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Vote For Your Pick For The 2005 Washington Geocoin


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Mt. St. Helens with some 25th anniversary text would be my vote. I think it is an important WA icon and a milestone year for the mountain.


If there's a hiker it would be cool to make it female this year but please note: female = body shape, not dress - I'm not going hiking in a dress around here! (Especially not this time of year...) :lostsignal:

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The collapse of the north face of Mt. St. Helens during the 1980 eruption was a largest landslide in recorded history. I'm getting the same sense from this vote! Should we stop the voting now and proceed with the design phase, or do we wait another week and see if the Columbia River votes can catch up? :lol:

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TotemLake said:

I think it'll take longer than a week for the river to catch up.


I'd agree, the vote has only been open a week and the results so far are:

St. Helens - 46 (although I didn't split it out between the 1980 and current eruptions, since that is undoubtedly the next 'discussion')

Columbia River - 7

Space Needle/Seattle Skyline - 1


I'd say we have at least half the decision made...now, which version?

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