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Paperless Caching


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For a rather inexpensive solution to the fact that the pda isn't waterproof I tried slipping it into a zip loc bag. The stylus functions prefectly through the extra layer of plastic and the pda stays dry.


I know this isn't a very high tech way to keep it dry, but I've found it works pretty well. I've managed to avoid dropping it into a mud puddle so far, but I've come close a couple times.


Has anyone else found a better way to keep your pda dry and save while out in the rain? I'm curious what you guys and gals have come up with.

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Duh, I'll have to remember that suggestion. I haven't done it in pouring rain, but in the light stuff I just bend over it, sheltering it under my body. Since I only refer to it when skunked, then subsequently if I need to decrypt the hint, the exposure risk is minimal.


Thanks for the suggestion--I'll be better prepared next time.



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I just do my caching in the desert in Cali...

Not much rain here.

Try moving to southern california.


Uh, good suggestion I guess, but I like the rain and can't stand the desert. Soooo I guess I'll be staying up here in the good ol Puget Sound.


CC, those look pretty cool. I might have to look into grabbing one of those.


RK, I also try to leave it in the car as much as possible, but if I'm out on a hunt that is more than a few hundred feet away, or hiking up a mountain, its nice to have a long just in case you need that clue.


That is assuming you don't look at the clue before heading out on the hunt :D

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The ol' ziploc bag is what I used for my first two years of geocaching with my Magellan Handspring GPS Companion. The biggest problem was if there was any moisture already on the PDA, GPS, or in the bag, the bag would fog up and make the PDA unreadable.


I upgraded (!?) to the yellow E-trex, which I don't worry about getting rain on. When I take my new Dell Axim PDA (yay, work!) out to check the cache page or the map or something, I'll do my best to just shade it from the rain with my body. A few tiny sprinkles haven't seemed to do any damage.


Someday, though, I'm sure I'll fall into a creek up to my neck, again, and whatever electronics I'm carrying at the time will be toast. Until then, I'll continue to step carefully.

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Hope I'll get it soon - it's already ordered:


IPAQ Rugged Case:

Please let us know how that case works for you. They aren't as expensive now as they used to be. Best price I found was $75.


I bought a heavy armor otterbox for my Ipaq and absoletely love it. It was only $45. It passed my hot tub test.


A couple days ago at a local outfitterI saw a similar case (not quite as nice) for only $21, I don't remember the brand.

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I just do my caching in the desert in Cali...

Not much rain here.

Try moving to southern california.


Yea, what exactly is this thing you call "rain"???

Greetings from Phoenix, AZ.... ;)

greetings from tucson (and almost every other week, north scottsdale)


a few weeks ago you guys really stumped me with snow and now rain, at least I think I have herd that term before, but have no idea what it is...


hey i just noticed this

greetings from tucson
That is the name of a TV show I think
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Hey Jeep,

How much room is left from the top of the iPaq to the end of usable space.  Think a CF bluetooth card would fit?  What about sound?  Can you hear the speaker thru that case?

Depends on how far the card sticks out. The ones I've seen would easily fit. Thickness might be a bigger factor unless you already have a CF slot in yours. Mine won't fit in the case with the PCMCIA sleeve on it but I think it might fit with the cf sleeve. I'll try it and post back. It already has bluetooth integrated so this isn't an issue for me. Otterbox does make a slightly larger case to fit things like gps's and scanners sticking out plus the ability to run cables to it while keeping it watertight. The Ipaq's sound is not very good to begin with and it mutes the sound a little but I can still enjoy MP3's while hiking to the cache.


Jeep's ipaq looks like a 2215. If it is, it has bluetooth built into it.
Its a 5550 with bluetooth, 802.11b and biometric scanning. Plus its got 128mb ram, 48mb of rom and a SD card slot. I have several 512mb SD cards. That is an wonderfull amount of memory for a pocket device.
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