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Do any of you letterbox?

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Just wondering. We have found a couple in passing and wondered what geocachers thought of them. It appears to be a form of GPS-less caching that has been done for centuries.


For the record, we'd have to answer #3. I make enough of a mess having a felt pen in my cache pack. Sorry if your choice isn't listed, with only 5 options these polls can be rather exclusive. icon_biggrin.gif

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I've found 8 letterboxes so far. These are the ones that are closest to me. When there are no new caches in my area I look for the letterboxes.

When I am telling muggles about geocaching and they cringe at the thought of buying a GPSr I tell them about letterboxing. I figure that if they get into letterboxing they would be more likely to try geocaching when they run out of letterboxes.

I also intend to place some letterboxes in the next couple months.





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But I would like to add that I would seek more letterboxs if there were any*. It seems like yet another way to visit places I might not on my own.


*of the three nearest. One ive found, another appears to be missing (or at least I couldnt find it) and the owner seems to do only sparadic maintance. And the third Im not going to look for, because its probly missing (this owner responded to email but told me basically "ive moved away, have no idea if the LB is there or what shape its in, good luck").



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I do both - much more caching. There are relatively few letterboxes in my area.


I like that caching has both coords AND clues. Seems like I always need both....

Just today we hunted a LB and didn't find it because the clues to get us into the final area weren't clear enough (for us). Spent a long time poking around in stumps, leaf piles, etc etc but how long can you do that? And what if it was gone? We left and went caching.


The LB site doesn't give you any info as to the current status of the boxes for the most part, and as Welch noted many LB-hiders don't know the status of the box themselves.


I don't mind hiking out and not finding anything (not terribly), but it's rough on my cache partner who isn't outdoorsy and totally relies on 'the find' as the fun of the activity. He seems to hate letterboxing.

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Aha! I recently suggested there was a feeling in the forums that letterboxing is an inferior game, and so far this poll seems to be proving that (although to be fair, there is no option for "I don't do it, but I don't think it's stupid").


If letterboxes were as plentiful as caches in my area, I think I'd be into letterboxing more than caching. There are some around here that are essentailly a road map right to the exact rock the box is under -- consider them to be 1/1s I guess -- but the ones I have done have involved longer hikes than most caches I've found and required solving some pretty tough riddles to boot. The riddles are what I like about letterboxing.



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I just started into Letterboxing. My first was a mystery box where I recognized the clue and went for it.


An avid letterboxer has placed about 20 or so around my area.


I find it a challenge to follow the clues while keeping track with my GPS.


I'm not Lost, my GPS says I'm right here....no over here......no over here.

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I don't see a selection for I do the Letterbox Hybrid type of geocaches. These are the only letterboxes I have looked for or found. I even went out and bought a log book before going to find my first one so I would have a place to keep a record and stamps from the ones I have done. So far I have done 4 and stamped my log book for each one.



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No.. It looks stupid, besides why not do the real thing (geocache?)


If you really want to have an effective poll, don't inject your own opinion into it.


"No. I'm not interested in letterboxing."


Is more appropriate.


5 answers are more than sufficient.


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