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How many NE states have U Done?


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I was on the road doing some caching last week in the DE-NJ-PA area and now have done caches in all of the Northeast forum states(DC too)...I was wondering how many others out there have also strayed far from home and hit all of these places?



Did you remember to mark a waypoint for the car?

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We have done Maine, West Virginia and our home state of Penna. We will be traveling to New York state next week and will do four to six caches while there. In the spring we will be visiting Maryland and may get to DC as well. We don't plan trips in order to cache; we plan our trips first, then make a list of caches to find in the area to be traveled.

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Currently, just PA and New York (no, I DIDN'T stop in NJ on the way through :P ) however, I should be adding at least Virginia to the list Thanksgiving weekend, and maybe even Maryland and Delaware. It all depends on how much time I have and if any caches are close to my route, and yes, I will be checking for caches along my route.

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Just NY,PA & NJ so far. I'll be taking a quick ride on the ferry soon to Conn. I know thats New England but it's closer than the other states because of the ferry. :) and oh yea... Were driving down to FLA in early Jan. That should take care of the rest of 'em.

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I haven't done any caching in the NY/NJ/DE area yet, but have hit VA, DC, MD, WV, and PA.


I thought it was interesting that I have actually done more states in the SouthEast having now found caches in NC, SC, GA, FL, TN, AL, and MS.


Hope to add a few more in New England shortly (only MA currently), but since I'm flying up NY, NJ, and DE will have to wait some more.

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Our tally by state (alphabetical order):

Connecticut - 1 cache found

Delaware - 2 caches

Massachusetts - 1 cache

Maryland - 1 cache

Maine - 21 caches

New Hampshire - 2 caches

New Jersey - 82 caches

New York - 62 caches

Pennsylvania - 100 caches

Rhode Island - 2 caches

New Brunswick (Canada) - 4 caches

Nova Scotia (Canada) - 3 caches


Goals for 2004:

1. To find a cache in the beautiful Green Mountain State. We consider it shameful that we missed Vermont on our list.

2. To make a trip to pick up some tough mountain caches in both West Virginia and western Virginia.

3. The toughest (and most rewarding) cache we found to date was in Nova Scotia and is named "Arrgg, Refugee Cove". We would like to do more in Nova Scotia, and get up to Newfoundland.

4. We have found 16 caches in the Adirondacks area of New York. We believe it is the best area for tough caches in the northeast. We shall return.

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At this point all I have is VA, MD, PA, and NY........have work coming up in DE,NJ,RI and MA.....I hope to get some of the neighbouring states at the same time. That should just about tidy up all of them by the time I get through with them. I have gone south trhough NC, SC, and GA as well to this point. I only have FL left to the south to get the seaboard going that way done. :huh:

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