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What Coin Means The Most To You?

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So I was sitting looking through my coins and soon began to think of which one meant the most to me. All my personal coins are special to me, because they're special to the people I traded with. They always have lots of meaning put into the designs.


I think I would have to say that my Calgary coin has the most meaning, though. It was the first coin I ever got, plus it's a great low number. I'm curious what coins others would say have the most meaning to them (aside from your own personal coin, for those of you that have one).

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I'm not sure I could pick just one. Thru the trading I've done and the emails back and forth I feel I've made some friends that I wouldn't have ever had the opportunity to know otherwise. Each coin is special to me in its' own way. Some for the design, some for the convos I've had with the people I traded with.

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I'd have a hard time picking one. I like many for different reasons and could probably come up with a reason for liking each one I have.


But if you threatened me with bodily injury, I'd probably blurt out Johnnie Lacy because everytime I look at the coin, it's like a comic strip version of him staring back at me. I know him. I cache with him. I talk to him on the phone more than I talk to my own mother. He's a good friend and a great person.

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When you have only a few coins they all have a story behind each and every one. I would not want to have a large number of coins where some just get lost in the volume of the masses. It is impossible for me to trade or even think of selling a memory of how I obtained each coin. They are all priceless but the first was the best.

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Finally, an easy question…


Here is a list in NO particular order:



Team Shydog

*The Shadow*


Lost Doubloons Inc.


These are all coins that were given to my by their creators, although I had nothing to offer in return. To me, they are each priceless!

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I've been fortunate enough to have traded with many folks for their personal coins -- each time I do this, I feel I have connected to both a person and a place on the earth (which is why I like caching).


To that end, it's not only coins, but signature items that mean the most to me.


However -- if I was pressed for an answer - my favourite coin(s) are the geobones that I have sent to others and placed in caches! I love getting e-mails and cache logs from folks that find them!

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I don't have many coins but my favorite one is the first one I received, which was a trade (one that I have yet to return... honest shop99er...its gonna get here soon). It is the coin with the hawaiian shirt on it (looks like the avatar). My mother and I spent x-mas before last in Maui. What a great time it was. This coin reminds me of that trip every time I look at it.

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Moun10Bike v1. And NOT because of its fame or reputed value - but because it was the first geocoin I ever found, in memorable circumstances, and because Jon is a great guy and friend. :)


I started caching in Jan 2003, right before moving to the Pacific Northwest. Caching was a great way to explore, and in June 03 I took a backroads drive in central Washington up an anxiety-raising forest road to a great view at On Top of Old Peoh. When I opened the cache, there was this neat coin. I didn't even realize its significance at the time, I was still that naive, and I didn't yet know Moun10Bike. :) I just traded for it, intending to drop it later.


Misplaced it for a couple of months :) , but by then I'd met some local cachers who were already talking about how much they coveted finding a MTB coin. (Memorable line from MarcusArelius: "I HATE you - you've only been here a few months, and you've already found one. I've been caching here from the start, and I've never seen one." Fortunately, he's since gotten his own....)


Then I met Moun10Bike, and asked him if I could keep it, and he said fine. The better I've gotten to know him, and all my other NW caching friends, the happier I am to have this remembrance of my early caching experiences in my new home. It's not the most beautiful coin in my collection (sorry, Jon), but the most memorable.

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Ok, I'm going to cop out on this one.


Too many chocies:

Santa Cruz (because I spearheaded the design and work)?

Moun10Bike (any version, because I got one from him in person while hiking together)?

Pepper (received in person)?

Mauison (reminds me of Hawaii)?

Shop99er (Hawaii reference)?

GeoNap (first personal coin)?


Just about all of my coins have some kind of meaning so I really can't pick ONE out.


<-- Party pooer, I know :)

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The Mount10Bike coin would be the only one I'd probably want to go out and get on my own.

The GGA geocoin the The Alabama Rambler hand delivered to me is special, so is the USAgeocoin I was given. I don't buy coins ever.

The rest I'll let slip right through my hands without looking back:


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My most meaningful coin is a WA 2004 that NurseDave dropped as a first to find prize in one of his caches, it was my first ever geocoin. All the more special to find it in a cache.


Second favorite is maybe my kablooey coin. Long drive and a hike to get it and it was only in the cache because I had dropped one of my personal sig items which he had traded his coin for. It also has a flawed stamp which I think is kind of cool.


Another special one in the collection: Mauison (great design and a gift from Mauison himself)

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Altough I don't have one, the New Jersey coin means the most to me. Having been raised in New Jersey, the devil on the coin is the "Jersey Devil". A legend of a devil-like creature that that's been spotted in the Pine Barrens in southern New Jersey. I remember driving through this area when I was young and wondering what if?


Don't have much to trade but I'd like to get my hands on one :ninja:

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I think that finding a coin out in the wild adds value to it.


I couldn't agree more... here's my log at the Gold Mine Cache where on the 23rd of September my dog & I were successful finders of a Moun10Bike v2 coin left in the wild following Jon's Alaska Cache'N'Dash visit. The generosity of CENT5 and his ACD crew at the Cache Event Dinner will never be forgotten here in Alaska - EVERY attendee from Alaska went home with a geocoin of some sort (personal or state) courtesy of CENT5 and the ACD crew! But to find out several days later that a Moun10Bike coin was lurking in the wild... well, I kinda went nuts that night chasing it down. The cache log tells the story, but it was the pup that found the cache... I'm not ashamed to say I hugged that dog and had tears in my eyes when I pulled the coin out of the cache!


Yup, I like my gift coins & enjoy the ones I've purchased & traded for, but the wild finds are the best! :lol:

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