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  1. Hi, I'm here in Central Va near where Camp Jeep is held...please feel free to contact me with questions on local caching...be sure to check out Walnut Creek Park, about 30 miles N of the CJ site on Rt 29 N in Albemarle county! Recent event cache near Camp Jeep Site!
  2. Ed & the other 3 4agers, Glad you got your stick...it's been a blast caching, carrying, & watching the CKS make it's way to you! El Diablo, Just based on the time I had the stick I can say that your orders are going to increase beacuse of Ed's TB journey. I hope to place an order or two before the end of the year. When last I saw the stick it had the following sigs: rldill & JOJO djs_111(me) & CC Cooper Agency
  3. Parts one & two along with Wish you were here(for sure)!
  4. Way yo go man...Sorry I missed it!
  5. Hi, I'm flying into Las Vegas on May 10th and driving to San Diego for a few days too...if anyone wants to do some team-caching just let me know!
  6. Count me in! I've been to event caches in the DC & MD area and some in Central & SW VA...I'd like to meet some more of my NoVa bretheren.
  7. Hi, I've set up a cache just for the exchange of the stick from rldill to me. It's still in the que, but you can check it out soon. It's waypoint is GCHFB4!
  8. I was on the road doing some caching last week in the DE-NJ-PA area and now have done caches in all of the Northeast forum states(DC too)...I was wondering how many others out there have also strayed far from home and hit all of these places? ________________________________________________ Did you remember to mark a waypoint for the car?
  9. Gave in and bought a little yellow e-trex when I saw it at K-mart for $120...didn't know about Geocaching at the time, I bought it for Ham radio geek stuff...found my first cache later that month and have been going strong since...what's ham radio anyway? ________________________________________________ Did you remember to mark a waypoint for the car?
  10. Is it true that the SF Bay Area is the center of the geocaching universe? Did you remember to mark a waypoint for the car?
  11. Thanx for the props BB...I saw this one pop up on the GC site while watching the 1100 news here in Charlottesville & thought this one was special enough to be #300...so I hit the road and almost 100 miles later I had another FTF and my 1st night cache! Did you remember to mark a waypoint for the car?
  12. My favorite Nova cache is Uncommon Valor,it's a very moving location! Round Top Beaver Pond was pretty easy because the swamps were frozen when I did it. N6DJS
  13. Good work man...locationless caches are great and with the cold coming soon I'll have to print up this list and see if I can top 100 of them...thanks for doing the work! N6DJS
  14. As far as I could zoom, zoom,zoom from Central VA Washington DC Mint Springs Park in Crozet VA N6DJS
  15. Here in Central Virginia there's a great park called Mint Springs...it has 20 or so caches there and it's in the shadow of the Skyline Drive that runs through the Shenadoah National Park and there's always a great leaf show in mid-October. here's on of the caches: Mint Springs N6DJS
  16. The Virginia I-81 Stop, Rest & Cache is at the SB rest stop in the North part of Augusta county. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=78720 N6DJS
  17. I used to do some of the stuff mentioned on the website in my teens and twenties...I dont think I'd want to be doin' it now, at least not with my GPSr in hand...too many questions to answer N6DJS
  18. Wow! I've been caching for a over a year now and only posting to the forums for about a month or so...I think that I'll stick to just caching. I figured that these boards were for the exchange of personal ideas not personal attacks...boy was I wrong! quote:you can't possible be bright to have passed the written without cheating. Mopar, FYI: I didn't need to cheat to get my Tech license or the current CSCE that I hold for the General written test.I passed with the help of Gordon West just like many other ham/geocachers. quote:Must you continue on until the owner of this website decides this "non-geocaching related" forum is more headache then it's worth and removes it as well? I doubt Jeremy will do that, but if he does I'm sure you can find some other group to p*ss off! N6DJS
  19. I wonder how this cache fits into the whole event caches must be for cachers only rule? N6DJS
  20. I've used the radio on my Rino two times while caching...both times at an event cache with my pal BookieW. I cache alone most of the time!
  21. Thanks for posting this info...I had hoped to talk to the local FD chairman(who is also a cacher) about having an event cache for a future FD...guess not,huh?
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