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  1. Thanks for the help all. I'm not sure about the GSAK badge thing. Any help with this? I've never used GSAK. Everyone has given me great ideas. Thanks The Yote
  2. Hello all. Been GC for about 2 years almost to 500 GC. I was wondering if there is any different ways to play. I know of how many days straight.. Just find TBs etc. I've heard of filling in Quadrants, not sure how that works.... Any other ideas? I mainly like to hike and get out on the trail. Thanks The Yote
  3. I posted my first way mark yesterday. I started with an easy one. I had a lot of problems with finding the category, first it wouldn't let me do it. After about 6 tries I was able to get it right as in the web site was messed up. Second is it easier to print out a list of all of them and then pick you category and work towards it? I know over time it will get easier. Thanks The Yote
  4. Thank you MW, I tried to fine one this AM and it looked like it was buried so I feel your pain. Take care, The Yote
  5. Thank you. It burst in 1928 or so and is just there. Kileed over 400 people. Not sure where to go with it. Thanks, The Yote
  6. There is a dam that burst that I know off. There have waymarked the memorial, but not the dam site itself. Any ideas what to put it under? Thank you, The Yote
  7. I understand your point.... But how easy is it to use on a cellphone... How easy is it to use on planning a trip... How easy is it to use at a moments notice when you took a quick trip... Do GCers just say that's life and work with what they have... If something is broken in your house do you just say oh well..that's life... No. I'm trying to figure out a better way to use the map or if I'm missing something..hey let me know. I will write Groundspeak and ask them to update the map. I ask everyone else do the same if they want. It doesn't seem right in this day and age to have a map the size of a matchbook and unusable at all on a cell phone. Take care, The Yote
  8. Vince.... THANKS A TON FOR THIS APP!! I'm really enjoying it. Take care, The Yote
  9. Thank you. I'm like....really...serious? You have how many GC at 30 bucks a year and you can't put a good map up there cuz.....OH..cuz there's so many GC.... I give up. You can only have 25 or 30 on a page of searches cuz..... It just blows my mind. I feel like were in 1999. Look GS if you want more people to waymark...Make it a good experience. Make it easy to navigate. Thats why I left the first time. I was like what is this. It's just too hard. Anyways my 2 cents. I'm sorry but the map is a joke. If I wanted to plan a route, look at places to visit, see where to go when I visit family etc. It should be easy. On a map!!!!! I mean, I found an app that a guy made for benchmark that was great for just a little app. Your telling me GS can't make an app or a map for Waymarking. Sorry I don't get it. Hey my 2 cent... Take care all The Yote
  10. I'm really having a hard time getting use to the web site. It seems like it is just really hard to get around. Having to search for things and all. I really don't understand why you can't go to the map and search. Kind of like on the GC map. I don't understand why the map is so small also. Maybe I'm missing something and if so please correct me. Thanks a ton, The Yote
  11. Wow, Thanks. But you gave up hunting for them? I like em cuz they are usually out in open spaces and I can hunt them. Mt tops etc. I enjoy the hunt. ALso thanks a ton for the info. Take care, The Yote
  12. Well, I'm out on the west coast and I seem to find them a little easier. I think cuz of the area. What I don't understand is people putting up waymarks that they've never been to?? HUH....How do they put up a picture?? WHat do they do..log a visit. I though you had to visit a waymark and then write it up. The only reason I hunt waymarks is to get out and hike. See new stuff off the trail..... I'm a little foreign on all the different types so I'll have to read about that. Thanks a ton for the help, The Yote
  13. Thank u, Just trying to get a feel for the game. Not sure how I"ll do it yet. The Yote
  14. Found a benchmark today. Log it. DId a write up. Is that all? Isn't there a homepage to see your stats etc? Kind of wanted to fish around for some more. But on the Groundspeak page I couldn't find much else. Let me know and Thanks. The Yote
  15. Could someone explain the benchmark as a waymark thing. Meaning, there is a benchmarking site. But people still mark em as waymarks? Also after they waymark em, do they go over to the benchmark site and log em? Thanks a ton, The Yote
  16. Wow, Thank you very much. I'm using Geosphere app on my I phone and at least I can download a target and or page so this helps. Can't upload a log and picture yet. This REALLY HELPS ALOT what you have written. I enjoy peakbagger, MZ, GC, Benchmarking, and now Waymarking. I feel that I will enjoy Waymarking a lot more just because of what you 2 have taught me. Thank you. Kind of a more take your time and enjoy the outing, find out info. etc. Yes it is too bad that more people don't do it but I feel that it gives us time to mark things for the future and then maybe more people will get into it and find out cool things. Take care and thanks so much for the help. The Yote
  17. Which app do you use to waymark? I would like to use an app on my phone to log things. I have an Iphone. Thanks a ton.
  18. Thank you. Thats what I couldn't find The Yote
  19. Chasing Blue sky Thank you! A first class answer. I'm just surprised that more people don't waymark. But thats good for me in that there are more to submit. I find the web site is not too user friendly. Also how are you logging your finds in the field? Do you take your picture then do your work at home? Anyways thanks a ton. I will play around for a while then wait till I get to say 30-40 before I submit. Thanks a ton, The Yote
  20. Ok, As my other post have shown, I'm new. My question is kind of simple. When people way mark do they just do one or two different kinds? Like bench marks and lets say monuments? Also how do you scan and save those scans so you know where to go? I know I will do most anything. But there are some that seem a little cooler than others that you might want to visit. Also last question, what seems to be the big thing in Waymarking right now. As in everyone is doing this.... Thanks a ton. I want to do some and get a feel for it, before a post some. Kind of like what I did in GC. Take care, The Yote
  21. For the life of me I can't post a piture to save my life. I've tried it though the web site. Is it just cut and paste? I've tried it thoru Geosphere app and I can't do it there either. Thanks a ton for the help. The Yote
  22. Thank you. That was what I was trying to say. I mean come on...you think i'm going to lie about being some place. I'm having other problems but I'll post those in another place. Thank you very much
  23. Thank u!! I just want to do it right! Thanks a ton
  24. Ok, Starting to waymark again. Doing a lot of GPS stuff as I get older. ReRead the rules again. My question is this. If I have visited a waymark in the past, and the webpage does not require a picture or a gps picture can I log it? I'm talking mostly about local stuff i've been to. Not stuff I went to as a kid. But would that be in the rules also? Thanks a ton
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