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Another Challenge: 500,000

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I'm definitely not advocating a bunch of "junk" waymarks with little/no descriptions and that barely meet the requirements. I don't like those myself. (And I've seen too many of them.)


But if we could concentrate on listing enough waymarks to get to 500,000 we'd be up to nearly 1/4 of the number of geocaches. Although I love to visit waymarks as well as post them, right now I'm really concentrating on getting out there and posting waymarks in the categories that I usually work in (and some others).


Maybe it's an unreal expectation. But I hope that someday Groundspeak will notice that we really mean business about Waymarking, and will fix some of the many issues in their web site. Let's try to show them.


Besides, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it's much better in summer to go out there and waymark than it is to geocache, right? Yeah, I know that's only my opinion.

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Sounds like a plan. I managed to submit one for approval yesterday and have some more planned. I do find it frustrating but trying to match possible waypoints to categories and to determine if they are actually waymarks already. The search feature is pretty poorly designed.



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I haven't been as active lately as I had been because of a change in job responsibilities. IOW, life got in the way again. But I did go out and get another 10 WMs on our USA Labor Day. It was great to be back in the field.


I love the way that I sometimes stumble upon waymarks whilst looking for others. There's been a lot of times, such as yesterday, when I went to look for a country church shown on the topos, only to discover that this church does have a cemetery next to it, even though it isn't marked on the topo as either a POI or the symbol of a green background with white crosses. Tada! Two for one. Actually, since the building had the date on a block mortared into the corner, I got three for one. (If I took the time looking for handmade grave markers and Woodman of the World markers, I could even get more things WMed. But I haven't decided whether I'm going to do those yet.*)


I also often find outhouses at cemeteries, country churches, and old schools. Some of them are quite interesting. And so are some of the "inhabitants" of the same!



* Actually, my first WM was a Woodman of the World marker. But that's only because I was surprised that GEO*Trailblazer hadn't waymarked it! At that time I wasn't sure that I'd even get into posting WMs, but that one pushed me over. Turns out that GEO hadn't waymarked it because that category only allows up to 4 entries from one waymarker for the same cemetery...

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I made a spelling correction to the link that Lumbricus set up in the post above, but it would not work in the forums because Groundspeak has the forums set up to always capitalize the word Waymarking no matter what you do.


Therefore, you can go to CoinsAndPins.com, click on any of the category pages, and see the coin in the right hand column. If we run out early, Groundspeak will have plenty available.

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and I'll be off for a 3-day comany outing soon, so I'll most probably miss this milestone, bad timing...


I don't know where we will go, it's a surprise. At least there's a chance that I'll come back with a lot of pictures from an untouched area, I would not have visited else.

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Nice work on the Geo-coin, have sent for two, going to cost a fair bit to import but worth getting. Emailed Groundspeak to ask how they were going to mark the occasion.. They relied to say it would get a mention on the Facebook page. All very nice but don't use Facebook. Why not mark the occasion on the Waymarking site????? They don't seem keen to update anything on there do they?? How long have the maps been showing as "new" on the profile page. The last ever update seemed to have been about forums moving. Here's my theory.. they want to kill Waymarking but couldn't face the outcry so they are ignoring it and hoping it will go away. Anyone agree ? I challenge Groundspeak to update the site in any way to prove me wrong....

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Now that would be the 500,000th waymark that has been approved...hate to tell you though it is not the 500,000th waymark. A long time ago I had the 200,000th approved but the actual 200,000th waymark was by Brentorboxer(?),I think.


Here is what I mean with the countdown on approved waymarks...

WMJ0WG - OLDEST -- Surviving Home in the Township - Pennsauken, NJ - submitted Sept. 6 -499,999

WMJ0ZA - St Cattwg's - Churchyard - Port Eynon - Swansea, Wales, Great Britain - submitted Sept. 7 - 500,000

WMJ14K - Daughters of Utah Pioneers Santaquin Museum - submitted Sept. 7 - 500,001

WMJ14X - Santaquin Chieftan Museum - submitted Sept. 7 - 500,002


So you can see that the actual 500,000th waymark if we exclude the declined waymarks likely hasn't been approved yet.


However, that being said, Lord Abercrombie's St. Cattwg's is a great waymark and is worth of being the 500,000th approved waymark...let's hope that 500,000 is not a Subway, or the cheesy Chinese restaurant I submitted yesterday.



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Congratulations on 500,000. The silence from Groundspeak is deafening. :mad:

The post below yours is from Groundspeak. When you posted your comment it was 2:45 on a Sunday morning in Seattle... might be expecting a bit much there.


Congratulations to all... even with 500,000 Waymarks there are still plenty of interesting locations without Waymarks, no need to slow down now.

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What's with the coin? I don't get what the coin is about. I know it's for the 500,000 mark, but I mean, what do you do with it? Just buy it as a souvenir or something? Are they collectors' items or something? Someone please enlighten me. Thanks.


It's a geocoin, meaning that it is trackable over on the geocaching.com site.

Why would it be trackable? Think of it like Flat Stanley. You "release" the coin by placing it into. Geocache, and logging that on the Colin's page.

Another geocacher picks it up, and drops it into another cache. So it travels around.


But the reasons that you mention are valid as well. In fact, I just ordered one of the coins, and I intend to just keep it, as I've had rotten luck with my trackables going missing pretty quickly. I have a small collection of coins that have never been released.


More info:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geocoin

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Ah. Thanks. I was aware of the geocoins used for trackables in geocaching, but I didn't see the tie in to Waymarking. Why would waymarkers want a Waymarking coin to travel through geocaches? To try to boost recognition for Waymarking? Might be a good idea.


I don't do the trackable thing in geocaching, but I might get a coin just for kicks. I'll think about it. Thanks again.

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Congratulations on 500,000! This is a tremendous accomplishment! I am very proud to be involved with Waymarking!!!

Thanks for the post Bryan, especially at 4am. B) The coin is gorgeous, btw! Good job on that. Makes me almost wish I still bought geocoins! :D:P


I haven't been posting waymarks for a while, just a personal problem with having a hard time making up the actual waymark pages. But this thread has prompted me to start working on some more waymarks that are sitting in my unfinished queue. Perhaps I'll actually get some of them out into the ether one of these days, soon. :rolleyes:

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I confess to not really knowing about Waymarking before (saw a mention at one point and ignored it). Somehow ended up reading about it tonight and I am now interested in adding it to my hobby list. Just got back into geocaching after a few years (my son grew up and lost interest, now I am getting my hubby interested), and I just found my first letterebox. Thanks for the enthusiasm!

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