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New York City And Metro Area Geocacher's Gathering


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It was a great time - and much beef, sausage, pork, sushi, salad, and adult beverages were had by all. Thanks again for DBoggNY for arranging this terrific outing and thanks to all who attended. It was fun seeing old friends as well as meeting new ones!


Special kudos to IVWarrior who drove in from....like...Kansas (or someplace far like that!) :D He takes the "Longest drive for a fun dinner award!"


By the way, I snapped a picture of a local cacher in the parking lot who apparently didn't want to dine with the rest of us....anyone recognize him? I thought I heard his name come up during dinner......



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So freakin bummed I couldn't be there. Hope you all had enough to drink for me too. I had 2 choices. Postpone my appointment until tomorrow and not go caching or not hang with you people. No offense but I really want to go caching tomorrow. Actually I'm taking the ferry over to Conn. for a few. Next time. Big apologies to IV who pressured me into agreeing to go. I won't miss the next one. I owe you all a drink. Wait, how many people were there?

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This was by far the greatest bunch of folks to hang out and eat steak with.

Weve never been to an geocache event before, but for now on we will try hard not to miss them. The food was great and it never stopped comming. The stories were great. I learned a lot about the thought that goes into planning a cache, and the reason why some caches are placed in certain ways.

Mr Ddoggny (and wife), Thanks so much for pulling this all together and for the welcomeing committee.

Hart, Brian, Harrald, IV Warrior, Bldebabe,Rattlehead, and Team Shibby

it was great to finally meet you all and to put a face with a name. while I have seen almost each one of your photos before.... I still did not reconize anyone when they walked into the room.

(you guys look much bigger in real life than on tv)

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It was fun! Great seeing the old faces and some newer ones as well (some whom I've corresponded with often, like Scoobydoers, but never met). I'm going for my chlosterol test this morning. I hope all that steak I ate won't skew the results.


And guess what's thawing in my refrigerator for tonight's dinner. 3 lbs of skirt steak. When mentioned all the skirt steak I ate to SKigirl43 she asked, "Does that mean we can't have skirt steak tomorrow?" Of course we can. Round two!

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I had a great time. Thanks Danny, Becky and prince Harry for setting up a great dinner party at a GREAT place.


A special bonus thanks goes to IV_Warrior for bringing DeCon containers as parting gifts. I can’t wait till we have another one. Hmmmmmmmmm, Whata you all doing tonight?

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Great people, great food! It was nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new cachers. :D


Thanks to Danny, his wife, and Harry for organizing this gathering.


For those who are interested, I mentioned to some that I will be attending the Midwest Geocaching Invitational (anyone can attend) in March (19-21). This ia a weekend event about an hour south of St. Louis. Here's the link...Midwest Geocaching Invitational


Thanks for a great time,


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i think, next time, we will post it as an event. i am of the opinion that not as many people read the forums as often as i thought. by making it an event, the word will get out to more people. i just don't want to be accused of padding numbers by hosting/ attending events.

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Hey, I finally made it how. I think I get the award for most time spent commuting, too :blink: OK, granted I spent the night at my brother's house, and did caches on the way to and from the event, but all said I was gone from the house for about 28 hours, give or take.


I want to thank everyone who attended for make this event as much fun as it was. Truely worth the 460+ miles on the Subaru. Thanks to Danny for the planning. I'm looking forward to next time, just it'll probably need to be a Saturday evening/night event for me to have the time to make the commute.


Thanks again, seeing some "old" friends, and finally meeting the rest of you.

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Hmmm... Probably a bit far for a steak dinner but I'm thinking about it. I will however set something up in the Long Island Area very soon. Need to find an all you can eat Breakfast place.

There use to be a place in Islandia that had Sunday Brunch but they are closed.


In Stony Brook there is the Three village Inn


Three Village Inn


Weekend Breakfast Buffet per the web page is $12/pp.


Sunday Brunch is starting at $17/pp (ages 11 and up), but that is not all you can eat.


Although not a buffet either

Maureen's Kitchen (1 Larson Ave, Smithtown, NY; 631-360-9227).


There is also a Greenfields on 110 in Melville.

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It sure was fun and yummy indeed!! I was determined to make this event and I'm glad I did! I work till seven so I raced from Newark to Hackensack and luckily Lunaruby was already in the area so we met up in the parking lot. It was a great pleasure to finally meet many of the people I have corresponded with in the past and share such a great hobby with. This was Team Shibbys first but it sure won't be our last! :blink:


Kar of TS!!

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...but that is not all you can eat.

Does it have to be all you can eat? Most all you can eat brunches are $20+. If you go to an IHOP or local coffee shop, it's hard to eat enough to cost $20!


Also, if it's a caching event with an all-you-can-eat kickoff, how close to the cache park does the breakfast have to be?

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Does it have to be all you can eat?


Are you kidding? have you ever seen these guys eat? :blink:


Scary, isn't it?


I SO wanted to attend this, the last one was great, but Geo Ho started a new job, and it would have been almost impossible to get there from CT before 9pm :D

Hope to see some of you at Planet's upcoming event, at least.

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We eat like it's the Last Supper.  The Bardmin ate at least $70 worth of meat.


While we were figuring the tip Hart & The Bardmin were still looking for sausage and skirt steak


Im not fat.... Im Big Boned <G>


No kidding... many of us were done eating and were chatting when Hart, Brian and Harrald moved over to our side of the table in order to fool the waiters into thinking they just arrived ... The waiters brought new plates and thats how the 2nd seating began....


Now ill admit, Im no slouch when it comes to eating ...but man, I was nearly out of my leage

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Actually we moved down to new seats so the waiter would continue to serve us drinks! A nice tip at the start of the meal ensured a never-ending flow of food. I'd highly recommend the place to anyone in the area. Truth be told, last time we went out to dinner, Mopar put us *all* to shame with how much he put away (the boy must have a hollow leg where he was stashing the steak - he just kept going and going and going!).


Again, was a fun time and I think with all the steak consumed I must've lost about 20 pounds!


Again - great time. Thanks Danny for organizing and thanks everyone for the great conversation and company!



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