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Doom on you!

Doom on you!

Doom on you!

You are in rare form today.


On topic. Yes you can get them to go down though the process is somewhat chaotic and random. If you do sometthing nice that catches a mods attention they might lower it. If you say something funny they might lower it. If you just wait long enough someone might look at your warning and see that it's been there a long time and lower it. There is no hard fast rule, it's like trying to figure out the magic WOW factor on a virtual cache.

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What you need to do is post.... I'm sorry for what I did. I understand how important it is to play well with others and I will forever respect the community.


Post that 25 times and maybe...just maybe they will give you a second chance.


El Diablo

No, I'd rather the wife call me ornery.


Oh...you meant the thread starter... :D

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Keystone's Tips for Lowering Your Warn Meter




1. Be helpful to newbies and answer questions from other cachers in an intelligent way.

2. Contribute thoughtful ideas to a serious forum topic.

3. Demonstrate a good-natured sense of humor in a lighthearted forum topic.

4. Follow the forum guidelines in all your posts.




1. Start a thread begging and pleading for your warn meter to be lowered (NOTE: this thread is not such a thread -- the question was asked in a serious and respectful manner.)

2. Flame the forum moderators for being members of a right-wing movement which rose to power in the 1930's.

3. Use a saxophone in your avatar.

4. Violate the forum guidelines in your posts.

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Do follow FCC guidlines for broadcast standards.


Do recognize that the moderators are not as liberal as the FCC.


Life doesn't end with a warning. It doesn't begin with one either.


If you are going to get a warning be sure it's an act of creative self expression and not just a pathetic cry for attention.


Don't derail threads without good cause.


If the stats topis is spinning out of control, start another one to help keep it on topic.


You can critize this site but when you do keep in mind the second sentance and pull back from what would be allowable in a good joke.


Speaking of jokes. This prizoner is about to be put to death. The guard askes. Any last requets? No sais the prisoner. Any last meal? No. Last words? "Yes I'd like to sing my favorite song from beginning to end without interuption." Ok says the guard and the guy starts up. "one billion bottles of beer on the wall..."


If you have taken a post off topic always appologize.



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FCC?? I'm Swedish and that means, it is okay to say everything on the radio and so on... :o But I discovered that it wasn't okay to say some words on this forum.. :D


Actually, I miss my 10% warning level, I really liked the idea of being a rebel and lone star... But after being nice for a while, it dropped down to 0%.. And I feel like a regular person, living in a villa, with a nice family, labrador, station wagon and so on... I want to be bad to the bone... I wanna have a Harley and leatherjacket... Can't you give me 10% warning just for a day again?!? :D


My personal opinion is that peopled get warning for some really strange things sometimes, also that people get upset by some strange things sometimes. I remember in a thread where people were upset that I as a familyfather could write a word that ends with the three letters UCK. A word that isn't offensive in my homecountry, (One of the most popular songs right now are a song by a man called "Eamon" and it has the *UCK word mentioned about 30-40 times in the lyrics :P) but this words seems to be very "offensive" in the US.


Sometimes it seems like we forget that Geocaching is a global sport, it means that there is people from all over the world at this forum. In some countries can you say whatever you want without anyone getting upset/cares, but in some countries you can't do that. It seems also, that some Americans forget that there is people from the rest of the world at this forum, and not everybody in the world don't like what the US does in Iraq. (I don't want to start a discussion about that, I'm just mentioning it!!!!)


For example, if I wrote in a log, that I saw a cow on a field and then added "Cow - yummy - they taste good"... The most people would perhaps laugh at that, but what about the people in for example India.. How would they feel about that?

Or pigs for muslims, dogs, snakes and so on...


We are all different, but this forum requires us to follow american guidelines. Shouldn't it be INTERNATIONAL guidelines!? With that do I mean, that we should think about what other people in other countries/parts of the world would react to the text? But at the same time, if I write something in Swedish in the Nordic Countries forum here at GC forums, a single word might mean something totally different in an another language. I might write an offensive word.. I can't be aware of that.. So my opinion is a little bit split... I think that we should think a little bit more about the rest of the world before we write, but if we write in our local language, we might upset someone that speaks an another language.. Words can have different meanings in different languages, but THAT can't we control.

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if I write something in Swedish in the Nordic Countries forum here at GC forums, a single word might mean something totally different in an another language.

Umm...you mean like suck or fartkontroll? :o:P

I thought fartontrolls meant the same in every language :D

doesn't it have something to do with volkswagons? :D

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Fartkontroll means "speed control" in Swedish, you know, the automatic cruise control in a car... What did you think it meant!? :D


BTW, this might give me the 10% level, but I just got this in my inbox, and while talking about different meaning of words in different languages.. Check this out:


It's not my page, and I don't want to start some kind of politic war here, just a funny tag... I think it might be offensive for the people who like Bush.. :o

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