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Wooden Nickel Trading


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We have our first set of wooden nickels available for trading. My wife and I did these by hand and had a blast doing it. If interested in a trade, you can PM me or send me an email through my GC.com profile. They are numbered 001-020. If you would like a specific number (excepting 001 and 007), go ahead and request it and I'll accomodate you if I can. Once these are gone, we'll have a new series (the prototype already looks really cool).


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I finally got some nickels set out. here is a list of the sent ones:


The Dream Cachers, 57Chevy, Shootie, The Amigos, Bomber John, Summerandnana, Indgeodog, Damenace, Tucson Twosome


NH geobear yours will go out in the morning


I have received nickels from the following:


The Amigos, Bomber John, The Dream Cachers, Indgeodog, Shootie, Summerandnana. :)


Thanks everyone for the trades.

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I have been trading so many nickels that I'm worried I may have missed sending some out. I've tried to keep close track but I still have that itching suspicion.... If anyone didn't get theirs please let me know. I just sent out 5 more packages yesterday, (sorry they were late). I'm still making trades, so anyone interested should send me an email.

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Well, it's been a busy week here in New Westminster, with Kermit going to the hospital with what we thought a crushed thumb after he decided to drop a pallet of water bottle caps on himself.


Turns out that there were no broken bones, but lots of pain.


The packages finally made their way out yesterday (sorry for the delay) and we have received our first token from summerandnana.


Thank you all for trading...


3bunts, Shootie, The Amigos, 57chevy, geowelch, SirGerald, Damenace, tucson twosome

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I think I've got my nickels traded to everyone now. If you should've received one & did not let me know. Same for the fossilz. If anyone else that I missed or has come more recently wants to trade, a pic of the design is on Post #304. Just e-mail or PM me. I check e-mails more often, but I work odd hours/days (like tomorrow...laboring on Labor day) so it may take 4-5 days to get back to you.

Thanks! ~the Dew~

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I just wanted to thank everyone who's traded wooden nickels with us so far. They're all just great! I love to see the variety and they're all so special. If anyone has requested a trade from us and hasn't gotten our nickel yet :laughing: , please let me know and I'll be glad to send one out to you. If anyone new would like to trade, just email us through Groundspeak. Thanks again to all of you!



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