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I don't have a Canadian flag, but I do have a maple tree in my backyard. This is a special tree. My grandson was born Mar 22,1990. Around April of that year I noticed a maple sapling had sprouted near the shed and about 15 ft from a huge and old oak tree. You can probably see why I thought this one was special. My neighbors have a very large maple that tends to seed my yard, I usually pull those little seedlings when I see them. Benji's maple has been allowed to grow. As it grew, my two dogs did a job on one of the lower limbs, this limb died. This dead limb was also making it hard for people to walk near it. In July of 2002 I sawed the limb off and made a walking staff out of it. The maple tree is doing just fine, it's about 20ft tall now.


Here's a story on the Canadian flag that may bring a few comments. I may not have all the facts straight, but the gist of the story is correct. A few years ago the Expos were visiting Wrigley Field and someone there had displayed the Canadian flag up side down. Of course there was a big to do about it. The person responsible wasn't being disrespectful, he just didn't know. Until that time I'd never thought much about it except that it looked better than the old Canadian flag. I also began to wonder, why is the leaf pointed up? Most maple trees have the leaves pointing down, unless a storm is on the way.


Btw, I just remembered, I do have that red maple leaf in at least one of my pool cue sticks. :lol:

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I'm voting to let CHOLO in on the "great big secret" and make him an honourary Canadian.


The secret is that an awfull lot of Canadians were actually from the US! Hey folks... let's celebrate together!


Calais Maine and St. Stephen New Brunswick (border towns) have sometiing called "International Day" between the two dates.


If it's only geography that keeps us apart, then we have nothing to worry about.


Dave & Ann


Happy 1st & 4th

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I've actually met the fellow that designed the final version of the Canadian flag. His name was George Stanley and at one time he was the Chancellor (President?) of Mt. Allison University and later the Lt. Governor of New Brunswick


(I know... name dropper... name dropper)


edited: to add '(President?)'

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Being a proud Canadian is more than just flying the flag for week and watching a parade on a day off. It is something we should practice every day. Do you shop at Canadian companies or the big American box store?. Where was the clothing made that you wear?. Where was the pet food for your dog or cat made?. Canadians produce almost everthing we need in our day to day lives. Granted some things are produced off-shore or to our south and there is no alternative. but we should be asking and demanding for "Made in Canada", we should be holidaying in Canada, our kids should be studying more Canadian history. My kids can tell me all about the killing of the bison on the American plains, but know nothing of the Beothuks. Being Canadian means knowing who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. It is the willingness to stand up and proudly affirm our nationality and support fellow Canadians in thier endevours. It is the strength of knowing we are a sovereign nation and can make our own choices and not be led or browbeaten. So, stand up, wave the flag, roar to the world, We ARE Canadian!!!

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