement over this cache. I finally found it at about 3am and promptly went home and went to bed as I had toget up and go to work like (almost) every other cacher around here. I got up and didn't have time to properly log the cache so off to work I went. Early that evening while heading home from work I received a rather irate call from a local cacher who was SOOOOO excited thinking he was first only to find one of my signature paint brushes in the cache.




Same thing has happened to me but it doesn't bother me a bit. Se le vie.

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Personally, I log all my finds in the order I found them, so if I run out of the house to grab FTF on a newly published cache, I'll usually log it when I get home, but if I get an FTF as part of a cache run (pretty rare with all the FTF hounds out there :antenna: ), I wait to log it until I've logged all the caches found before it, which could be the same day or could be up to a week depending on when I'm inspired to write up the log entries.


There is a new cache in our area that doesn't have any finds logged online yet, but it's already been found. I emailed another cacher this morning and asked if he wanted to get together to look for it, and he responded that he and several other people had already found it but were holding off on logging their FTF finds as a sort of inside joke between them and another cacher.

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