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We are creating a website/portal for our great hobby/sport of geocaching. We have included lots of useful links that we know of, but we feel there must be more out there that we have missed. Could you have a quick look at it and let us know


a. if we have missed something

b. if you would find it useful

c. if you would use something along these lines - hopefully this one


Geocaching Portal


Many thanks


John + Carol :laughing::unsure:

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I've had a quick look, and:


a. I didn't notice a link to MarkandLynn's very useful guides on paperless caching - you might want to add that, I'm not sure if you need their permission.


b. Yes, I think it's a useful set of links


c. I think I'd use it - It'd reduce my number of geocaching bookmarks/favorites.


d. One opinion (which may just be me), but the background colour is horrible - That yellow started hurting my eyes after just a few seconds! I prefer white / grey backgrounds

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Have added this to my favourites list - lots of stuff we haven't looked at yet - thanks, but do have to agree with NickPick that colour is soooooo last year - well actually don't know if it woz ever in, but think i might have to pop off and takes some parrotseatemall!!! Will look forward to looking through all the links :unsure:

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Good... but pity about the Google ads.  There was one on there just now for books from the American Bar Association!!  We get them on our local birding web site - stacks of ads which have nothing to do with the subject matter.

<completely OT> Just D/L Firefox - It's adblock feature works fantastically well on websites that you visit frequently <back on topic> Great links page!!

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Something to combine Photography and Geocaching, visitors might like:

www.geograph.co.uk - to photograph every grid square of the British Isles


Also as a plug for my website: www.nearby.org.uk

Location Search - look for interesting features such as castles, monoliths and caves

Location Links - enter a location (eg Lat/Long, GridRef or Postcode) and get links to a wide range of online maps and information websites. (also converts between coordinate formats)


a often overlooked site is National Cycle Network


Re: Tide tables, found this one to be quite good:


also the one at: http://www.fishingreport.co.uk/ looks basic but functional

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Sorry John and Carol, but the graphics are (think of a polite word) awful.

Its the difference of lets say, The Daily Express front page with that of The Independent. And I would take, and indeed do take, the Indie every time. Applos for being a bummer on this, but thats how I see it.


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Thanks for all of your positive responses!!! Especially liked the Barryhunter links they will definately go on over the weekend and a few of the others e.g Mark and Lynn and Magic maps.


Please let us know if you can think of any others - we don't care what papers you read!! :unsure:

Edited by John + Carol
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A good weather forecasting link might be useful for some geocaching days.


My favourite is the little known but very precise Icelandic site called Theyr.net


It shows you when that rain is going to arrive at your location, unlike the Beeb which just tells you that it will rain in the "afternoon", for example. It gives you the ability to look at any individual hour's forecast for the next day or two.


Click on England or Scotland or Ireland


The atmospheric model used in compiling these forecasts is the same one as used by the Met Office, though its application is done slightly differently and it is not tweaked by hand as the Met Office do, so its forecasts are slightly different to the ones shown by the BBC. The forecasts are updated only twice a day: at 09:00 and 21:00 (BST), unlike the Met Office which is continuously rerunning and updating its model.

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This is at the present time looking like a great site in the making.

I notice that the prices of some equipment is out of date (too expensive).

I feel sure that you will add the cheaper alternative sites when possible.

added to my favorites list.


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Made the anchor supplies link work - added a few more links on the web links page - We've even added Tide Tables etc Nearby is really good and Theyr weather!!. The google map search (even in Beta) is on the opening page bottom left.


Any more? B)

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