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  1. If you want to think this was bait go ahead, but you are doing the same thing that you accuse the approvers of doing. You don't know me so why do you accuse me of baiting you???? I actually know the area of the cache extremely well while I live in Ontario I have been in that area extensively over the years. Again you assume something you had no right to because you don't know me or my travel habits. What if it wasn't another cacher that found it. I would also assume if it was another cacher they would do their best to fix things up. But if it was someone not involved the the sport and all the knew is that the cache had your contact info on it. Maybe an animal has spread it all around the area, or as happened in Ottawa quite resently someone thinks it is something else other than a cache and get the law enforcement involved they would like to speak to you. Like I said it was hypothetical... Would it happen I doubt it, can it happen yes. And hey if you are willing to go that extra mile for the sport I say all the power to you, but it is your (or any other cacher's) responsiblity to prove to the approver that you can handle the task to his/her satisfaction, not your satisfaction. [Edited to make a point more clear]
  2. Perhaps, but with the #5 highway, I can go from my front door to being ON THE ISLAND in four hours...this includes prepping and launching a boat! People who are FAMILIAR with BC and this area would know this, and this farce of a rule wouldn't even apply! The fact remains that this magical "150 mile limit" is a grey area...the actual distance is NOT mentioned in the guidelines, simply a suggestion! Ok, so lets say the cache was approved and needed emergency maintance that needed to be done ASAP. But that same day your child had an important event (school play, ball game, hockey game, etc) would you be willing to forgo those events to drive the 4 hours there and 4 hours back? Because I have a place I would love to place a cache, about 3 hours from home and we visit often, but don't think I would be able to maintain it properly given the above hypothetical. It seems to me that a lot of people in this world (not just in Geocaching) seem to think they are entitled to things they are not. Like a collegue at work used to tell his demanding customers "This is not Burger King, you can't have it your way" Amazingly he was one of our top sales reps.
  3. Great idea, got mine uploaded
  4. The region of Waterloo has it's air maps online also check out http://locator.region.waterloo.on.ca/ It covers: Cambridge, Waterloo, Kitchener and surrounding areas that are part of the region of Waterloo.
  5. So who went caching today? I couldn't as I had to work today Maybe next weekend. Remember spring forward tonight
  6. International does not me every nation and definatly doesn't mean include the United States. It simply means two or more nations, any two. So we could include Canada and Luxemburg and call it International. Hey our local airport just changed it's name to Waterloo Regional International Airport because Northwest will start flights to Detroit in June. From Dictionary.com International - Of, relating to, or involving two or more nations.
  7. I like the trillium in the middle TT. So far that gets my vote.
  8. Of the two TT logo's I like the second one best. As for Trillium or not, I am leaning towards leaving it out. I do agree the compass rose should be centered, but I like the fact is points North.
  9. I have to agree with BQ, I like the plain logo myself. I am interested to see the next submission of TT also. Good job, I only dream to wish I had such talent with grapics. HFC
  10. I have to agree with AB, having setup and worked with a few Charitable and Non-profit/Not for Profit orgs in the past, I can't see any situation under the current mandate of OGA that you could even dream of qualifing for Charitable status therefore it is a mute point. As for a Non-Profit incorporation this should be done ASAP once the initially planning is taken care of and certainly before Any events under the OGA banner are held. The reason is that if someone were to say fall and break a leg and then sue if there is no incorporation then the members and primarly the board are solely responcable. Something which I don't thing anyone would want to sign up for. Under incorporation of a Non-profit organization OGA would be it's own entity and liababiltiy for the most part stops at it's doors. There are some rules regarding liablity for wages, but I they don't see us having any employee's.
  11. Just a FYI, as per a suggestion I made to the programming staff at this years Toronto Trek Sci-fi convention there will be a general interest panel on Geocaching. I made the suggestion and have volenteered to be part of the panel, I am hoping some of the more exprienced cachers in Ontario might be thinking of comming and will sign up as panelists also. For more info on Toronto Trek visit www.tcon.ca
  12. Just relized that the grammer in the last message was horrible. Sorry folks, it has been a very long day. Hopefully you will get my meaning I think there is a message in there somewhere???
  13. I think part of the problem here is the defininition, if as the BCguy is using it as only the Sarnia Windsor, then there may well be very few caches (why may be a question of demographics in those area's) But for most of us in Ontario southern ontario reaches atleast to the KW-Cambridge, Guelph area and along the both Lake Huron and Erie. I have also seen more official definitions that include everything from Barrie southward including the Bruce Peninsula. Just my 2 cents (canadian cents that is)
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