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  1. A pretty little turtle arrived at my house yesterday! My daughter lovesit
  2. My card is packed up and all ready to go, I'll send it first thing in the morning. Thanks again!
  3. hey, opalsns, I haven't had internet for a while and now that I have it back, I just found this post on the forums. is it too late to send you my mission 2 card? if it's too late, I understand, I know you gave lots of notice, just let me know. you can e-mail me or just respond on the thread, I'll check again tonight. Thanks!
  4. I love this design soooo much! I've had to be away from coins for a while now because of lack of internet access and, well, life stuff, but I am so glad I got to see this one. Maybe I'll be able to get one for myself for Christmas. Congratulations, this coin is fantastic!
  5. Do I need to preorder a coin in order to pick it up at the Fling or will there be some available to purchase there?
  6. Annabelle joined our family about two years ago. I've always been more of a dog person, and we were raising two puppies. That summer, we found a lost kitten and took care of it for a few days until the owners saw our posters and called to pick her up. I was glad she had a home, but felt like something was missing after she left. I didn't realize how much I must have talked about her until my husband said he wanted to get me a special Christmas gift but needed my input. He asked if I'd like a kitten, since I missed little Barbie. I loved the idea, but I fostered cats when I was younger, and know it's a lot harder for older cats to get adopted than kittens. I told him I'd be flexible, and we could adopt the cat or kitten that we felt was right, so we went to visit a cat rescue center. We saw many cats, and wanted to help all of them, but we went home alone and talked about them. We returned a week later, planning to bring home a male that had been there a few months. When we arrived, the cat we'd been looking at was still there. Since there weren't a lot of cats, I decided to hold some of them to see how they would react. In the end, my choices came down to a recent mom whose kittens had all been adopted, George, the older cat, and little Nanny. Unfortunately, George's foster family said he was not good with dogs, so we had to leave him. I loved the black mom, but when I held her, it just didn't feel right. I was disappointed since I have a fondness for black and gray cats. That left little Nanny. Her family had dropped her off to be spayed and never come back. She had been a barn cat. I've never felt an attachment to calico cats, but when my husband put her in my arms, I knew she was our cat. She purred and snuggled, and when I put her down, I had to pick her right back up again. They allowed us to foster her for a week to make sure she'd get along with the dogs, and she did fantastic. We gated off an area for her food and litter and privacy, but she wouldn't stay in, she wanted to be out and playing with her new family. Two years later, she's our gorgeous, independent Annabelle. She still wishes she could be outside sometimes, but always gives us a huge welcome when we come home. Her favourite place to sleep is between us on the pillows, purring away. Thankfully, she gets along great with the dogs, and is very patient with our young daughter. She may not have had the greatest start to life, but we're all thankful for the circumstances that brought her to us and the people who looked after her on the way. Thanks for the cointest, and to everybody who has posted their stories so far. Rescue animals are special individuals, and it's great to see so many happy stories. I'm posting from my phone, but if I can get the computer working later, I'll update with a picture or two.
  7. What a great looking coin! I love the very detailed ones and hope to be able to see the other side.
  8. I received #103 Thank you Dark Knight for the surprise!
  9. I'm so glad it arrived safely, I sometimes forget how long mail takes to get from here to there and get very worried that it's lost or held up or whatever. I've never sent a parcel before, and thought maybe the post office guy did it wrong since he was new. This is really a fun mission to watch.
  10. Would somebody be able to send me the instructions for grabbing the Mission 2 TB from the cache it's in? I'll keep it in my inventory until the next person receives their package, just so people don't go to the cache thinking there's a TB.
  11. Sorry friends, I missed the postman today, but my package (Mission 2) is all ready to go out tomorrow. I hope it will be enjoyed by the next recipient, it's always fun seeing where it goes.
  12. Hey Boots, just wanted to let you know your nickel arrived safely a few days ago. I have been totally engrossed at work this week and apologize for not contacting you sooner to tell you it was here. I loved both the nickel and the little note it was wrapped with... very creative. Thanks again.
