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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Man o Man!!!! I had a Super day at the mail box after a day of taking cass to the E.R for back pain I got my hearts desire coin,, a red tengwar!!!!!! thanks to a great trading partner. the others are trades too, and a e-place coin Thank you to those trades!!!



What is the coin in the top right corner?

That is a celtic cross

It is my first one and is very nicely made,i love it!!, heres a upclose pic for ya



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ha ha ha i wondered who would ask first,,, :anibad: yes it is true,,an australian nickle and dime and they are very nice,, its a long story,, but the 5 cent has a hedge hog figure ,, i dunno what its called and i cant spell what i think it is ... plattipus??? and the 10 cent has a peacock type look. i really like them!!! ;)



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That is a celtic cross

It is my first one and is very nicely made,i love it!!, heres a upclose pic for ya




Wow, I'm going to have to add these to my seeking list!

i know there is a blue and silver version too,, and mabie a few more,, id love to get a whole set. they are heavy and feel great! its already put in my board,,lol

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I got a birka black and silver and white, i ordered the 2ond to last one, shoulda got both!! and my 4th version of the journey coin a ant. gold with red, and a empty bubble mailer :anibad: that was susposto have another birka and my first templar. ;) sucky for me!!! bad day at the mail box.

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Posting from my phone so I dont have use of the smileys, dont know if there are any that would come close to the smile that was on my face when I opened my mail yesterday.

Some how I mailed myself a Geo Yuk which has been on my wanted list for some time now. That smile comes up mighty easy every time I`ve looked at it. I can almost make out that post mark of where I did mail it from.

Thank you so much myself, whoever you are. You not only made my day but it will continue every time I look at the coin.

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not too many things in my mail lately BUT the very kind pableturtle sent me two coins to auction off to help with the "rehab walter-the-car" fund. as many of you know my ride went belly up last week and needs a $3000 engine rebuild! ack!!! glad i wasn't out in the desert boondocking when she stopped running.


the very special two-tone rainbow bridge. wow, i had no idea this coin was so BIG! only about 13 were made.




and the gold whale trail. i had a hard time listing this one as it wanted to swim at my house.


tsun, this is one of your best!




let's hope this post doesn't break some forum rule because i am tired of being banned! :(


my deepest thanks to pablo. the kindness of some coiners is overwhelming.



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the very special two-tone rainbow bridge. wow, i had no idea this coin was so BIG! only about 13 were made.




Actually there were 150 minted of the Two tone. There were only 13 minted of the antique silver.


oh, ok, i was just going on what pt told me! guess i'll fix my auction listing.



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The batteries in my camera are dead at the moment, but I was super excited to open the mailbox today and find two packages for me. The first was the Lettuce Go Caching coin I won in the Just Because Cointest. It's cute, and even more special because it's my first coin ever.


The other package was from far away. When I opened it, out came the two great Eclectic Penguin coins I ordered, and to my surprise, behind them waddled out a friendly little gold penguin! He's number 20/50, and a treasured addition to my (tiny!) collection.


Thanks for a great day!

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Today we got an incredible surprise. We got a box from a cacher... no return address. We opened up the box and it was chuck full of candy and three coins. It was a gift from someone who must have read or heard about our financial trouble and wanted to lift our spirits. Boy did it ever!!! There was a card , a very nice card. This person said something about they got a pay it forward gift and started their own mission and included us. We were moved to tears at the gesture. Thank you so much to whomever you are.

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I LOVE the witch coin - just what is its name and who has them?


it is usually called Wyken Witcht or Wykenwizard - Wyken Witch


several people have it listed as available at cointracking


thanks for the catch toojin...I missed the question...my apologies fair honey!

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Rather than post in three separate areas, I am posting this here.


Even with all the rain we have here today, the mailman was still good to me!


30 European Union coins! (SDGC club purchase)


2 Coin club Ammo can coins! (These are awesome!)


And a Gold Tennessee from a trade!


Woo Hoo!


we received 5 geocoins from a grab bag, 1 geo-gem and some coin cases!!! yeah!!! :)

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I had so many packages in my mailbox today the carrier couldn't close it all the way and I couldn't get them out without dropping one!


AG Dragon

AS Dragon Spinner

Copper Templar

2 x Uncle Sam (AG & AC)

9 x Cacher "Lives" micro coins

Copper/Glow Eclectic Penguin


300 Pathtags (about 1/2 are in the picture)



What is the name of the color on the Green pathtags here, I have a great place to use that color!!

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300 more Look Twice Coins!!!!!


WOW!!!! 300 more!!! :) That means that the mintage of the look twice geocoins has changed?

Yes, I'm not sure it's even worth keeping track.


First run...


150 Bicycle,

350 Motorcycle


Second run...


100 motorcycle,

50 Bicycle


3 Other Editions

25 each, Bicycle and Motorcycle

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A big surprise gift got i today in the mailbox :ph34r:


# a green capsule coin :)

# A geotag with a big smile on it.:ph34r:




Thank you Liz for this big surprise B)


These coins are going into the smilemission. :D


Thank you my friend for believe in the smilemission and for spreading the epidemic fast. :D




A big dutch hug for you, you are very special for me. :D

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A couple of days ago I recieved a special coin for my Easter mission to an awesome cacher.

And today I recieved a hard to get coin for me to give to one of my favorite people. I can't wait to give it to them, they'll love it!!! Thank You so much Sivota, You are a Big Hearted person , always giving to others.


I also recieved a SURPRISE from slowdownracer, The personal signiture Slowdownracer Geocoin as a Thank You for having NASCAR Cointests. How cool is that. It looks just like the avatar. THis is my first Racing Related coin and I'm a big racing fan.

Thank You so very much.



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