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An Idea For An Evil, Practical Joke Cache :)


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I have an idea for a very evil high-tech cache, but I lack the electronics skills to pull it off. :unsure:


Basically, it goes like this:


Create a small gizmo that operates off a D-cell or smaller size. This gizmo consists of a motion detector switch (mercury switch?), some sort of circuit (capacitor?) that sets off a burst of electricity into a small radio transmitter. Maybe one of those kinds of radio transmitters that transmit on the band that blasting and construction people use. Anyway, part of this gizmo's design is that it sets off a signal to the transmitter, then shuts itself off and goes deaf to any motion for about 5 minutes.


Now create a second gizmo consisting of a large battery (motorcycle size?), a siren, and a circuit gizmo that hooks into the siren. This gizmo receives the transmission from the transmitter, feeds the juice into the siren for about 2 seconds and then shuts off.


Duct-tape first gizmo into inside of ammo can or tupperware.


Set cache. Make it semi-obvious.


Set siren gizmo about 15 feet away from cache, behind where cacher would expect to be. HIDE IT EXTREMELY WELL.


Post cache on geocaching.com


Enjoy resulting scenariao of geocachers finding the cache, picking it up, then going into orbit when siren goes off behind them.


What do you think, sirs? :mad:

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sounds nice, but remember to at least put a log book so it is actually a cache. Also you don't want to do it in a public area incase a geocacher goes after this one at night (don't wake up neigbors) plus if it is a public place it would get muggled immediatly following the first to find. You would also have to put something on the cache page explaining not to mention anyhting about a "surprise" you found at the cache, just have them put a quick time and date in the online log

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Oh great, now I have to add clean underpants to my pack.


TN, Left soiled panties..........



Who knew Criminal wore panties? Never mind, if you do know I don't want to know who you are. :mad:

Majicman got me wearing them. He sent me gift cert for victoria's secret. :unsure:

Stop it you're offending the smurfs. Oh, about the cache idea. I like it.

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I've wanted to do one of those snakes in a can for some time now, but I haven’t been able to find them any more.


That does bring an idea to mind. A couple of years ago my brother made this device that was in a small package 6"x6" square or so and it was wrapped with aluminum foil. I think he brought it to our family Christmas. When you pick it up it gives you a "SHOCK" and it does startle you. Inside it has some batteries, motion switch and other electronic circuitry connected to the aluminum foil. When it is moved, it gives you a jolt, while laying in a cache waiting on the next unsuspecting victim it uses no juice, only when moved.


That surly would get your attention! :lol:

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Sounds like a nice idea.


One could also have a recorded message saying something like







Or the sounds of a large dog growling.  Cougar snarl.


This might be something to play with.  Maybe even a trail cam somewhere taking photos during the event.



How about one that plays "Dueling Banjos" and tells you that you have a "pretty mouth"???

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I took one of those cans to the grocery store one time and let the checker try and scan it. Can ended up about 3 rows down. Manager had to go change pants as he was laughing so hard. ( yes I had told him the plan, checker is a long time friend of the family.)

Still is out to get me.



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