  13. I was surprised and thrilled to receive this mission from fuzziebear3 today. I was so excited when I went to pick up the package... my husband thinks I'm nuts because I'm always so excited about mail but I think he's just jealous cuz he never gets anything cool. I opened the box to find: I love the little mission backpack, and browsed through the cards to see if the one I wanted to choose was still available (it was!). I'll be filling in the logbook shortly. I did (reluctantly) share the goodies with my husband, and I'm looking forward to playing UNO. It's always been a favourite of mine - we used to play it all the time when I was little but the cards disappeared during a move some time ago. I never got around to getting another set, so this was a perfect gift. Last, but certainly not least (I know it's not a great picture, but you can use your imagination): A cache hopper! I was struggling during the sale, and accidentally ended up with a cart full of 'out of stock' so this little guy made me very happy. I'm going to enjoy looking at him for a while (actually, I've already been examining all the little details... I love it) and then hopefully release him to see where he'll go. If I can bear to part with him, of course. fuzziebear3, you did a wonderful job with this mission, and I appreciate it so much. It put a big smile on my face, and I'm looking forward to putting something else together for the next person. Thanks also to opalsns for starting such a fun mission and keeping everybody updated.
  14. Just a quick note to let you guys know Mission 2 is safely at my house. I'll post pictures and more details after dinner! Thank you fuzziebear!!!
  15. If you still need more, I finished another batch today and would be willing to send you a couple. If you're interested, e-mail me and let me know where to send them.
  16. I struggled with the Earth Turtle/Cache Hopper sale tonight, and would really like to get a Maui Earth Turtle or a Cache Hopper or two (preferably blue, but doesn't really matter to me as I plan to release at least one). To trade, I currently have a Tahiti Earth Turtle Oceania, and an Arctic Neptune's Compass. If anyone would like to trade, please e-mail me.
  17. I get it now, it wouldn't let me checkout because everything that was in my cart got sold out while I was trying to figure it out I guess it's smarter than me and realized I couldn't check out with nothing! Ah well, there's always next time. Thanks for the entertainment, my whole family was laughing at me squealing and everything. Glad to see that things seem to be working out and that the site held together this time. It was fun times, and the pictures are certainly fantastic Congratulations to everybody who made it through, and hopefully I'll be a little quicker next time.
  18. I can't seem to get my cart to the checkout process... lol, maybe I'm having one of those days, but when i click the 'checkout' link at the top of the page, it just reloads my cart. Can anybody help?
  19. If there was a coin in my cart, and I get the internal server error, does anybody know if it will still be there when (if) I can get back into the store?
  20. I've been handpainting mine, so only do a few at a time, but I've got some ready. I prepared a bunch for an event, then (of course) forgot them at home They're just a signature item, but if anybody wants to trade, let me know.
  21. Here is a little submission from me. Thanks for the challenge, I desperately needed something to keep my mind off things, and this did the trick. Thanks also for the templates, I'll admit I was a little frustrated trying to figure out that part, as I'm bad with graphics. I added a PMS colour legend, but if there are semi-equivalent translucents, that would probably look better. It's cool that there's so many creative and talented people here, and the other designs are all fantastic. I'm glad I don't have to choose the winners!
  22. I really enjoy First Nations art, and as others have said, the border is very unique. The suncatcher aspect is pretty too. Thanks for the cointest!
  23. Okay, I got the contact information off the containers, but now I'm concerned. The website listed is www.starfrit.com but I just visited it, and the lock n lock links seem to be broken. There's a few lunch and storage sets in the discount section, but those are the only ones I saw. The contact phone number on the Canadian packaging is 1-800-361-6232. I don't know if that will help at all, but I'm starting to get the feeling I should be grabbing them when I see them too.
  24. My mom just bought a boxed set of about six of them, I'll ask her if there's any contact information on the box when I see her. Seems strange that they're still all over the place in Canada, and coming out with new ones all the time.
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