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  1. Silvermarc and Candover are both in Manhatten... they are the only ones I know. DBoggNY is about as NYC as you can get. I don't know how active he's been - but he's a great person to contact about caching in NYC. I thought at one time he was leading tours of the Central Park caches! huh? we just did a NIGHT tour of CP in October. Are we ready for another?
  2. LG vx 8100 on verizon with EVDO works like a charm
  3. a family member is in the same position with regard to deployment. she has found that most are carrying an etrex series gps becuase of size and weight (packs easily). if this is the case, and since all other things are pretty equal, i would go with the garmin etrex. if it is widely used, he could perhpas get help/support/mapping if he needed it. when i rome! the article posted by cheifwino is interesting. the fact remains that most in combat in the middle east are relying on civil gps receivers and not the millitary ones. seems that combat controllers out in the field are using them and are still equally effective. so although i would not disregard what that article is saying, i also wouldn't worry very much about it either, especially if they aren't going to deploy with an issued receiver. the civillian gps is better then nothing and, in fact, is just fine for getting around out there. best of luck. hang your blue star. db
  4. not that i know why or how, but i deleted google desktop and now it works. go figure. thanks db
  5. i just got a new copy of DR NA version 2.00f. after installing and trying to start the program. nothing happens. i tried the patch from magellan and apparently thats for older versions of direct route. i must be missing something so if you could spend a minute to tell me what i am missing here, i would appreciate it. thanks db
  6. i use that particular product for both an extrex yellow upload and magellan stuff, so i think its fine. db
  7. after putting the county sheets through bmgpx, i think you can run that file through gpsbabel and get a palm doc and have paperless benchmarking and output waypoint files to your gps reciever. i also think you can put the bmgpx file into watcher and mark off found benchmarks. it is a good workaroud for the pocket querry issue for benchmarkers. the people who wrote it worked pretty hard on it and it works well. db
  8. when i had a palm T/C (before my wife took it) i had a gps attacked and was running cachemate and mapopolis and it was the best! put pocket querries into the palm via cachemate and used cachemte to convert the waypoints into mapopolis so they would show up on the map.
  9. I was updating the firmware to my gps via the SD card/ hidden menu. i thought the batteries were ok, but while it was riting, the thing shut off and now it wont turn back on. any help is appreciated. does it have to go back to magellan? thanks db
  10. DATE and TIME set: October 2nd, 2005 at 5pm. We will meet at Columbus Circle which is the Soutwest corner of the park, Central Park West and 60th St. We will meet by the fountain there and will be underway by 530pm. See you all there. db
  11. i did not see that joefrog is planning something for saturday night. i am not changing his date. i will be busy with things saturday night but you can feel free to go on the 24th. i had planned to go on a hunt on OCT 2. but that does not preclude you from doing something on sat the 24th.
  12. DATE and TIME set: October 2nd, 2005 at 5pm. We will meet at Columbus Circle which is the Soutwest corner of the park, Central Park West and 60th St. We will meet by the fountain there and will be underway by 530pm. See you all there. db
  13. Actually, due to circumstances, this may actually have to occur mid to end September. I will be back with dates that are available in another few days.
  14. In June of 2001, i lost a compas at Doodletown Cache, in Harriman State Park. I posted that i lost it on my log and a few weeks later, another geocacher found it. If you think you lost it looking for a cache, post it in a note or log and someone coming along behind you might find it. db
  15. i remember back when, i wanted to make cigar punch cutters from cleaned up 9mm shell casings. kinds of a play on what i do for a living. When i asked if it was ok to do it, i was told yes yes yes by several other geocachers, but was asked not to, in the end by TPTB. apparently AMMO with a honed edge for the purposes of cutting cigars is against the immage that they wish for the game to portray. I even acquired about 500 shell casings and was all ready to get a rock tumbler cleaner type thingy to get them cleaned up. i guess people who reload call them brass cleaners or some other thing. At any rate, if you think you can pull off a cigar cache; and what i mean by pull it off is simply keep the cigars in good condition so they don't go to waste and also keep aminals from getting into it, i say go for it. if gc.com chooses not to list it, you could probably get it listed elsewhere. In retrospect, i should have made those shell casing cigar cutters. If someone freaked out about it, too bad.
  16. Its your cache, you make the rules, you run the show. db
  17. no, we are slower. but congratulations on 200 anyway!
  18. yes, this will happen. i just have to see what my schedule is like in july. my wife is leaving for active duty in the USAF in mid july so sometime after that we will do this. right now, life revolves around packing her up and getting her ready to head out to her duty station in california. db
  19. Neither do we....... The answer is simply that, as we found out that night when she shoved the GPS in my face and pointed to the track line and said something to me, THERE IS JUST NO ARGUING WITH SOME WOMEN.
  20. no need for running shoes, we travel with my really good friend, Gaston Glock. At any rate, there seems to be interest enough for me to look at my calander and throw out some dates. be back in a day with some thoughts.
  21. great job...hope you enjoyed them all!
  22. I am posting this to guage the interest of the local folks in an evening group walk/ cache hunt in Central Park. I have done this with two groups previously, the first time with Mtn-Man and Mopar when Mtn-Man was visiting our area for work. It was dark and we had a great time getting all the caches at night. The second time, was with a slightly larger group including Planet and crew, IV_Warrior and Mrs., Mopar again and others. It was warmer out and Planet got us lost. At any rate, it was a fun time so if we have another group interested in going, lets get some idea of a block of days in July or August that people can attent and set a date. Since this is just a cache hunt by a group of people, it cannot be an event, however, if we want to have a coffee or something before hand, we could make it an event. I know we have a lot of new or relatively new cachers in and around NYC and would love to find a way to get this message out to everyone. The easiest way to do this is to create an event; but we'll see. Even if you have grabbed all the caches in CP, please think about coming out and meeting cachers from the area! db
  23. Hi Danny. Well, my cache is there too, won't be in the way and everyone's invited to visit it before, during or after the crusade. yeah, i was more concerned about physical caches that had a chance of getting plundered by the expected crowds or picked up in the "sweep". Of course, if Billy Graham is your things, you should certainly go see him and grab a cache at the same time! db
  24. i know you are, but what am I!
  25. what's with the goons comment?
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